Strolling through one of Bermuda's best kept secret beaches. It is a private beach located at he Reefs Resort & Club.
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Perfect Honeymoon Destinations from Around the World for Travel Couples

Planning a honeymoon or wedding anniversary? We have you covered! There is no better way to start your marriage than with the perfect honeymoon. And why stop at just one honeymoon? We believe couples should be able to celebrate their…

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Tips on How to Travel with Back Pain

It is no secret we love to travel and if you are reading this, then chances are, you love to travel too! Unfortunately there is one problem interfering with what we love, back pain. I (Christina), have severe back pain,…

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A Classic Cooking Class in Cusco

Attending a cooking class in Cusco was on Shelby’s (Christina’s little sister, AKA our editor) list of things to do during our trip. So, we found the best cooking class in Cusco, Cusco Culinary! Cusco is known for their delicious…

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