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Christina’s Culinary Creations

Welcome to the second half of Our Sweet Adventures aka the foodie part! In this space, you will find recipes I have created from years of inspiration through my travels. From Italian cuisine to Dutch, Irish, German, French, Peruvian, Caribbean, and more. Moreover, some of my recipes will be derived from cooking classes abroad or from spending time with my Workaway hosts. As a travel writer, I will include stories of when and where I enjoyed some of these special dishes – to hopefully inspire you to create the recipes and to also travel and experience it first-hand.

Meet Christina

I worked in the culinary industry for 8 years (2011 – 2019). From Dallas to Las Vegas and Washington D.C., I worked my way up from being a line cook to going through a management program, opening up a hotel-casino resort and becoming a pastry sous chef. It was a fun and rigorous time that I will always cherish, but as I grew in both my profession and in life, I realized a balanced lifestyle with family was more important than climbing the ladder. Thus, my little corner of Christina’s Culinary Creations in Our Sweet Adventures was born!

Now as a previous pastry chef, I combine professional techniques and skills I have learned throughout the years and utilize them to make cooking at home as easy as pie (pun intended). In addition to my traveling foodie experiences, you can find tips and tricks to help you grow as a better cook at home.

Recipes by Region

Recipes By Meal