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10 Fun Things to do in Frisco, Texas – a Perfect Weekend for Sports Fans and Gamers

10 Fun Things to do in Frisco, Texas – a Perfect Weekend for Sports Fans and Gamers

Let me start this post off by saying Frisco is one of the COOLEST cities to enjoy in not only the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex but the entire state of Texas! There are so many fun things to do in Frisco over a weekend, especially for sports fans and gamers. Arlington may have the stadiums to watch the Cowboys and Rangers play, but Frisco also has professional sports teams in their city. Frisco has the Cowboys World Headquarters where the Cowboys practice, a lazy river to watch the RoughRiders (AA team for the Rangers), and the Toyota Stadium where the FC Dallas soccer team plays. As for the video gaming world, Frisco has the National Videogame Museum and a restaurant dedicated to playing video games.

To have the perfect weekend in Frisco, I recommend checking the schedules for both the RoughRiders and FC Dallas home games. You can easily enjoy both games, The Star, National Soccer Hall of Fame, National Videogame Museum, and more – all in just one weekend. To help plan your epic weekend, I have created an itinerary at the end of this post so you can see what to expect. So without further ado, here are details of the most fun things to do in Frisco for a perfect weekend!

A woman laying inside a blue float with a beer in her hand and a man standing next to her in a lazy river overlooking the RoughRiders baseball game.

Full disclaimer –  We were invited by Visit Frisco to feature the city. As always, our opinions are non-biased and our own. Our post may contain affiliate links. When you click on the link you will have the option to purchase a product at no extra cost to you, but we would receive a small commission. We want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

Fun Things to do in Frisco for Sports Fans

From the NFL to MiLB (minor league baseball), and MLS – here are four fun things to do in Frisco for sports fans!

RoughRiders Game

Going to the RoughRiders Games at Dr Pepper Ballpark is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Frisco for several reasons – it’s an intimate ballpark, great atmosphere, and they have a lazy river! Granted we love going to Rangers games in Arlington, but going to a RoughRiders game in Frisco has a special vibe in the air. It is also a great way to see future Ranger prospects since the RoughRiders are the Texas Rangers’ AA team. Moreover, tickets are also very budget-friendly! The most expensive ticket is only $21 for home plate seats and the cheapest is $8 to sit in the lawn.

A picturesque photo of the RoughRiders baseball field.

Pro Tip: During the entire 6th inning, there will be a “special” for everyone to enjoy. For example, they can have $1 hot dogs, discounts at the shop, half-priced off burgers, and more.

Choctaw Lazy River

The coolest (no pun intended) part of going to a RoughRiders game is the Choctaw Lazy River. The lazy river is only open for Thursday and Sunday home games. Thursday nights are only for guests 21 years and older, whereas the Sunday games are more family-friendly oriented.

There are several reasons why the Choctaw Lazy River is unique – it’s heated year-round, has the best views of the ballpark, has free tubes, the entire lap is 400 feet long, and it’s the ONLY lazy river pool at a professional sports stadium. The Choctaw Lazy River is located behind the right-field wall with all the best action. Every time the ball comes flying near right-field you will feel so close to the action!

A bunch of people hanging out in the Choctaw Lazy River at the RoughRiders baseball game which is one of the best things to do in Frisco.

Pro Tip: They do not supply towels so make sure you bring one!

Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Party @ the Yard

The fun just keeps going at the RoughRiders game which is why it’s truly one of the best things to do in Frisco! On every Thursday home game, the Deep Ellum Brewing Co. hosts Party @ the Yard – the biggest party in North Texas for everyone 21 years and older.

So in addition to fun, what’s included at Party @ the Yard? For starters, $1 beer throughout the entire game with a FREE koozie! Beer choices include Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Dallas Blonde (a fan-favorite), Michelob Ultra, and Bud Light. There are also great seats in the center outfield, a DJ, food trucks, and tailgate games consisting of Jenga, trashcan beer pong, and corn hole.

Pro Tip: Make sure you get your $10 tickets in advance. Better yet, upgrade to gain access to the Choctaw Lazy River for just $25!

