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Perfect Honeymoon Destinations from Around the World for Travel Couples

Perfect Honeymoon Destinations from Around the World for Travel Couples

Planning a honeymoon or wedding anniversary? We have you covered! There is no better way to start your marriage than with the perfect honeymoon. And why stop at just one honeymoon? We believe couples should be able to celebrate their wedding anniversaries like it’s their honeymoon every year. That is why we call our anniversary trips, annual honeymoons. Annual honeymoons help continue and create stronger relationships while sharing lifetime memories together.

In our three years of marriage together, we have been fortunate to have our honeymoon destinations in St. Lucia, Italy, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Bermuda. Beginning your marriage with an epic honeymoon to celebrate your love and promise to one another every year in a new destination is truly special. But don’t just take our word for it, we have partnered with other travel couples to share their favorite honeymoon destinations. From their experience, they too have built a strong relationship by exploring new destinations on their annual honeymoon. Because with each new destination becomes another growth opportunity to learn more about one another as a couple.

Together, we have created a list of the perfect honeymoon destinations for newlyweds and anniversaries. There are so many amazing destinations, that we might be booking our next annual honeymoon right now! And if you need help booking your honeymoon, contact Christina. She can help plan and book your perfect-dream honeymoon.


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Our Honeymoon Destinations

From mud baths in the Caribbean, to the most romantic dinner in Italy, to safari drives in Africa and swimming on the edge of Victoria Falls – we have had some of the most incredible honeymoon experiences that were truly once in a lifetime trips. We hope our first hand experiences can help inspire wanderlust and romance when you are looking for your honeymoon destination.


St. Lucia

Our first honeymoon will always hold a special place in our hearts. Simply because it was our first big trip together and the start of our marriage. Furthermore, St Lucia, was absolutely EPIC!

If you are looking for a little romance, all-inclusive resorts and adventure, then St. Lucia may be the perfect honeymoon destination for you. The activities at St. Lucia are almost endless. They have mud baths, botanical gardens, zip lining and jungle biking through rain forests, snorkeling at reefs, sailing into the sunset, hiking to the highest peak on the island and more. We were able to experience almost everything while still feeling relaxed.

Enjoying a romantic mud bath in St. Lucia's Sulphur Springs

St. Lucia is also romantic with luxurious all-inclusive resorts that are beachfront or have infinity pools facing the famous Pitons. There are several Sandals Resorts on the island, as well as some of the best resorts in the entire world! In fact, we stayed at the number one resort in the Caribbean, Jade Mountain. Jade Mountain set the bar extremely high for the rest of our trips. The service was impeccable, the cuisine was world class and the activities included in the package were unbeatable. Did we mention our suite had only three walls and an infinity pool? If you want the most romantic honeymoon, this is exactly where you want to be. It might be pricey, but it is worth every penny, we promise.

The most luxurious suite at Jade Mountain in St. Lucia for the perfect honeymoon. The suite has only three walls and an infinity pool that overlook the Pitons.

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Where do we even begin with Italy? There are so many beautiful and romantic cities that you can visit during your honeymoon. You have art, history, landscapes, architecture, wine, pizza, gelato and more. There is something for everyone in Italy.

We recommend at least 7 days to enjoy almost the full boot. If you can visit for two weeks, you can really experience a lot of Italy’s beauty and charm. The cities that we found to be the most romantic for a honeymoon destination are Capri, Venice, Sienna, Verona, Rome, Lake Como, driving on the Amalfi Coast, driving through Tuscany and enjoying dinner in a grotto.

Spending at least one full day in Venice is a must. Yes, it is touristy, but it is truly one of the most romantic cities in the world. Another romantic city known as the city of Romeo and Juliet is Verona. Verona surprised us with its charm more than any other city and is a short train ride away from Venice. From Verona, you can make your way to George Clooney’s favorite getaway destination, Lake Como. And for those Star Wars fans, you can renew your vows at the same spot as Anakin and Padme. Following Lake Como, head south to Sienna and drive through Tuscany’s winding roads and vineyards. Make sure you stop along the way to enjoy some of Italy’s finest wines. Then visit Rome for the full grandeur of Italy and their Roman Empire. Of course, the Colosseum is a sight not to be missed. From Rome head to Naples and take a ferry to the most romantic island in the country, Capri. Taking a tour around the island and visiting the blue grotto is unbelievable!

Enjoying a romantic tour at Capri, Italy's Blue Grotto.

After Capri, take a ferry back to the mainland and drive along the scenic Amalfi Coast. Lastly, head to Bari for the most romantic dinner of your life inside a grotto at Grotta Palazzese. This is where we spent our 1st annual honeymoon and this dining experience topped dining in the Eiffel Tower. It was absolutely incredible dining with waves crashing beside us inside the grotto. The views and ambiance were simply breathtaking. We could not have asked for a better restaurant to spend our honeymoon. Finally, you can finish your trip from Bari back to Venice to fly home.

The most romantic dinner of our lives was at Grotta Palazzese just south of Bari, Italy.

If you have two weeks, this trip throughout Italy would truly be one you will never forget.

Zika Free: YES



South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana

For our 2nd annual honeymoon, we went all out and it remains the best trip of our lives. Both of us literally cried on the way home. We spent 11 days in four different countries in Africa. From safari game drives to walking with a cheetah and swimming on the edge of Victoria Falls, this was the perfect, once in a lifetime honeymoon trip.

Combining these four countries for one trip is very easy. After spending the first half of your trip to South Africa, you fly to Livingstone, Zambia where you can easily cross into the other countries. South Africa has several different National Parks and private game reserves dedicated to the wildlife and safari game drives. The most popular parks are the Serengeti and Kruger National Park. However, we went to Phinda Private Game Reserve where resort guests had access to this beautiful 74,000-acre reserve.

There are six lodges within the Phinda Private Game Reserve and each one gives you a unique experience. We stayed at Phinda Mountain Lodge and had the most incredible time. It is definetely the most romantic getaway in South Africa. Every morning we woke up, had coffee and cookies, then went on our three-hour safari game drive, had breakfast back at the lodge, rested and enjoyed lunch. Then we went on another three-hour game drive and finished our day dining at the lodge or in the bush. It is the most luxurious and romantic adventure in the world. There are simply no words to describe every feeling that was coursing through our body when we would see the wild animals up close in their natural habitat. Safari game drives needs to be on everyone’s bucket list and is without a doubt, the perfect way to spend a honeymoon.

