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Fun Activities You Cannot Miss in Bermuda

Fun Activities You Cannot Miss in Bermuda

On our recent annual honeymoon, we were surprised to find so many fun activities in Bermuda. Whether it’s relaxing at their famous pink sand beaches, parasailing over the turquoise blue waters, diving to shipwrecks, cliff jumping into the ocean or discovering underground caves – there is simply so much to discover and enjoy on this tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean. No wonder why it is continually ranked as one of the best islands in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, if you consider day drinking an activity, do not miss out on a rum swizzle, it is the most popular drink in Bermuda and very delicious! So with that said, enoy my guide on all the fun activities in Bermuda that you cannot miss!


Driving a Scooter in Bermuda

Visitors to Bermuda can get around the island four different ways – taxi, public bus, Twizy (a rental electric car) and by scooter. The scooter is by far the BEST option and the true Bermudian way of getting around the island. Riding our scooters throughout almost the entire island was one of our favorite activities in Bermuda. Words cannot describe how much fun the scooters are – they are AMAZING!!! Needless to say, this is the transportation method we highly recommend when you visit Bermuda.

Driving a scooter in Bermuda is by far one of the best activities you can enjoy on the island. The feeling of adrenaline rushing through your body and the wind blowing through your hair is pure ecstasy. You feel like you are going 100kph, but once locals in cars pass you by, you laugh because you really aren’t going fast at all – just 30 kph. And yet, you truly feel like you are flying down the road. The second best aspect of driving a scooter in Bermuda is the views. Driving alongside the ocean is so breathtaking that it is hard to keep your eyes on the road.

The best way to get around Bermuda is by scooter. IT is also one of the best activities in Bermuda - such a thrilling experience

Renting with Smatt’s Cycle Livery

Since renting scooters is very popular amongst visitors to Bermuda, there are quite a few scooter shops to rent from. However, we HIGHLY recommend you rent with Smatt’s Cycle Livery. They were truly outstanding to work with and we could not have felt more at ease riding our scooters than with Smatt’s Cycle Livery. From the moment we walked into the store till the moment we (sadly) dropped off our scooters, we had the best customer service experience with Smatt’s Cycle Livery. They took us step by step of learning how to operate the scooter. Initially we were going to rent a double scooter and share the driving experience, but thanks to their expertise, they advised us beginners to rent separate single rider scooters. Thus, we were both able to enjoy the thrill of driving the scooters while also feeling comfortable and safe.

Before we even took our scooters out on the road, Smatt’s Cycle Livery had a test driving area that we practiced in for thirty minutes. They never rushed us to get comfortable with our scooters which was very reassuring. In fact, they do not allow guests to rent the scooters unless they see that the gust’s can safely drive them. Overall, we could not say a single bad thing about renting scooters in Bermuda with Smatt’s Cycle Livery. They are truly the best.


Finding the Best Beaches in Bermuda

Bermuda is one of the best tropical vacation destinations because of its soft, pink sand beaches and stunning turquoise waters. We have never seen such beautiful colors in the ocean before. We were completely mesmerized by the bright and different 50 shades of blue (see what we did there). The pink sand at each beach we visited were all the softest sands we have ever touched. Most beaches we have visited are always scorching hot, but the pink sand in Bermuda is soft and warm. We could not believe how beautiful and perfect the pink sand beaches are in Bermuda.


Horseshoe Bay Beach

When people talk about the best beaches in Bermuda, they typically all say Horseshoe Bay Beach. Though Horseshoe Bay Beach is wonderful, it is severely over crowded. Especially during the summer when it is their peak season and several cruise ships are ported. This is what Horseshoe Bay Beach looks like on a slow weekday at the end of September.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in Bermuda, but also the most crowded. This photo is during a weekday towards the end of summer in September.

Regardless if it is overcrowded, it is still stunning and one of the best beaches in Bermuda. So if you want to experience Horseshoe Bay Beach, we recommend going early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Since it is the most popular beach in Bermuda, there is a bus stop at the beach. Just note the bus stop is quite a distance which starts from the top of a steep downhill trail to the beach. With that said, visitors can also take a taxi that will drop them off at the parking lot adjacent to the beach. Or visitors renting a scooter or Twizy can drive themselves. Next to Horseshoe Bay Beach is the Rum Bum Beach Bar and Restaurant that serves the best rum swizzles on the island, one of the most popular drinks in the world. The Rum Bum Beach Bar and Restaurant is the perfect place to grab some refreshing rum swizzles and fish and chips. They also rent beach equipment to visitors such as umbrellas, lounge chairs, boogie boards, tents, snorkel gear and more. Needless to say, beachgoers have everything they need when they visit Horseshoe Bay Beach.


