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A Luxurious Stay at the Best Hotel in Bermuda – The Reefs Resort & Club

A Luxurious Stay at the Best Hotel in Bermuda – The Reefs Resort & Club

When we were looking for places to stay in Bermuda it was not hard to decide on THE best hotel in Bermuda, The Reefs Resort & Club. They have impeccable service, warm hospitality, delicious cuisine, a private pink sand beach, luxurious accommodations, a central location, daily acivities and more – they truly have it all. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, The Reefs Resort & Club is the perfect hotel for any trip to Bermuda! We could not have had a better experience in Bermuda all thanks to The Reefs Resort & Club.


Full disclaimer –  We received a generous discount and complimentary upgrade from The Reefs Resort & Club. As always, our opinions are non-biased and our own. We want to thank The Reefs Resort & Club for their generosity. Our post may also contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. We want to thank everyone following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 


Excellent Island Hospitality

As a couple who works in the hospitality industry, service is always important to us. The Reefs Resort & Club did not disappoint us. In fact, they WOW’d us! The hospitality at The Reefs Resort & Club is spectacular – every team member made us feel a part of their community. By the end of our first day, most of the staff knew us by name.

Transportation was prearranged for us, so all we had to do was look for a sign with our names at the airport. When we arrived to the hotel, we received a warm welcome and a refreshing rum swizzle. Prior to our trip, we had heard about Bermuda’s famous rum swizzle, so we were delighted to try our first one at The Reefs. The complimentary cocktail was not only a great start to our trip, but also very delicious! At that moment, we knew we were going to continue to receive five star service during the remainder of our trip – and we were right.

The bellman were always available to help us with our luggage and transportation. One time we were late for our tour and a bellman was able to flag down a friend in a private taxi. If it was not for the bellman’s help, we would not have made it to our tour on time. Furthermore, the front desk team were absolutely wonderful. They were always able to help us with anything we needed. The front desk was also able to provide us with bus passes and tokens, a map of the island, arrange tours for us and more. Lastly, the housekeeping staff always did a wonderful job keeping our room clean. Their hard work and attention to detail did not go unnoticed by us.


Luxurious Ocean View Accommodations

The Reefs Resort & Club is not only the best hotel in Bermuda, but also one of the more unique ones. Though it is a resort, it is also a boutique hotel. It only has 57 rooms on the hotel side, in addition to more rooms at their club. With that said, every room has a patio with a view of the beautiful turquoise water! What more could you ask for in a beautiful, beachfront boutique hotel?! Maybe a sunset view? Well The Reefs Resort & Club has that covered too. Since all the rooms are along the cliff, they face the west which allows every guest to watch the gorgeous sun set over the Atlantic Ocean.

All of the rooms are decorated with a simple, yet sophisticated touch. They have the perfect combination of beach vibes and luxury. For us, the ambience was perfect!


Point Suite

We were grateful to be placed in the Point Suite. If you have the opportunity, we highly recommend you book this room because it is absolutely fabulous. The suite is very spacious with plenty of closet space, a beautiful bathroom, an inviting living area, a comfortable bed and not one, but two patios. One patio is furnished with lounge chairs to enjoy unobstructed views of the ocean. Whereas, the second patio has a hot tub which also has views of the ocean. While we were in our suite, we spent almost every waking second at one of our patios.

Amazing patio from our Junior Suite at The Reefs Resort & Club in Bermuda

However, if we did not feel like being outside, then you could find us enjoying our jacuzzi or rain shower in the bathroom. The jacuzzi and shower were perfect after long days in the sun and sand. Another great feature of our bathroom was the double glass bowl sink – they would light up! In addition, having a double sink is always nice when sharing a bathroom with your spouse. And if this bathroom was not already amazing enough, there is also a separate vanity with a close up mirror. So ladies, if you are anything like Christina, you have an ample amount of room in the bathroom to get ready as you please. Overall, we have stayed in several luxurious hotels and this bathroom was hands down, one of the best.

