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We are both in the hospitality industry, Christina is in food and beverage, while Adam is in hotel operations – together we make a hospitality power couple. Being in the hostility and culinary industry we specialize in hotel and restaurant reviews. We have worked at some of the largest and most luxurious resorts in Las Vegas, Dallas and currently, Washington D.C. We know the level of service guests desire because we are both guests and employees of the hospitality industry. In addition, we have experience in secret shopping resorts in Las Vegas and have stayed at some of the best resorts in the world. Needless to say, we enjoy working and staying in luxury hotels.

The same goes for restaurants. We have secret shopped restaurants in Las Vegas and Christina has worked in Michelin Star restaurants. We have a mature palate for fine dining, Italian cuisine, desserts and more. To see some of the places we have dined and reviewed please refer to the tab “food” under “blog”.

When we are not staying somewhere luxurious or dining out, we are enjoying the great outdoors. We are always looking for comfortable walking shoes, new sunglasses, camping gear or more.

We would appreciate any opportunity to review your product, hotel or restaurant. We can guarantee more media exposure through our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. As well as a non-biased, 1,000 word article with pictures and strong content.

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Here are business we have worked with before:

Here are testimonials from previous businesses we have worked or collaborated with!

Culinary Cusco

Dear Christina and Adam, we are really appreciated for such a great article you wrote about CuscoCulinary. We are also happy because you experienced our service and learned to prepare Peruvian dishes with us.
We consider that the information and pictures on your articles and Instagram account will give a good idea of how our classes are.
Keep doing a great job! Thanks again!


Christina and Adam, I am truly delighted with the blog posts and social coverage Cliff Townhouse have received after your stay. You have not only followed through your promise, but over and above to what I have expected, so thank you most sincerely. I hope you will come back to Dublin again. Best of luck on your future adventures.


Dear Christina and Adam. Thank you so very much for your wonderful writing about both our lodge (Tongabezi Lodge, Zambia) and Tujatane School which is a trust set up by the lodge. Your blog posts were extremely informative, engaging and generally so well written and I was very impressed with the level of engagement you have with your audience as the comments and posts started flooding in in response to your work. The social postings were also visually impressive and captured the essence of our lodge beautifully. Thank you and I would absolutely recommend other businesses work with you. You are such a sweet, and clearly very happy, couple. A true inspiration!

Anna G.

Mariamor Designs

We loved partnering with Our Sweet Adventures! Not only did they drive traffic and sales to our website via an adorable and kindly-worded blog post, but they also generated new leads from social media postings and tags. Our Sweet Adventures, thank you for your friendship and kindness! We cannot wait to work with you again! Every day, Spread Love

Mary Grace S.

Joburg Tourism

I am blown away, the content quality is spot on, I can safely say this is one of the best content Joburg has ever received as part of the ROI, I thank you Christina and wish to work with you more.

Joburg Tourism


Thank you for your consideration and time. We hope to hear from you soon!

Christina + Adam