After you enjoy at least four luxurious days at a safari game lodge, fly to Zambia and experience more of Africa’s amazing culture and landscapes. We stayed at another beautiful lodge, Tongabezi, right along the Zambezi River. During our stay here, we were able to donate school supplies and meet the children of Tongabezi’s Trust School. It was one of the most moving experiences of our lives. We also had the most thrilling experience of our lives when we went swimming on the edge of Victoria Falls. If you happen to visit during their dry season, this is an activity you cannot miss! If not, seeing Victoria Falls at its full glory on both the Zambia and Zimbabwe side is also breathtaking – just be prepared to get soaking went from the Smoke that Thunders. Another amazing and thrilling activity to enjoy is taking a helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls. Needless to say, a visit to Victoria Falls during your honeymoon is a MUST!

Enjoying one of the most thrilling adventuresof our lives by swimming on the edge of Victoria Falls' Devils Pool.

As we briefly stated, it is easy to access Botswana and Zimbabwe from Zambia. So take advantage of the opportunity and explore the countries. We fulfilled Christina’s ultimate dream, by taking an ethical walk with a cheetah, Sylvester, in Zimbabwe. It was another incredible experience for our annual honeymoon. The adventures did not stop there. We also took a day trip to Botswana to enjoy a safari game drive and river cruise at Chobe National Park. We not only saw 100 elephants, but we also witnessed an encounter with a herd of elephants and a pride of lions!

As you can see, taking a trip to these beautiful countries in Africa is truly the ultimate honeymoon destination. We cannot say enough amazing things about our annual honeymoon trip here as it remains our favorite trip to date.

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Don’t worry about getting lost at sea in the Bermuda Triangle because Bermuda is truly a spectacular honeymoon destination!

Since living on the East Coast for the past two years, we have had our eye on Bermuda – just a short two hour flight away. It was the perfect annual honeymoon destination to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary. It had everything we wanted – adventure, a luxurious resort, delicious seafood, pink sand beaches and the prettiest water we have ever seen!

Whether you want to relax on the “bermudaful” pink sand beaches or go cliff jumping into the ocean – Bermuda has something for everyone. Of course, we did a little of both and more. We went parasailing over the turquoise blue waters, snorkeling for sea life, went boating to shipwrecks, explored caves and drove scooters throughout the island. In addition, scuba divers and snorkel lovers can get the full Bermuda Triangle experience by swimming amongst some of Bermuda’s famous shipwrecks.

If thrilling adventures are not your thing, don’t worry, Bermuda still has a lot to offer. You can enjoy the soft pink sand, hidden coves, beautiful beaches, a massage inside a cave, take a glass bottom boat tour, visit an aquarium, museums and more.

When you are looking for a resort, we highly recommend The Reefs Hotel & Club. They are the best hotel on the entire island for a good reason. Guests enjoy complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea and snacks, beach activity equipment (snorkel, stand-up paddle board, kayak and more) every day. They also hold complimentary kayak and nature walk tours, a rum swizzle party and wine nights on select days. One of the best aspects of The Reefs Hotel & Club is their direct access to their private beach. This beach was so perfect, you do not even need to leave the resort to see the public beaches. This hotel truly has it all to make the perfect honeymoon destination for travel couples.

Zika Free: YES




Honeymoon Destinations in North America


Banff, Canada

For our honeymoon in April 2016, we decided to go to Canada. A place that had always caught our eye was Banff, and in particular Lake Louise. Which is why our honeymoon at the famed Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise was the perfect choice for us.

Perched on the edge of this glistening turquoise lake is a castle-like hotel that’s been around for years. It’s an epic destination–truly. We were a bit surprised to find that even in late April, the lake is often still frozen over…a remnant of the cold Canadian winters. But despite this, the air was fairly warm. Banff is a wonderful place for hiking, visiting hot springs, dining and great restaurants, and enjoying a variety of outdoor adventures.

If you stay at the Fairmont, request a suite for your honeymoon. Our penthouse suite offered absolutely INSANE views out over Lake Louise. There’s nothing better than enjoying an incredible vista with your new husband or wife.

Zika Free: YES

Amy and Nathan from Two Drifters




As an early anniversary gift to ourselves this year, Luke and I booked an all-inclusive trip to Belize. As fans of moderate adventure and cushy accommodations, we’ve had this beautiful destination on our bucket list for the last several years, and it 100% lived up to the hype. We booked a joint package with Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge and Chabil Mar beach resort, so we’d spend half of our trip in the jungle Cayo district, and half beachside in Placencia. Once we arrived in-country, the resorts provided all meals and transportation, but that’s where the resemblance to other, more flashy resort destinations ended.

At Caves Branch, we experienced just as much adventure as we wanted by venturing to Mayan ruins in Guatemala and cave tubing and hiking through a local cave system. Happily, we tempered all of this with amazing family-style meals, time in our gorgeous tropical suite, and amenities like couples massages and time by their beautiful pool. Their staff goes above and beyond to make everyone feel at home, and as challenged or soothed as they need.

Chabil Mar more closely resembles a typical resort, but in a much less flashy, obtrusive way. We spent time snorkeling in Gladden Spit Marine Reserve – both inside and outside the reef – but also spent plenty of time either enjoying one of Chabil Mar’s stunning beachside infinity pools or exploring nearby Placencia village by golf cart. Pro tip: if you’re down for the ultimate in romance, ask the concierge to schedule your dinner to be served on their pier – it will be a night you won’t soon forget.

The thing that stuck with us about Belize – just as much as the food, the hospitable people, and the amazing beauty of the place – is how you can truly have whatever type of trip you want, and still feel like you’ve experienced something special.

Zika Free: No

Luke and Meagan from Two Restless Homebodies



Costa Rica

The Romelia Wildlife Reserve borders the beach and there is a staggering variety of wildlife you can see walking in the jungle heading to the beach. Orange and purple crabs running around everywhere and howler monkeys roaring like big gorillas in the jungle. With a bit of luck, you could run into a coati or two and a definite highlight is the turtles that come to nest on the beach in the evenings! Walking on the beaches close to town was very entertaining with thousands of hermit crabs covering the beach and fighting for new houses. Surfing is a popular activity and Playa Grande is a good place to go for lessons, while there are other beaches close to town better suited for more experienced surfers. Swimming in the 31C° water was awesome and we spent hours in the water.