The Star Tour

Calling all Dallas Cowboys fans! A weekend in Frisco is not complete without going to The Star District and touring the Cowboys practice facility. It is definitely one of the best things to do in Frisco that you cannot miss! Moreover, just hanging out with families and friends at The Star District is a lot of fun.

A couple jumping in the air at The Star turf football field.

The VIP Guided Tour of The Star is available to guests daily from 10 am to 6 pm with a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes. This special tour allows fans to get an inside look of the Cowboys training facility where the players practice 355 days of the year. So if you are lucky, you might be able to see a Cowboys player – we did! We saw Ezekiel Elliott! Furthermore, guests will also be able to see Ford Center, the War Room, Nike Star Walk, Super Bowl Memorabilia, Grand Atrium, Press Room, cafeteria, weight room, and the locker room if permitted (tours are not allowed in the locker room when players are inside).

I won’t give everything away, but Ford Center is the acclaimed 510,000 sq-foot indoor athletic facility. The War Room is a beautiful state-of-the-art conference room with the latest technology where the staff selects their players during the NFL Draft. This is a very cool room to see during the Star Tour, especially if you have seen the movie, Draft Day. Another great part of this tour is the history and memorabilia of the Cowboys. Even as Cowboys fans, we learned so much about America’s team that does not always get mentioned in the media.

A row of Super Bowl trophies won by the Dallas Cowboys located at The Star in Frisco.

Of course, one of the greatest highlights of the entire tour is being able to see all five of the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl trophies!!! Another fun highlight of The Star Tour is in the Press Room where the tour ends for final remarks. During this time, guests are able to take an opportunity to stand at the podium and make a speech (or just take fun photos).

Pro Tip: Please keep in mind, you cannot bring in backpacks or purses – only a clutch purse or clear tote bag. Also, camera lenses cannot exceed 3 inches long.

FC Dallas Soccer Game

As lovers of the sport, we could not spend a weekend in Frisco without going to a FC Dallas MLS game. Ever since our experience watching Juventus play in Italy, we have been itching to watch soccer again. Lo and behold, FC Dallas puts on a great atmosphere for soccer fans from all around the world.

Stunning sunset photo of the FC Dallas soccer game at Toyota Stadium in Frisco with shades of deep blue and purple in the sky.

The FC Dallas team plays at the beautiful state-of-the-art Toyota Stadium that has a 20,500-seat capacity. There are several different unique areas throughout the stadium that provide guests with the best soccer experience possible. Depending on the ticket you purchase, you can gain access to the elite Winners Club, the Red Star Club, Beer Garden, and more.

Pro Tip: You cannot bring in backpacks or purses – only a clutch purse or clear tote bag.

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National Soccer Hall of Fame

Connected to the Toyota Stadium is the National Soccer Hall of Fame (NSHOF) – one of the most interactive and high-tech exhibits you will ever find. It is perfect for all ages, soccer lovers and new fans of the game. Visitors will start their experience at the NSHOF by creating a face recognition profile. So during the exhibit, you can pull your profile up by face recognition and partake in the interactive-technology focused exhibits.

Some of the exhibits you can enjoy at the National Soccer Hall of Fame include building your own MLS team, jersey, scarf, recreating memorable soccer moments, and more. With that said, our two favorite exhibits were the virtual reality and gesture exhibits. In the virtual reality exhibit, you can either be Tim Howard or Briana Scurry and make saves just like the pros! In the gesture exhibit, you can juggle a virtual ball, make headshots, and shoot penalty kicks. Needless to say, the NSHOF is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Frisco!

A couple playing with the interactive exhibit kicking a virtual soccer ball at the Soccer Hall of Fame.

Moreover, NSHOF serves as the home for the annual Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. Throughout the museum, there are also several different displays of players who have made an impact on soccer in the United States. From Pele playing for the New York Cosmos to the most famous women’s soccer player of all time, Mia Hamm – their jerseys and memorabilia are presented to showcase their tribute to the game. Another amazing aspect of the NSHOF is their trophy case. Inside the trophy case includes three Women’s World Cup trophies, Men’s and Women’s Concacaf trophies, and Olympic medals.