Warwick Long Bay Beach

Warwick Long Bay Beach is just as stunning as Horseshoe Bay Beach, but not nearly as popular. Partly because this beach does not have any amenities and you barely have to swim out to get into deep waters.  If you are looking to enjoy some of Bermuda’s famous pink sand beaches without facing the crowds, Warwick Long Bay Beach is perfect.

We highly recommend Warwick Long Bay Beach as we absolutely loved our time here. In the two hours we were here, there were less than a dozen people. It was quite luxurious to feel like we had this beautiful beach to ourselves. The beach is easily accessible with a bus stop nearby as well as a small concession stand at the beach. However, if you are wanting beachside service and amenities, then Warwick Long Bay Beach may not be for you.

Warwick Long Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in Bermuda. It is a lot more quiet than Horseshoe Bay Beach, but just as beautiful.


Jobson’s Cove

Jobson’s Cove is adjacent to Warwick Long Bay Beach and is a stunning hidden gem. It is the perfect swim hole to snorkel and swim safely in. The water is crystal clear and we found so many different fish in the hidden cove. The water is mostly shallow throughout the cove, but it is dangerous to swim past the cove’s rock barriers and into the ocean (so Christina learned). With that said, the cove is the best beach in Bermuda for both couples and families. Couples can enjoy the seclusion of Jobson’s Cove for a romantic day on the beach. Whereas, families can enjoy the safety of being able to see their children in a small and shallow body of water.

Jobson's Cove is a beautiful, secluded beach you cannot miss in Bermuda.


Astwood Cove

Another great cove in Bermuda is Astwood Cove. This was actually the first beach we went to and the scenery completely blew us away. The bus stop drops off visitors at Astwood Park and then there is a short walk to the edge of the cliffs. This is when Astwood Cove will take your breathe away and why we think it was one of the best beaches in Bermuda. From the edge of the cliffs, looking down into the Atlantic Ocean, is the most beautiful turquoise blue waters we have ever seen. We could have sat along the cliff and gaze into the endless ocean all day long. In fact, this scenic view is well loved by the locals and is a popular wedding venue and picnic spot. After you soak up the stunning views, take the marked trail down to visit Astwood Cove’s beach and enjoy more of Bermuda’s natural beauty.

The views from Astwood Cove in Bermuda are absolutely breathtaking!


Parasailing Over the Turquoise Waters

Everywhere we travel, we always make it a point to see a city from their highest view point and Bermuda was no exception. For this trip, we decided to see Bermuda from the sky. Parasailing is definitely an activity you cannot miss during a trip to Bermuda. It is both thrilling and relaxing. To view Bermuda’s water from sea level or on top of a cliff is wonderful, but to see the turquoise water from 500ft. above water is truly a spectacular site to see.

The best company to book with is KS Watersports. They are one of the most popular tour operators in Bermuda and have four different types of tours across four different locations. Their tours consist of parasailing, snorkeling, jet ski and an island boat excursion. We have heard nothing, but fantastic things for all of their tours and wish we had more time to experience each one. Of course, one of their most well known tours is parasailing. They actually have two different parasailing tours. One is just a parasailing tour, while the other tour combines parasailing with an eco tour. We highly recommend booking the parasailing and eco tour.

Having the time of our lives parasailing in Bermuda over turquoise blue waters. This is definitely one of the best activities in Bermuda

Each person gets an exciting 10 minute parasailing adventure. You may think ten minutes does not sound like a lot of time, but when you are up in the air, time slows down and almost feels like an eternity. The captain and crew does a great job explaining everything to you beforehand to make sure you feel safe and comfortable. At first it felt overwhelming, but once we were about to parasail, everything made sense as they walked us through step by step.