It is possible to reach Montezuma from San Jose with a 6 hour bus and a ferry trip. There is a variety of accommodation available close to the beach from backpacker’s to more upmarket. If you want to treat yourself, the beautiful Ylang Ylang resort is located on an isolated part of the beach outside of town. This luxurious resort in Montezuma is perfect for a romantic getaway; yoga, spa, and unreal nature.

Zika Free: No

Campbell and Alya from Stingy Nomads




My wife Neza and I are two travel bloggers passionate for exploring the world and connecting with new and interesting people. However, it wasn’t always like that. In the past we used to have normal jobs in the office like many people do. In that time, we felt this was not the kind of life we wanted, so we started working as freelancers, me in web design and programming and my wife as a translator. We got married in 2016 in Slovenia and we spent our honeymoon in Spain. For our first anniversary we decided to have some relaxing holidays out of cities, so the obvious option was going to some seaside destination! Especially one avoiding the crowds and noise from the cities. So we decided to go to the best all-inclusive Caribbean hotel brand, Sandals Resorts in Jamaica.

If you want to choose a perfect place for your honeymoon or where to celebrate your anniversary, probably Sandals Resorts can be the right option for you. Sandals has top all-inclusive resorts in most of the Caribbean. According to some reviews about Sandals, one of the most popular is Royal Plantation in Jamaica. What we loved about this resort, are the wonderful ocean views, elegant rooms and having activities like tennis, golf and a fitness center. In addition, there are fantastic restaurants with international cuisine where you can taste delicious dishes. Not to mention that the spa services with messages or beauty treatments are one of the best experiences you can ever have in your life!

Among another activities to do in Jamaica we can mention: Eco tours, Canopy, hiking, biking, snorkeling and even diving with dolphins! The possibilities are endless. In our case, one of the activities we enjoyed the most was doing canopying. This was our first time zip lining, so we enjoyed it so much and had a lot of fun.

Long story short, we had a lovely romantic holiday in Jamaica. If you are thinking about a place where to spend your honeymoon or anniversary, you can bet this option will never disappoint you.

Zika Free: No

Leo and Neza from Safari Nomad



Kauai, Hawaii

When the time came for Matt and I to choose our honeymoon destination, Hawaii was an easy pick. I had been to all the other 49 states and Matt is always eager to make my dreams come true. Luckily for us, Hawaii is also an incredibly romantic destination and even luckier, it’s a haven for people who love hiking and the outdoors, like we do.
Kauai was an easy choice for us because of the pure beauty of this island. Kauai truly has it all. There are beautiful beaches and swimming holes; mountains and lush valleys; waterfalls and even the “grand canyon of the Pacific”.
We also love to eat really good food and we both have a major sweet tooth. So, we really enjoyed discovering all of the food trucks all around the island and getting Hawaiian shaved ice became a daily ritual.
In addition to eating and hiking, you can enjoy all kinds of activities. If you love the outdoors, you can swim in the ocean or waterfalls, you can kayak or even try your hand at surfing. There are many other adventure activities like helicopter rides (which I highly recommend) and ATV rides. Lastly, many people love to experience a luau at least once.
There are many luxury resorts all around the island. Matt and I wanted to be as close to nature as possible and have a relaxing atmosphere. We stayed at the Wyndham Ka ‘Eo Kai Resort. It was on the North Shore just a few minutes from Hanalei. Although it wasn’t right on the beach, it was exactly what we were looking for!
Kauai is just a magical place and the perfect romantic getaway in Hawaii. You can do absolutely nothing or book non-stop adventures. How you want to enjoy a honeymoon on Kauai is up to you.

Zika Free: YES

Matt and Paige from For the Love of Wanderlust



Punta Mita, Mexico

I’m Ryan and I travel the world with my partner Andrei to find the best places to vacation for all people (especially gay-friendly places since not all places are friendly to all people). From beach paradises to mountaintop cabins, we love finding the most colorful,  peaceful and/or exciting places together!

Mexico is one of our top 5 favorite countries to travel to, and for us, one of the best honeymoon destinations as a couple. When traveling as a same-sex couple, safety is very important to us, just like it is for many couples who travel! So we were thrilled when we found out how safe and incredibly beautiful Punta Mita was.

Nestled within a private peninsula in the Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita is an idyllic paradise every couple needs for their honeymoon or anniversary vacation! Just north of Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita is a tropical paradise getaway spot with resorts for couples to relax, disconnect yet reconnect as a couple. We are obsessed with the W Hotel Punta De Mita and the St Regis Punta Mita! These are our top two choices if you’re looking for tranquility and intimacy as a couple.

We love resorts, but we also love adventures as a couple. There are so many fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta and so much delicious Mexican food in Sayulita. Exploring these two local cities became one of our favorite activities to do in the area. We highly recommend taking local food tours and a boat tour with Punta Mita Adventures to go to the Marietas Islands for spectacular dolphin and whale watching opportunities!

If you’re a travel couple in dire need to just relax under the sunshine and literally not go move anywhere for your honeymoon or anniversary, then Punta Mita is your awaiting peaceful paradise.

Zika Free: No

Ryan and Andrei from Out With Ryan




Toronto might not be your typical honeymoon destination, but to us it was the only choice. Eight years ago, on a cold January night, Dave and I met. We were both on working holiday visas and throughout the course of the year, love blossomed. Since then travel has been a huge part of our relationship. After our wedding, we just felt we had to go back and revisit the city that brought us together as husband and wife.

Apart from the fact that Toronto holds a special place in our hearts, we also love that it’s such a welcoming and multi-cultural city. It is busy and bustling, but also friendly and inviting. There are so many things to do in the city, such as admiring the view from the CN Tower, or sipping drinks at one of the many rooftop bars. Our top tip though, is to get on a ferry and head over to the Toronto Islands. In the summer, it is a bustling hive of activity with fairground rides and restaurants to keep you entertained. However, when we visited in the fall, we went to Ward’s Island, one of the residential parts of the island. It is fully pedestrianized and it is so romantic walking with the golden leaves crunching at your feet as you gaze out at the beautiful houses. It is also one of the best places in the city to get a photo of that awesome skyline. We also recommend a visit to Kensington Market, one of the quirkier spots in the city. Here you will find some hip spots to eat, as well as vintage stores.