Of course, the bed is always important for a hotel room and ours did not disappoint us. Not only was our bed comfortable, but there were also two different types of pillows. We both have different opinions on pillows and yet, The Reefs Resort & Club were able to magically accommodate both of us. It was like this suite was made for us! Subsequently, the best part of our king sized bed was that it faced the ocean. Every day we would leave our sliding doors open so we could sleep and wake up to the sound of waves. Then after we had our perfect beauty sleep, the first thing we did was walk ten steps to our patio to breathe in the ocean breeze.

Our spacious and luxurious Junior Suite at The Reefs Resort & Club in Bermuda

Suffice to say, we were in pure relaxation during our entire visit because of this wonderful suite. The Point Suite at The Reefs Resort & Club is ultimately the perfect place to stay in Bermuda.


Delicious Dining Options

Where do we even begin with the several amazing dining options at The Reefs Resort & Club? As a beachfront resort, they offer breakfast through dinner to both in house and outside guests with ocean views at all three of their dining outlets. Each restaurant offers guests a phenomenal dining experience using only the freshest and locally sourced ingredients. Whether it is on the beach or terrace, guests are guaranteed fantastic service, delicious cuisine and a great ambience.


Aqua Terra

Aqua Terra is open for breakfast and dinner located in a beautiful dining room overlooking the turquoise waters. Guest’s have the option of eating inside the dining room or outside on the terrace. For us, we always dined outside with the exception of one breakfast when it was too windy. Inside Aqua Terra, the room has an elegant, yet comfortable ambience with wooden beams along the ceiling. The room is shaped like a half-dome with windows along the panel to bring in natural sunlight. If you are dining inside, we highly recommend a table by the window, so you can have perfect views of the ocean. If you are like us and want to dine outside on the terrace to feel the island vibes, you will absolutely love it.

Aqua Terra's lovely dining room with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean



Breakfast is included in the daily rate for guest’s at The Reefs Resort & Club and have the option to choose from the buffet and/or the menu. As guest’s of the hotel, we definitely felt like we were getting a great value because we were able to order from the menu AND help ourselves to more food at the buffet. The buffet has an amazing array of different options which include a lox bagel station, pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, sausage, any eggs made to order, yogurt, cereal, fresh cut fruit, freshly baked danishes and more – a true breakfast for champions.

The breakfast menu included several great choices of a traditional Bermudian codfish and classic breakfast entrees. Our favorite breakfast dishes were the coconut french toast, smoked salmon eggs benedict and the traditional Bermudian codfish dish. We recommend you order the Bermudian codfish dish at least once to indulge in their culture. It includes boiled (local) codfish with a tomato and onion sauce, boiled potatoes, sliced avocado and a hard-boiled egg. There are definitely a lot of boiled components on this dish, but it is quite delicious. We learned that this dish used to be served every day, but it is now more of a Sunday breakfast treat on the island. However, guest’s can order the traditional Bermudian codfish dish every morning at Aqua Terra.

The traditional Bermudian codfish breakfast dish. It is typically only prepared on Sunday, but Aqua Terra at The Reefs Resort & Club serves it for breakfast every day.

If you happen to be in Bermuda on a Sunday and in need for a hearty breakfast, the Aqua Terra brunch is the perfect option. It also happens to be known and awarded as THE BEST brunch restaurant in Bermuda!



For a fine dining experience, Aqua Terra is the perfect choice for dinner in Bermuda. Regardless if you dine inside or out on the terrace, you will receive delicious cuisine with a wonderful ambience. The dinner menu consists of both causal and modern fare of classic dishes with a creative twist. Guest’s can order a la carte, a 3-course tasting or the special entrees of the evening. The choices are almost endless and you honestly cannot go wrong.

We opted for the a la carte menu because it had so many great entrees that instantly caught our eye. For our starter we ordered the Melting Brie and Mussels Mariniere. Both were the perfect appetizer for the cool evening we had and certainly set the bar high for the remainder of our dinner. The Melting Brie came with slices of toasted baguette bread, poached apples, Parma ham and fresh greens. The mussels were absolutely divine. They were cooked in white wine with parsley, shallots, a pinch of chili and cream. The sauce was sooooo creamy and delicious it could have been tossed in pasta.