After our parasailing adventure, we continued with the eco tour which included boating around the island to spot sea turtles, the famous Vixen Shipwreck and to feed fish. We might sound crazy, but feeding the fish almost topped the parasailing experience. Words probably will not be able to describe just how cool it is to feed the fish, so you will just have to trust us. We circled around the Vixen shipwreck, which is an amazing site to see itself, but close to the shipwreck are schools of fish. Our boat crew gave us bread to feed the fish. When we say they attack the bread, we mean they totally destroyed it! They would come up to the surface and splash around so much, that we were getting soaked. We were even allowed to sit on the back of the boat and place our feet in the water as we fed the fish. This experience was so surreal and fun. Honestly, this was the highlight of our parasailing and eco tour and why we think it is one of the best things to do in Bermuda.


Exploring Shipwrecks

Bermuda is well known for their many shipwrecks around the island. It is said that they have at least 300, so seeing at least one shipwreck must be on your list of activities to do in Bermuda. As mentioned above, there are boat tours that take you to the Vixen Shipwreck. This is one of the most famous shipwrecks since it sits both above and below the water and creates epic photo opportunities. Furthermore, in addition to seeing shipwrecks by boat, you can also snorkel above them or dive deep next to them. Both experiences will surely blow your mind to see such wonders in the ocean.

We took a boat tour to see the famous Vixen shipwreck in Bermuda.


Snorkeling to Find Sea Life

Bermuda has several great snorkeling spots and is a favorite activity to enjoy amongst a variety of visitors. Whether they are beginner or advanced snorkleres, there are great spots for everyone. You can snorkel near beaches and coves on your own or venture out into the deep ocean with a tour. Tour guides and resorts can help supply you with a snorkel mask. Otherwise there are plenty of shops to purchase your own. We were lucky to have great snorkel spots outside our doorstep at our hotel, The Reefs Resort & Club. They have their own private beach with some amazing reefs and sea life surrounding it. Some other great snorkel spots in Bermuda include Tobacco Bay Beach, Church Bay and Daniel’s Head Beach.


Discovering Underground Caves

In addition to stunning beaches, Bermuda has unbelievable underground caves to explore. The island has at least 150 known caves and a few of them are accessible to explore via a tour guide, a known establishment or on your own. Did we mention you can swim in some of the caves?! Needless to say, finding these caves is sure to be an adventurous activity to enjoy in Bermuda.


Crystal and Fantasy Caves

The most famous caves in Bermuda are the Crystal and Fantasy Caves. Both caves are 120 feet below ground level and predicted to be over a million years old based on the incredible stalagmites. Not to mention, there is a crystal clear lake inside the caves! During the tour of the Crystal Caves, you learn the history of its discovery, explore the cave to see the stalagmite formations and walk across the lake on the pontoon bridge. Near the end of the tour, they turn off the lights and you experience pure darkness. Needless to say, the tours of the caves are amazing. It is no wonder why the Crystal and Fantasy Caves are two of the most popular attractions in Bermuda.

One of the best things to do in Bermuda is exploring the Crystal Caves. This cave is incredible!

To visit the caves, you must purchase tickets ahead of time and go with a guided tour at select times. Each tour is around 30 minutes long and if you do the combo tour it takes around 70 minutes. Pictures do not do these caves justice – they are absolutely breathtaking and should not be missed.


Tom Moore’s Jungle

Another great option for cave exploration in Bermuda is at Tom Moore’s Jungle, also known as Walsingham Nature Reserve. Visitors can explore Tom Moore’s Jungle either by themselves or with a tour guide. We are always for an adventure on our own, but we opted for a tour guide this time as there are no maps and guides to find the many hidden caves and grottos within the reserve. We could not have been more happy with our choice, as there are so many trails and nooks that anyone can easily get lost. Furthermore, it is safer to use a guide, especially when exploring deep inside some of the hidden caves.

Tom Moore’s Jungle has both dry and wet caves to explore. When exploring the caves, we highly recommend bringing a halogen flashlight and closed toe hiking shoes. If you have children, bringing a hard hat, would probably be a good idea as well. If you are with a tour guide, they should supply you with a flashlight and/or hard hat. It should also be noted that swimming in the grotto caves is forbidden. We wanted to swim in the caves so badly, but Bermuda’s government has strict regulations in order to protect the rare, endemic cave life and the safety of people (not to mention rats swim in the caves). To solidify the seriousness, those caught in the act will be charged a hefty fine, so it is wise to obey the law.