If you are looking for places to stay, the Fairmont Royal York really is the cream of the crop. It is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, and is so central. If you are on a budget though like us, the Strathcona across the road is pretty decent and makes it easy to get around to see the sights. Toronto truly is an amazing place and if you are looking for an alternative honeymoon destination that is more city break than beach break, it might just be for you.

Zika Free: YES

Lizzie and Dave from Wanderlust & Life



Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island on Canada’s West Coast is a popular honeymoon destination for locals and visitors from around the world. It can be accessed by plane or ferry and there are several airports and ferry terminals which connect the mainland, as well as other local and international airports. For a unique experience, take a float plane over from Vancouver and enjoy the stunning views of both the mainland and the Island.

Two destinations not to miss on Vancouver Island is Tofino and Victoria.

Tofino’s rugged and isolated location makes it an ideal place to escape as a couple and enjoy everything that it has to offer. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, surfing, gastronomy or 5 star accommodations, there is something for everyone in Tofino. My favorite place to stay is Pacific Sands Beach Resort and its location could not be better. You can sit by the fire and enjoy a meal in your room, eat at the onsite restaurants or drive 5 minutes into town for plenty of excellent restaurants. Do not miss Sobe, Tacofino and Chocolate Tofino. We loved walking along the sandy beaches that were almost empty and storm watching as huge waves crashed on the rocks.

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and with that comes a vibrant city that attracts visitors from all over the world. Marvel at its manicured lawns, enjoy high tea at the Empress Hotel or get out and enjoy tourist attractions, such as the Royal BC Museums. Its unique vibe is one you are sure to enjoy and there are plenty of shopping and dining options.

Zika Free: YES

Lindsay and Awad from Carpe Diem Our Way




Honeymoon Destinations in Europe



Glaciers, geysers and over-priced glasses of fizz – what better way to celebrate a honeymoon than in Iceland! Financial jokes aside, as everyone knows you don’t go to the land of ice and fire to drink. Iceland is truly a magical country full of adventure and landscape for photography lovers. Not your typical honeymoon destination, but one that will leave you breathless. A suggested Iceland itinerary for your honeymoon would be to take pictures of your wedding bling at Diamond Beach/Jökulsárlón Glacier, soak away the postnuptial blues in hot spring lagoons, and get cozy underneath the Northern Lights if you time your trip right.

Craig and I actually eloped in Austin, Texas during an 18-month career break to travel the Americas and Europe, so we’re being cheeky claiming our trip to ‘Iceland as our honeymoon‘. We waited two years to get there because life got in the way (house, dog, traveling for work) but it was worth it. Our readers don’t even know we’ve been yet! Since we were so distracted by waterfalls, beaches, and sunsets, it was a great country to take a digital detox in, which every blogger will agree is a true honeymoon dream!

Straight up, the country is expensive. Affordability tips include booking accommodation with kitchen (the hostels are just as nice as the apartments) and packing the car full of groceries from Bonus supermarket. However, all of the attractions are free so it is entirely up to you if you want to pay more for activities. Maybe not a country to book straight after a £20K wedding but definitely one to consider for an untraditional romantic post-moon!

Zika Free: YES

Gemma and Craig from Two Scots Abroad




Ireland is an amazing destination for anyone, but especially honeymooners. Ireland’s beautiful countrysides, romantic castles, and lively towns make it a perfect place to explore together.

In Dublin, you will enjoy lively pubs in Temple Bar, the Guinness beer factory, and rich history at the Trinity College and Dublin Castle. Leaving Dublin, there are plenty of beautiful towns to go to. On your way, you will enjoy the green rolling hills with sheep along the way.

We enjoyed exploring the Dingle Peninsula the most. The town of Dingle itself is charming and the area provides a load of activities. Make sure you taste the sea salt ice cream and Murphy’s.  We enjoyed kayaking in the ocean and horseback riding up the hill above the town. For half a day we drove the Slea Head Drive and enjoyed the breathtaking coastline.

You can’t miss the Cliffs of Moher. We stayed at the Ballinalacken Castle Country House Hotel. The hotel is perfect for a honeymoon stay with 4 post beds and rooms that were built for its wealthy owners. There is also an amazing restaurant and three-story castle ruins on the grounds that the owner will guide you through. From the grounds of the hotel, you can see an amazing sunset and the Cliffs of Moher in the distance. Nearby is the town of Doolin where you can check out the fun pubs and Irish folk music.

If you are looking for luxury, go to the Ashford Castle to enjoy the former estate of the Guinness family. As a location that has hosted Kings and dignitaries, you will feel like royalty in the immaculately furnished castle. Built aside a lake, guest can enjoy boating, cruising water skiing and kayaking. Also on the grounds, you can enjoy tennis, cycling, clay pigeon shooting and archery.

Zika Free: YES

Dan and Michelle from Honeymoon Always



Formentera Island, Spain

The place where we have celebrated most of our anniversaries together is Formentera Island, Spain. We are an Italian-Hungarian couple who have lived for more than a decade in Barcelona. We like off the beaten path destinations and we are especially attracted to virgin and secluded beaches. Traveling to Formentera, the smallest island of the Balearic Islands, in the early months of Fall lets you be in a paradise with Caribbean-style white sand beaches, while also making you feel far from everything. The island, especially out of high season, has some kind of a hippy atmosphere, where nudism is accepted in most of the beaches, an atmosphere we totally feel identified with. In addition, Formentera is an easily accessible destination from Barcelona.

The most beautiful beaches in Formentera are found in different areas. The most famous beach areas is the peninsula where Ses Illetes and Llevant Beach are found, which is part of a natural park, and where access of motorized vehicles is limited. Mitjorn Beach in the South is where you can enjoy a more local vibe and this is where the most picturesque resorts are found. There are also many nice seaside restaurants to eat dishes made of fresh seafood. We usually stay in Bungalow Es Pins, situated a few hundred meters from the beach.

The best place to do snorkel is found around the village Es Caló: a small cove called Caló de Sant Agustí, where you can get to see all kinds of maritime life in crystal clean water. There are of course more things to do in Formentera than just the beaches. We recommend you check out the two old lighthouses in the opposite tips of the island. Both the one in Cap de Barbaria and the other in la Mola will make you feel at the end of the world.

