About Us


Welcome to Our Sweet Adventures! Where we talk about the all the delicious desserts we eat and all the beautiful places we go!


My name is Christina and I am from Dallas, Texas and a graduate of Texas A&M University – WHOOP! I went to Texas A&M to play soccer, but along the way I found my passion of the culinary industry and started to pursue my career with a Tourism Management degree. After I graduated from Texas A&M University I went to work in the fast paced hospitality world – Viva Las Vegas! Who would have thought I would meet my future husband in Sin City? Adam and I worked for the same company, I was in the food and beverage division and he was in the hotel operations division – together we make a hospitality power couple!

Adam is from St. Louis, Missouri, a graduate from Missouri State University with a hospitality degree. He is the biggest St. Louis Blues hockey fan which is what ignited our first trip together. Both Adam and I always dreamed of traveling and seeing the world, but that’s all it ever was… a dream. When Adam and I started dating we went on small adventures such as hiking around Las Vegas. We quickly realized how much we really enjoyed traveling and discovering new places together. We made weekend trips to California to play in the sand and watch sunsets over the endless ocean, hiked some high peaks in Zion National Park and even a 24 hour trip to Arizona to watch hockey and go hiking. In addition to exploring new places we started to explore new restaurants, bakeries and chocolate shops to eat some of the best food and desserts to help my pastry career and gain inspiration. Before we knew it, traveling and eating became a big part of our life and its what we live for now!

Going to new restaurants and trying the latest desserts became really important to us and when I posted our whereabouts on Facebook about where we were and what we were eating next I started to gain followers. So instead of just posting pictures and checking in I decided to actually share my thoughts on paper (or in this case online) and started a dessert blog – DessertTour. It was meant to showcase pastry chefs, bakeries, chocolate shops, etc. because in our day people mostly care about the next cool beer garden, celebrity chef restaurant or burger joint. During our travels in Europe we were seeing so many amazing things and I wanted to share our experiences the way I share about the desserts we try so while hiking the 5 Seenweg in Zermatt, Switzerland I decided to start a food and travel blog.

So please join us on all of our adventures whether they are sweet or somewhere new!



Our Editor: Shelby, aka Christina’s little sister

Howdy! My name is Shelby and I am Christina’s amazing little sister. I graduated at an IB high school and currently a junior at Texas A&M University studying education. Like Christina and Adam I love to travel, therefore my goal is to teach around the world for a couple of years after graduation.

Growing up Christina and I were always close, but we became closer after she left for college. Now that I am helping Christina and Adam edit their blog, Christina and I are closer than ever and it has been a lot of fun!

I hope you enjoy reading these adventurous and yummy blogs while I wait for them to take me on one of their amazing trips! Thanks and Gig’em!