For our main course we enjoyed two different meat entrees – 7oz. Angus Beef Tenderloin and 36 hour Beef Bourguignon. Both entrees were cooked to perfection, seasoned well and extremely tender. The 7oz. Angus beef tenderloin was paired with potato gratin, asparagus and crispy onions. Whereas, the classic 36 hour beef bourguignon had baby potatoes and carrots.

As dessert lovers we were quite pleased with our final entree of the night. Though we were full from our hearty main entrees, we still managed to devour the vanilla creme brûlée and key lime pie. Though the creme brûlée was delightful, the key lime pie was the winner of the night. It was beautifully presented with a piped meringue on top and torched to golden brown perfection. The key lime pie was well balanced because the creamy meringue helped balance the sweetness and tartness of the key lime.



For a more tropical and romantic experience, Coconuts is the perfect dining option. Coconuts is a beachside restaurant open to both outside and in house guests for lunch and dinner, as well as light fare and cocktails at their adjacent Sandbar. It is also an award winning restaurant as THE most romantic restaurant in Bermuda. We could not agree more, as we dined three times here, including the celebration of our anniversary. What makes Coconuts one of the best restaurants in Bermuda overall, is their amazing seafood entrees, excellent service and of course, the spectacular views of the ocean. Furthermore, in our book, Coconuts is the best seafood restaurant in Bermuda – we had at least six different seafood entrees and they were all exquisite! And to top it off, there is not a single bad seat in this restaurant.

Coconuts is the most romantic restaurant in Bermuda, so it was the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. It is a beachfront restaurant with unobstructed views of the turquoise blue Atlantic Ocean.



It was only fitting that our very first and last meal of our trip was enjoying lunch at Coconuts. We simply could not get enough of their dining ambience with the spectacular ocean views and beach vibes. Coconuts’ lunch menu consists of casual fare with a refined touch. They have mouthwatering casual entrees such as tuna tacos, BBQ ribs, nachos, chicken wings, flatbread, burgers and fish sandwiches. Whereas the main course are plated entrees of roasted chicken, grilled sirloin, grilled wahoo and penne pasta. Whether you are getting your hands dirty in BBQ ribs or using silverware, the food at Coconuts is delicious!

A few of our favorite entrees are the tuna tacos, grilled wahoo and snapper fish sandwich. We recommend a side of ocean views to really soak in the experience.

The fish sandwich is one of the most popular Bermudian dishes on the island and cannot be missed. The best one we had was at Coconuts at The Reefs Resort & Club.



For dinner, Coconuts still has the beach vibes and casual fare, but is slightly more chic with white tablecloths and additional entrees. In fact, though the service at Aqua Terra is excellent, we found Coconuts to have even better service! We could not have been more happy with our anniversary dining choice as it was absolutely perfect. Coconuts truly is the most romantic restaurant in Bermuda.

We celebrated our anniversary with flowing champagne, delightful appetizers, heavenly entrees and sweet desserts. Everything was outstanding.

For our appetizers we enjoyed two exquisite seafood entrees –  Seared Jumbo Scallops and Grilled Calamari Steak. We had never experienced calamari steak and were pleasantly surprised by its unique texture and excellent flavor. We also enjoy trying local and new food and the calamari steak was definitely all of the above. It comes with a black olive tapenade and fresh greens that really elevate the flavor of the calamari. The scallops were absolutely to die for! Scallops are one of Christina’s favorite foods and it was seriously the BEST scallops we have ever had. Simply put, they were perfectly seared and seasoned. Though it came with chorizo and cauliflower puree, they were not necessary as the scallops were flawless. Did we mention they were the best?!