Zika Free: YES

Gabor and Rachele from Surfing the Planet



Matala, Crete

During our extended six month honeymoon trip around Europe, we found our favorite and most romantic destination of the whole trip, on the tiny southern Crete beach town of Matala, (mostly by accident). We were in Crete on an all-inclusive trip to soak in some sun for less than 14 days. We didn’t look much into things to do in Crete figuring we would have time once we arrived (we can be terrible under-planners at times!). As such, when we did finally get tired of the pool life we came across Matala when Googling for Cretan sights to see.

I was drawn to Matala due to it’s main attraction: the Roman Burial Caves. They are a warren of small rooms cut into the impressive sandstone cliffs, which overshadows the main beach. You can pay just €3 to enter the site and are allowed to climb the cliff and go in and out of the caves as you please. I love caves and I love beaches, and luckily I have a husband who loves me and is always willing to indulge my harebrained ideas, such as hiring a car and driving three hours across the island of Crete to go see some caves next to a beach…

Well not even an hour after arriving in Matala we felt as if we were under a spell! This walking-only, tiny town has a magical vibe of calm, probably due to it being a former hippie haunt in the 60s and 70s – Joni Mitchell even famously stayed here and wrote a song about it! We felt so relaxed and in love with this spot that having seen the best hotel in town, adjoined to Scala Restaurant on the cliff facing the Burial caves, we decided that if a room were available for less than €80 per night we would stay. It was! So we bought toothbrushes and just kept rebooking day by day for a total of 3 nights! Every day we found another new Matala gem, such as the clothing-optional red sand beach only accessible by 1km hike. By the time we returned back to our original hotel in Crete, the staff were surprised to see we returned.

Zika Free: YES

Erin and Ryan of Downbubble



Paris, France

Paris, France, is called the City of Love for a reason: it is beautiful, elegant and with a great history and culture.

We are Elisa and Norbert, a couple of quirky explorers and restless travelers. We met in Peru when we were both traveling the world and haven’t stopped since. Unlike other couples who chose Paris for their honeymoon, Paris is for us, the city we call home and the city that we leave when we want to do a romantic getaway. However, the City of Lights keeps on surprising us and still gives us plenty of opportunities to be romantic with little things like a nice dinner out, a moonlit walk or a couple of drinks in a trendy rooftop bar with Eiffel Tower views. Paris is always a good idea, but the city is especially beautiful for a honeymoon.

Paris is the perfect destination for a honeymoon, an anniversary or just a romantic getaway for two. Despite what people may think, you don’t need to spend much money to be romantic in Paris: a sunset walk along Canal Saint-Martin, a nice picnic at park Buttes-Chaumont or a coffee for two in a quintessential Parisian cafe will do. But Paris can also be a sexy getaway, especially when it gets dark: a plate of oysters with champagne, a cheeky Parisian cabaret or a tango by the Seine can be a good start.

Zika Free: YES

Elisa and Norbet from World in Paris




Portugal is a fantastic honeymoon destination and one that’s surprisingly diverse with something for every type of couple and every mood. From luxury stays at beach resorts in the Algarve or wine hotels in the Douro to more off the beaten path destinations in the Alentejo and Azores. There’s so much to see and do here that you’ll just have to come back for your anniversary as well. We’ve been back so many times that we eventually decided to just move here!

For most newlyweds, beach is the main priority and the Algarve officially has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s also home to some fantastic beach resorts and hotels like Bela Vista in Praia da Rocha, Vila Joya near Albufeira, Pousada Palacio de Estoi near Faro, and Vila Vita Parc near Porches to name but a few. You’ll also find plenty of smaller and more boutique hotels like Praia Verde near Castro Marim, Memmo Baleeira near Sagres, and Casa Mãe near Lagos.

The West Coast is my favorite part of the Algarve as it’s much quieter, more rugged, and far away from the touristy resorts of the Central Algarve. This is a much less-visited part of the Algarve, and it isn’t hard to find quieter (and often completely empty) beaches here. If you don’t end up staying here, you can easily get here by car in less than an hour from almost anywhere on the Algarve.

If your honeymoon is long enough, you’ll probably want to take the time to explore other parts of Portugal as well. Lisbon is always worth a visit, even if it’s just to eat pastéis de nata, and a port-tasting weekend in Porto is always incredibly romantic as well. Overall, Portugal can be an exciting destination for foodies as Portuguese cuisine is so new for so many people.

Both Porto and Lisbon also have cheap flights to the Azores, a group of nine volcanic islands that’s halfway between Portugal and North America. This is a completely different part of Portugal again, and one that’s a great destination for walking, whale watching, scuba diving, and surfing.

Whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to go, Portugal is a beautiful country that always leaves people itching to return to it again.

Zika Free: YES

James and Jemma from Portugalist 



Santorini, Greece

My husband and I got married last year after 3 years of dating and 10 (!) years of knowing each other. Travel and exploring has been one of the things that made us fall in love more and we knew our wedding and honeymoon had to incorporate that. We had a destination wedding in Mexico, a mini honeymoon in Banff and a full blown honeymoon in Santorini. I know Santorini is considered sort of cliche for a honeymoon, but it honestly has so much more to offer than what most people consider.

Greece had been on my must visit list for years and since we didn’t do a traditional wedding I wanted the honeymoon to be in that sort of typical honeymoon destination. We opted to stay outside of Oia in a very relaxing resort called Solis Apartments. I’m glad we stayed outside of the city because it allowed us to get some more quiet time which was nice! We did do the typical things like see the blue domed buildings, take a cruise, eat lots of yummy foods and stroll around lazily, but we also did some really cool stuff like an epic 14 km hike between Oia and Fira, ATVing around the southern portion of Santorini and exploring ancients parts of the island!

Santorini ended up being perfect for us because it had that calm luxurious feeling I wanted from a honeymoon, but had plenty of adventurous exploring to do as well, which satisfied the traveller inside of me. To tie the trip together we ended up spending some time on the mainland as well which really nicely complemented Santorini!

Zika Free: YES

Liliane and Nathaniel from My Toronto My World



Venice Simplon Orient Express

My husband Laurence Norah and I are both full-time travel bloggers and we met about 4 years ago at a travel conference. Laurence was giving a talk on travel photography and I was in the audience. We just had our 3 year wedding anniversary last month!

We didn’t have a traditional wedding or honeymoon. We got married on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean (halfway between our two home countries of the United States and the United Kingdom) and then were nomadic for the next 6 months, so we traveled a lot in Europe and Africa during that time.