One of the many beautiful caves at Tom Moore's Jungle in Bermuda

As we have mentioned, going with a tour guide is advised and we were lucky to have found a great private guide recommended by our hotel. Lynn is the owner of Longtail Tours and offers private guided tours of Tom Moore’s Jungle for $25 an hour, per person. Her private tour not only includes a guided walk of Tom Moore’s Jungle and the beautiful, hidden caves, but also incredible knowledge of Bermuda and its wildlife. Lynn certainly knew her way through the reserve – she could probably do it with her eyes closed. She showed us so many hidden caves that no one could find on their own. We even had to travel deep into some of the dry caves and it was very thrilling. In addition to the tour, it is also nice to know that her work goes towards supporting one of Bermuda’s wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary.


Prospero’s Cave and Cathedral Cave

Grotto Bay Beach Resort is the only all-inclusive hotel in Bermuda. They are also the only hotel with underground caves! Hotel guest’s of Grotto Bay Beach Resort can enjoy exclusive access to their natural caves located beneath the hotel. We have been informed that hotel guest’s are considered as paying customers in some form of manner, whether it’s staying the night or dining at one of the restaurants.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort has two caves – Propsero’s Cave and Cathedral Cave. Propsero’s Cave is known as the Natura Spa where guests can receive spa treatments including massages, facials, body wraps and more to enjoy a relaxing experience. At the Cathedral Cave, guest’s can swim inside the cave’s crystal clear water, which can be at least 30 feet deep in some areas! Either way, visiting Grotto Bay Beach Resort’s caves to swim or enjoy a spa treatment are definitely two unique experiences you cannot miss in Bermuda.


Cliff Jumping into the Ocean

The most thrilling, heart pounding, adrenaline rushing activity you can experience in Bermuda is cliff jumping! Cliff jumping is not only an awesome experience, but it is also FREE! There are two well known places you can cliff jump in Bermuda – at Blue Hole Park in Tom Moore’s Jungle and at Admiralty House Park near Hamilton. Both are amazing and only slightly different. Blue Hole Park is within the reserve and you jump into a deep blue, mangrove pond. Whereas at Admiralty House Park, you are literally jumping into the turquoise blue, Atlantic Ocean.


Cliff Jumping at Blue Hole Park

To get to Blue Hole Park, enter Tom Moore’s Jungle from the parking lot and continue straight on the trail. You will come across an open field of grass with a picnic table. Near the picnic table is a trail that will lead you to a dock, which is the entrance to Blue Hole Park. However, to get to the cliff jumping spot from the open field, you will need to walk towards the right where you will find a narrow, red dirt trail. The cliff jump is around 30 feet high (depending on where you jump) and completely safe. Though Blue Hole Park is a pond, it actually gets its water source from the ocean through a small opening. So the water is salty and there are a lot of fish. To get out of the water, just swim towards the right of the dock, and you can easily make your way up the rocks.

Cliff jumping at Blue Hole Park in Bermuda!


Cliff Jumping at Admiralty House Park

To get to Admiralty House Park, we recommend using GPS. Then you will see a sign on the side of the road for the entrance. Just park your car and walk down the stone steps until you reach the edge of the cliffs. You can literally jump from any spot into the deep blue ocean, but before you do, search your surroundings and get acquainted with your exit strategy. There is a bare stone cliff on the left side that swoops around. Face the ocean and then turn around and you will see natural formed steps going down a tunnel. Carefully make your way down, then make a hard left and you will see two openings. Though it is dark, the opening to the left is your exit strategy. Use a light and carefully walk through the dark pathway. You will see that it wraps around and leads you into the ocean. Now that you are acquainted, you can go back up to the surface and make your jump from almost anywhere. You can jump off near the cave entrance or along the cliffside. The highest points are around 100 feet. Of course, that is where Christina took her leap of faith and loved it!

Cliff jumping into the Atlantic Ocean at Admiralty House Park in Bermuda!



As you can see, for a small island, there are so many amazing activities in Bermuda that you have to do. It is hard to choose, so just enjoy them all – we did!



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Aww thank you so much for your kind words. We greatly appreciate it and happy to hear they are helpful. If you need any help planning or booking your trip, please do not hesitate to reach out!


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Jobson's cove and the underground caves all look so magical! I have already fallen in love! And I thought Philippines was paradise!

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Tuesday 30th of October 2018

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