After our incredible appetizers, we did not think our dinner could get any better, but again, Coconuts served us more amazing entrees. We enjoyed their Penne Pasta and Seared Snapper. The penne pasta was tossed in a creamy bell pepper sauce with julienne vegetables, olives and a boiled egg. The sauce was excellent and though we thought the boiled egg was odd, it actually complemented the entree well. The seared snapper was absolutely divine. It was served on a bed of squash hash in a beurre blanc sauce and frissee greens. Just like all of the other seafood entrees, this dish was perfect.

As always, we ended our night on a sweet note. We indulged in a Pina Colada Panna Cotta and Limoncello Meringue Tart. Yes, we killed two birds with one stone – dessert with alcohol. Both desserts were heavenly. We loved how the panna cotta was shaped like a tear drop and the texture was light and creamy. Beneath it was a thick slice of grilled pineapple that was soaked in rum and boy could we taste the alcohol. It was literally pina colada on a plate. As for the limoncello tart, it was also lovely. We could definitely taste the sweetness and tartness from the limoncello, but the toasted meringue helped balance all the flavors. The limoncello tart was also served with a refreshing scoop of lemon sorbet.


Special Dining Options

There are two unique dining options that can be experienced at The Reefs Resort & Club – dinner and BBQ on the beach. The dinner on the beach is a part of Coconuts, as the menu reflects the same (surcharge of $35 per person) and is prepared only a small distance away from the restaurant. As if dining at Coconuts was not romantic enough, dining on the beach will surely be romantic. Or for a more exciting experience, the BBQ on the beach is the best option. This special dining experience is only on Thursday nights (sadly we left on Thursday morning), so we recommend booking your stay accordingly. Both dining experiences are sure to create memories you will never forget.


The Perfect Private Pink Sand Beach

As we have mentioned above countless times, there are several reasons why the Reefs Resort & Club is the best, but having a private pink sand beach is without a doubt one of our favorite reasons. Whether you want to dine on the beach, relax and soak up the sun or snorkel in the ocean – there is something for everyone at this private pink sand beach.

This is by far one of Bermuda's best kept secret beaches. It is a private beach located at the Reefs Resort & Club.

In addition to being private to the thousands of tourists a day, The Reefs Resort & Club offers guests complimentary beach and water sports equipment, as well as beach side service. You could literally spend your entire day on the beach and have everything you need. All you have to do is wake up, put on your bathing suit and walk to your dream oasis. The lounge chairs, tables and umbrellas are all set up every morning for those early beach-goers (aka us). Then when you want to experience some adventure, head over to the activity center and rent complimentary snorkel gear, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, floating devices, a football, sand castle equipment and more.

The snorkeling is actually superb at The Reefs Resort & Club’s beach. No wonder why it is named “The Reefs”. We actually learned that it is one of the best spots for snorkeling in Bermuda. There are so many reefs with sea life surrounding it just a few feet from shore. Some experienced snorkelers would swim out at least 100 feet from the shoreline to the outer reefs. Or for the more casual snorkelers, you could find fish at your feet just ten feet away! After we would get a nice work out in from the ocean, we would rejuvenate our bodies with a refreshing cocktail and appetizing beach cuisine.


Amazing Amenities and Activities

The Reefs Resort & Club also offers guests special amenities, activities and special events every day to enhance the guest experience. Every day during turn down service, we would receive a daily newsletter of what the hotel was offering, the weather forecast and sightseeing options. We would also receive fun facts of Bermuda with two Andes mints. We literally could not wait every night to read our fun fact and enjoy our minty fresh chocolates.

For those seeking activities, there are plenty of options on property. The Reefs Resort & Club have an infinity pool, a hot tub, two tennis courts, a spa and a fitness center. Though the beach is wonderful, the infinity pool and hot tub have amazing views of the ocean on top of the cliffs from high above. It is also the perfect spot to watch the sun set behind the ocean. If you need more relaxation outside of the beach, the state of the art, La Serena Spa, can provide guests with cutting edge Laser Therapy and Shock Wave Therapy massages or facials featuring Elemis-branded products.

The Reefs Resort & Club's incredible infinity pool and hot tub overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Bermuda.