But one of the first, and most memorable, experiences that we did right after our wedding (and the closest to a planned honeymoon) was a ride on the Venice Simplon Orient Express luxury train (VSOE). I love Golden Age travel and am not a big fan of long-haul flights, so after a transatlantic voyage on the Queen Mary 2, a ride on the VSOE was a special way to get to Venice for us. In Venice, we had a second (non-legal) wedding ceremony there for a small group of family and friends.

The train is operated by Belmond and runs a variety of routes within Europe. We rode it from London to Venice, which is about a 36 hour overnight journey. The food and service were amazing, and it was a wonderful experience. Our time consisted of eating good food, drinking good wine, chatting with fellow passengers, and sightseeing from the windows. The regular train cabins are small and there are no showers (except in the three grand suites), but for one night this was more fun than a hassle. On longer journeys of multiple days, you spend some nights on the train, and some nights at local luxury hotels arranged by Belmond.

Zika Free: YES

Jessica and Laurence from Independent Travel Cats 




Honeymoon Destinations in Asia



Mike and I have some different ideas about what we want from a travel destination. He wants beer, bars and air conditioning, whereas I want to drink coconuts, relax and enjoy the heat. But there are a few things we can agree on.

For our Honeymoon in October 2017, we traveled to Bali, a paradisiacal island in Indonesia. After discussing intensively, where to go in order to tick off all our boxes, Bali was the only choice.

We both agree that there have to be pools, walks, sights, internet (I know, it’s a honeymoon, but work doesn’t wait) and plenty of nature.

Bali has it all and more…

Being a touristic island, Bali is covered in beautiful resorts with pools, friendly staff and aircon. During our time in Bali we stayed at a few different villas and hotels, however, our favorite was definitely in Seminyak. Here, we stayed at The Club Villas where we had our own beautiful and secluded private pool just outside our Villa and the all-important air conditioning.

The fridge was stocked with Bintang beer and the unique town was lined with unconventional bars and restaurants. I particularly recommend La Favela bar for evening drinks as the atmosphere is electric, the music is great and the decor is stunning.

There are plenty of places to visit in Bali. So during the day time, we went sightseeing around the luscious green rice paddies, impressive waterfalls and ate in the tasty Ubud restaurants. The restaurants in Ubud are perfect for couples like me and Mike because as well as the mix of traditional Indonesian foods, he can get his ice cold beers, while, I get to drink from refreshing coconuts (with the occasional cocktail alongside). One of our favorite activities of our honeymoon was definitely water rafting through the jungle with Red Paddle Adventures, it was really enjoyable and the sights along the way are incredible.

Having traveled together a lot as a couple, Bali was so different from anywhere else we’ve ever been. It was the perfect honeymoon that will forever hold a piece of our hearts. Bali – We Love You!

Zika Free: No

Brie-Anne and Mike from Brie-Anne




Our honeymoon was not exactly a standard honeymoon. That’s because we arranged it sometime before my husband even proposed to me. We had just returned from Thailand and felt our feet burning so we decided to book a trip to Cambodia. Little did I know the moment that I got the tickets, that two months later I would get a ring on my finger. But each time we announced our engagement to our friends, they all had the same reaction: “Well, at least you’ve got your honeymoon sorted out.”

But it ended up being a wonderful trip; we have so many unforgettable moments from Cambodia. We both love to travel searching for stories, cultural exchanges and getting to know a place through its people. In Cambodia, we focused all of our attention on visiting the best temples in Angkor Wat. And given that we had plenty of time, we had the chance to take it easy and really enjoy them. We were also able to visit the more non-touristic temples, which seldom get overlooked due to lack of time. So even though we loved Angkor Wat and especially the famous temple of Ta Phrom, we also enjoyed Beng Melea, which is hidden in the heart of the jungle, or the red Banteay Srei.

What we loved most about being in no hurry, was spending our day exploring temples or doing short hikes during the first half of the day and then enjoying some incredible Cambodian massages in the afternoon. So we had plenty of time to talk about us and enjoy our time as newlyweds. What is so lovely about Cambodia is that the people are so friendly that you cannot possibly have a bad experience there. You just have to smile and enjoy your time.

We stayed at Dyna Boutique Hotel which proved to be a great base camp for exploring the temples with really nice services.

Zika Free: No

Andra and Vlad from Our World to Wander



Gili Trawangan

We are Sion and Ben, a married couple from the UK who run a gay travel blog called The Globetrotter Guys. We have been together for over 10 years and all we ever think about is travel. So much so, that as of 2018 we left the UK permanently to travel and live in as many different countries as possible!

We have always loved a mix of luxury and adventure when it comes to our travel plans. This is why we decided to pick Gili Trawangan for our 7th anniversary of being together.

Gili Trawangan is one of 3 small, beautiful islands just off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia. The other two islands being Gili Meno and Gili Air.

We travelled to Gili Trawangan from Bali. This took 3 hours by fast boat and the arrival on shore took our breath away. We had never seen such crystal clear turquoise waters before!

The island really is a true paradise. While you will have plenty of time to relax on the beach or at the hotel, we also wanted to explore as much as possible. Make sure you do the following three activities:

  • Snorkeling – head to the North Eastern point of the island, grab you snorkel and jump in. The current will take you from North to South and you will be in for a treat. The Gili Islands are famed for the amount of turtles swimming in the tropical waters, you are almost guaranteed to see one! Of course there are vast arrays of other stunning sea life to see too!
  • Boat trips – take a private boat and visit the other two islands, Gili Meno and Gili Air. A one day trip is plenty of time to explore a little of each and then on your return, you should sit back in the boat with a beer and watch the sunset.
  • Horse Riding – one of the most beautiful things we did was to ride a horse at sunset, along the beach and into the sea. This was a truly amazing experience.

The island is not very big so there are not too many options to choose from for accommodation. We recommend the Jali Resort. The pool was lovely, the service from the staff excellent and the rooms beautifully decorated. From here, you can easily access the rest of the island.

Gili Trawangan is definitely becoming more and more popular so we encourage you go sooner rather than later!

Zika Free: No

Sion and Ben from The Globetrotter Guys




Out of all the places we’ve visited in the world, we always find ourselves aching for another trip to Japan. We fell in love with Japan after our first trip in 2015, but our fascination started much earlier than that. A lot of it was family heritage. Logan being part Japanese has always wanted to travel to the land that his grandmother talked about so dearly and walk along the places she spoke of. So after our initial trip for 16 days in 2015, we began planning for a three-month trip there that we recently finished in September 2018. Traveling in Japan for three months allowed us to see the charm and beauty of the country in all different areas but also helped us realize how easy it is to travel in Japan, be it public transportation or by car, and fall deeper into the history and the food culture that is out of this world – all of which we believe makes it the perfect honeymoon destination.