As briefly mentioned, the hotel would also host special activities and events every day during the summer season. From daily afternoon tea, to a rum swizzle party, wine night, nightly entertainment, repeat guest parties, complimentary kayak and nature walking tours and beach BBQ nights – The Reefs Resort & Club goes above and beyond to provide their guests with memorable moments every day. We had the opportunity to attend the rum swizzle party and had an amazing time. They served hand rolled sushi, fish fritters, egg rolls and of course, rum swizzle. This event was the perfect time to meet some of the hotel staff and guests. In fact, we were fortunate to meet the general manager, David Dodwell, and had a delightful conversation with him amongst other managers of the property.


Centrally Located

The Reefs Resorts & Club is centrally located on the island and could not be more perfect for those wanting to enjoy the full experience of Bermuda. Just outside of the hotel are two bus stops to take guests to both sides of the island. The front desk is able to provide bus passes and tickets at the same price as anywhere else making it very convenient for guests. Taxis are also always available, but need to be ordered ahead of time by the front desk. If public transportation is not your cup of tea, you can easily rent a scooter from across the road or take public transportation five minutes away and rent a Twizy.

The Reefs Resort & Club is only:

  • 35 minutes away from the airport
  • 40 minutes away from St. David’s Island
  • 22 minutes away from Hamilton
  • 24 minutes away from Royal Navy Dockyard


The Best Hotel in Bermuda

We hope we have influenced you on staying at the best hotel in Bermuda because The Reefs Resort & Club is truly a special place. What sets them apart from all the other hotels in Bermuda is their excellent level of service, luxurious accommodations, delicious cuisine, private pink sand beach and unique daily events. With all of these amazing features it is no wonder why The Reefs Resort & Club is not only the best hotel on the island, but also why they have an extensive list of repeat guests that date back 50 years. Their service and warm-island hospitality will surely sweep you off your feet – they certainly swept us off ours. We had the most wonderful stay and could not have asked for a better anniversary trip to Bermuda. We know that anyone who books their stay at The Reefs Resort & Club will surely feel the same as we have.

Sunsets in Bermuda are breathtaking.


The Reefs Resort & Club
56 South Shore Road
Southampton SN 02, Bermuda
(800) 742-2008


Christina + Adam



Thursday 18th of October 2018

We cruised through Bermuda and I would LOVE to go back and actually stay! This hotel looks great!! Thanks for sharing!


Friday 19th of October 2018

We saw a few cruise ships while we were there. Definitely seems like a popular way to see the island. Many people come back to the island and the Reefs quite often.


Thursday 18th of October 2018

I love your pictures! Thanks for the review. I like that the hotel is central of everything. Makes a huge difference.


Friday 19th of October 2018

Besides the hotel being the best in Bermuda, the other reason we picked it was because of its central location on the island. It was in such a great location.

Michelle Chang

Wednesday 17th of October 2018

Wow this place looks amazing. What a great spot for a beach vacation!


Friday 19th of October 2018

It is THE place to stay if you are looking for a beach getaway


Wednesday 17th of October 2018

Wo, this looks absolutely fabulous! Those views are actually breathtaking... Bermuda isn't a place I'd visit without knowing the best things over there, so thank you for this blog post about the best hotel there!


Friday 19th of October 2018

We fell in love with our view. All over the resort were fabulous views. You should definitely visit Bermuda some day. So much to do for everyone.


Wednesday 17th of October 2018

Wow, it certainly does look like the best hotel in Bermuda! I love how all their rooms are facing the gorgeous waters. I'd love to spend hours sitting on the terrace, with a book, a refreshing coconut drink and that view! Also, love the Coconut restaurant, that'd be my first choice to dine at. I can imagine the seafood served in their restaurants must be so fresh and tasty. That infinity pool stole my heart.


Friday 19th of October 2018

We really like that everyone room faces the water. We feel every hotel should do that. We spent a ton of time out on our balcony. The seafood all over the island was great but especially good at Coconuts.