While most people who travel to Japan for the first time visit Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo we also recommend going a little further to Kinosaki Onsen so you can indulge in one of the luxury Kinosaki Onsen ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). Kinosaki Onsen is only 2-3 hours from Osaka or Kyoto which makes it easy to add to your itinerary if you are heading to the top destinations. We have visited twice and each time we are blown away by the romance of the town itself and the many ryokans. One of the most intimate stays you’ll find in not only Kinosaki Onsen but all of Japan is at the Nishimuraya properties. We’ve stayed in both of their ryokans and while it is a little more expensive, we recommend booking a room with a private onsen (hot spring) and kaiseki in-room dining in order to experience the romance of the hotel together in your room. We’re sure that adding Kinosaki Onsen to your Japan honeymoon experience is well worth adding to your budget and time!

Zika Free: YES

Kallsy and Logan from Pages of Travel




Maldives has always been on my bucket list, and it’s one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. And for good reason, it’s just as stunning as the postcards and photos we see on internet.

Me and my partner Alex, traveled there last year. We’ve been together for 5 years and been traveling the world for 4 years together. We love a mix of experiences, but we picked Maldives because it has been a dream destination for both of us for such a long time.

We decided to travel to the Maldives for 22 days to visit 4 different resorts and 1 local island. Our favorite resort was without a doubt Kandolhu Island, which has everything one could wish for in a wonderful honeymoon.

The other resorts were great as well, but Kandolhu was top-notch. It’s a small island that you can cross in 5-10 minutes. It also has 5 restaurants, which is more than the average resort in the Maldives!

They also have the iconic overwater bungalows and beach villas, so you can choose whichever you prefer. We really dreamt about staying in the overwater bungalows, and it’s truly a unique experience that I can recommend other honeymooners.

I love the Maldives because of its pure white sand, turquoise and crystal clear water. In addition, the islands are tropical with swaying palms and plenty of coconuts. The resorts have everything one could wish for and it’s truly a luxurious experience that will be memorable for life.

Some of the best activities one can do in the Maldives are snorkeling, dolphin tours, diving tours, paddle boarding, romantic sunset cruises with champagne and appetizers, sunbathing on your own private island or just eat delicious food.

Most resorts offer tours and activities for all ages, including adults only and kids only activities.

I want to recommend the following 3 resorts, Kuramathi Island Resort, Maafushivaru and Kandolhu Island Resort.

Zika Free: No

Christine and Alex from Christine Abroad



Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

If it’s glistening blue waters, silky white sands with swaying palm trees and amazing food you want, then Phi Phi Islands, Thailand could be your answer.

The beauty of Phi Phi is one minute you can be living it up and celebrating in the tiny village of Tonsai, or retreating to the secluded corners of the islands for an escape.  While all the accommodation is on the larger island Phi Phi Don, why not try heading to some of the outer islands such as, Ko Bi Na Nok or Ko Bida Nai for day trips to snorkel scuba dive.

For a romantic sunset and an almost guaranteed beach to yourself, look for Loh Lana Bay to the north western side of Phi Phi Don. There’s also another more secret beach if you head to the south end, look for a rope dangling over a hillside and climb over. It will take you to an even smaller secluded cove. There’s a very small village behind the bay where you will experience some of the most amazing Thai dishes – and cheapest Thai massages!

Looking for places to stay, there’s really something to suit all budgets from hostels to rustic hotels and luxury resorts. We loved Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort for our last anniversary. They have cabana style rooms in all different sizes, including some with ocean frontage views. It also boasts two large pool areas with swim up bars and an extensive recreation program. To relax, you can sit on one of the beach front bean bags or hammocks. The resort is located on the north-eastern side of Phi Phi Don, and reachable by long-tail boat from Tonsai Bay – or take the resorts private ferry from Ao Po Grand Marina, Phuket for a truly exclusive and romantic feel.

Note, as of mid-2018, tourist boats cannot enter Koh Phi Phi Leh, the southern-most island, famous for Maya Beach – “The Beach”.  The National Park including waters around the island will be closed from May to mid-October to allow for marine rehabilitation. Once it is re-opened, daily visitor numbers to the famous beach will be restricted and no boats are allowed to anchor. This shouldn’t spoil your Phi Phi experience but something to be mindful of when planning your Thai island adventure.

Zika Free: No

Keri and Brad from Our Globetrotters  




We are gay couple Stefan and Sebastien and have been together since February 2009 and recently got married. So we picked the Philippines because of all the positive feedback we got from fellow travelers, especially LBGTQ travelers who told us how gay friendly the country is. Having experienced this first hand, we can certainly add our voice to this, which is largely due to the Filipino hospitality. It’s a “thing” in the Philippines. The Filipinos are the most welcoming hospitable people you’ll ever meet, whether you are straight or gay.

Perhaps the best place in the Philippines to visit for a honeymoon is Palawan islands. It has many hidden gems, beaches and world wonders like the Underground River. If you also like to be active, there are many fun activities, like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and more.

The most special and romantic resort we stayed at in Palawan is the Flower Island Resort, located on a private island. It is only a 45 minute speedboat ride away from TayTay port. We loved it because it felt like we had an entire island to us. In addition, the island was surrounded by untouched coral life, so every day we could dive in and awe at the underground life thriving below. We also loved just chilling on our outdoor patio located on the beachfront with hammocks, sipping on coconut water and watching the sea life go by.

The other unique thing about Flower Island Resort is that it is located next to a pearl farm, which they also own. So as part of your stay, they take you to the pearl farm where you can learn more about pearl harvesting.

Zika Free: No

Stefan and Sebastian from Nomadic Boys




Honeymoon Destinations in Africa


Cape Town, South Africa

One of the best destinations for honeymooners is Cape Town, South Africa. Ever since we visited two years ago, the city at the tip of Africa has held a special place in our heart. As beach lovers and outdoor lovers, there are so many wonderful things to do in Cape Town, which makes it the perfect city escape. The beaches are clean and welcoming, the surf is unbelievable, food is extensive and delicious, and there is anything you could need in this African city.

We spent two months there and barely scratched the surface of what there is to do in the entire city. From surfing in Muizenberg, to climbing Table Mountain, to enjoying the V&A Waterfront there are many romantic activities to do. The adventurous couples can take part in abseiling, canyoneering, or even snorkeling with Cape Fur Seals!

When it’s time to eat the food in Cape Town doesn’t disappoint. You can find anything you want in the city all at an affordable price. We were having huge sushi nights out with bottles of wine for under $50 for two people. We loved that food and South African wine can be enjoyed for a fair price in a major city.

Our favorite and most romantic place to stay is definitely the Tintswalo Atlantic. Situated across the water from Hout Bay, this small resort is the epitome of luxury. It’s intimate with gorgeous rooms and stellar views over the bay. Seriously, you won’t be disappointed with a stay in this dreamy property.

Zika Free: YES

Natasha and Cameron from The World Pursuit




We had chosen Mauritius & South Africa for our honeymoon as we had both decided to opt for a destination chosen by the partner. As passionate travelers we usually do not mind any kind of destinations, but we have our own preferences especially when it comes to beaches and mountains, given a choice. Ours was an arranged marriage as is common in India. Which just means that our parents and relatives had a big part in getting us together. Long story short, Mauritius was our first trip together and where we really started bonding as a couple.

Being greeted by a double rainbow within minutes of reaching our hotel and the long walks we took on the stunning white sand beaches, remains as our favorite memories from Mauritius. We would recommend skipping the package tours and renting a car to explore it on your own. The country is small enough to be covered in half a day by road and has a lot going for it. Spend an afternoon at the racecourse, say hello to the huge tortoises at Chamarel, visit the gorgeous Ile aux Cerfs and hike around Black River National Park. You can also opt to swim in the infinity pools or take a long romantic walk in the evening on the beach for a wonderful romantic memory.

We stayed at the Sands Resort at Flic-en-Flac, which is an all-suites beach facing property with a private beach shared by various properties. We would highly recommend it, given that it is set in a wonderful location with one of best beaches in Mauritius. That said, the country itself is so beautiful that you probably cannot go wrong with any choice and the beach is just a few minutes away regardless of wherever you are. It is our favorite choice for a romantic honeymoon destination and one we wouldn’t mind going to again for our anniversary.

Zika Free: YES

Rishabh and Nirall from Gypsy Couple




For the adventurous couple who’s done the classic highlights and is ready to get a bit off the beaten path, it’s hard to imagine a more far-flung and exciting honeymoon destination (at least for those of us hailing from North America!) than the beaches of Mozambique. True, you won’t necessarily have all the amenities at your fingertips the way you could in honeymoon hotspots like Cancun, but isn’t that part of the magic as well?

There’s nothing more romantic than adventure, so consider going scuba diving with manta rays, swimming with whale sharks, and out to sea to watch humpback whales in Tofo–and when you’re done, perhaps you’ll find time for surfing lessons, delicious fresh-caught seafood, and walking
along the (incredibly long and nearly empty) beach.

After Tofo, head up the road to Vilanculos, where you’ll find otherworldly landscapes–think giant dunes disappearing into a turquoise sea–and water that is hundreds of shades of blue. Hire a boat for the day to take you out to uninhabited islands, go horseback riding on sand dunes at sunset, and sip cocktails by the sea in romantic bliss.

The beaches of Mozambique offer the delightful combination of plenty to do and no guilt at doing nothing at all–the perfect recipe for an unforgettable honeymoon. Whether you want to keep the adrenaline pumping 24/7 or are hoping for a more laid back getaway, the beaches of Mozambique
have you covered.

Though you can certainly travel on a lower-than-the-average-honeymoon budget here, there’s room for luxury in Mozambique as well: from beautiful boutique hotels to five-star resorts on private islands, there’s no shortage of luxurious options to inject some pampering into your romantic getaway.

Zika Free: YES

Kate and Jeremy from Our Escape Clause 




Honeymoon Destinations in Oceania


Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is one of the most romantic places we’ve ever visited. We love a beautiful, quiet beach, but we also love a good active adventure while were traveling. The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific and has romantic private villas and beaches for the perfect honeymoon and/or anniversary. In addition, there are also plenty of activities including: kayaking, paddle boarding and hiking.

We recommend taking a trip from the main island, Rarotonga, to Aitutaki, where you will find a honeymooners paradise. It has empty, white sandy beaches with gorgeous clear blue water. Aitutaki is the perfect romantic honeymooners location. When you are visiting Aitutaki, stay at Aitutaki Lagoon Resort for the ultimate romantic trip. Aitutaki Lagoon Resort has beautiful overwater bungalows and beachfront bungalows that allow you to have privacy and romance due to the location on the lagoon. Once you visit, you won’t want to return home!

Zika Free: YES

Tarah and Tip from Fit Two Travel



New Zealand

We met in a ski resort in Italy and got married at the top of a ski mountain in British Columbia, Canada during ski season. We love to sail, ski of course, and hike while exploring the great outdoors – so for us, New Zealand is a stunning space to spend a honeymoon or anniversary.

There’s great skiing, incredible vistas, lakes, oceans, and amazing hikes to undertake. I love that the outdoors in New Zealand is so pristine, the lakes so clear, the trails well made. There are stunning multi-day hikes, and shorter, circular routes – like the Mount Robert Circuit, where you can see the majesty of the mountains and lakes without traveling too far off the beaten track. Additionally, there are also awesome hikes in Arrowtown, just a short distance from Queenstown. 

The amazing outdoors here allows for luxuries too – on our 16th wedding anniversary we had an entire beach to ourselves at Kawhia on South Island – where the hot water bubbles through the sand to let you create your own personal eco-friendly spa tub. An entire beach to ourselves – how luxurious is that?

Accommodation in New Zealand ranges from basic campsites, where if you’re traveling around you’ll spend a lot of time, so the luxury resorts where you’ll want to enjoy every moment. The Millbrook Resort in Arrowtown, up from Queenstown on South Island is such a spot, amazing luxury and pristine wilderness. It’s a five-star resort with beautiful rooms, a great golf course, and stunning views.

Zika Free: YES

Sarah and Nigel from ASocialNomad



So which honeymoon destination will you pick? Honestly, you cannot go wrong with all of these choices. And don’t forget, if you need help planning and booking your honeymoon (even if the destinations are not listed), contact me. As a home based travel agent with access to unpublished rates, I can help create your perfect dream honeymoon.



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