Pro Tip: The National Soccer Hall of Fame will close two hours before FC Dallas gamedays.

Fun Things to do in Frisco for Gamers

Calling all gamers, Frisco is the place to be to enjoy video games! From a museum to a hidden arcade room and video game restaurant – here are fun things to do in Frisco for gamers.

National Videogame Museum

One of the coolest places in Frisco that deserves more recognition is the National Videogame Museum (NVM). It is truly one of the best things to do in Frisco and one of our favorite places in the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. This museum is not only a place to learn but also a place to play! There are several different exhibits to explore and enjoy at the National Videogame Museum. Some of the exhibits include the beginning of arcade games in the 1970s, online games, a timeline of gaming consoles, portable gaming, virtual reality, and more. We both felt like we had stepped back into our childhood with all the displays of the Gameboy Color, Dreamcast, and Nintendo 64.

A man playing Nintendo Classic with a row of other gaming consoles and a video game mural on the wall at the National Video Game Museum in Frisco.

Though a walk through the history of all the video games is fun and informative, the best part of the museum is the hands-on experience – aka playing! The NVM has the worlds largest pong console! Two players can go head to head and play one of the best classic games of all time. Furthermore, there is a row of old gaming consoles for visitors to enjoy. The gaming consoles date back as far as 1986 with the Sega master system and the Atari 7800. Other consoles guests can play are the original PlayStation and Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, and more.

A bright blue and pink neon wall with a row of classic arcade games lined up located at the National Video Game Museum in Frisco.

There are also other video games throughout the museum to play, but the BEST part is their 80s arcade! Every guest receives 4 complimentary tokens to use in the arcade room filled with classic games including Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. The arcade room is dark with neon artwork on the walls and the perfect 80s songs playing to complete the epic, nostalgic atmosphere. Seriously, the NVM is a hidden gem and one of the BEST things to do in Frisco!

Pro Tip: Bring a few dollar bills to be exchanged for tokens because you are going to want to stay in the arcade room all day long!

@Nerdvana Food + Spirits

Another great spot in Frisco for gamers is @Nerdvana Food + Spirits! @Nerdvana is a restaurant focused on creating delicious entrees from scratch combined with the love of video games. At @Nerdvana, the guest’s experience begins as soon as they walk through the doors. Everyone receives a menu at the hostess table that has a list of all the different gaming consoles and the games included.

A table with three black Switch controllers,  a skillet of loaded fries and two glasses of beer from Nerdvana.

A list of the gaming consoles includes PlayStation Classic, Nintendo Classic, Super Nintendo Classic, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and GameCube. Each console is set up inside a booth with games and controllers ready to go. To receive your controllers, you just need to spend $10 on food or drinks per controller. Furthermore, you can also play games at the bar top. Speaking of the bar top, @Nerdvana also serves craft beer, cocktails, wine, and more. Needless to say, with delicious food, tasty drinks, fun games, and good company…what more could you need?

Pro Tip: Call ahead to make reservations at the booth with the gaming console and games you want.

Where to Eat in Frisco

Frisco has some incredible restaurants and concepts throughout the city. From restaurants located in The Star District to the historical Rail District and sweet treats – here are a few places to eat during your weekend in Frisco.

Sushi Marquee

Our favorite place to eat in Frisco is Sushi Marquee located at The Star District. To say we love sushi would be an understatement, so when we heard about Sushi Marque and its cool atmosphere with amazing sushi, we knew we had to experience the restaurant for ourselves. Let me tell you, the rumors are true – Sushi Marquee is not only one of the best things to do in Frisco, but also one of the best restaurants in the city! Let me tell you why.

Sushi Marquee takes the combination of food and ambiance to a whole other level! The entire concept mixes Asian influence with an 80s-90s vibe by placing a giant Budha made of disco mirrors inside the restaurant, a sushi Yoda mural on the wall, and a marquee row above the sushi bar playing music videos and TV clips. With that said, it’s the menu that we LOVE! The sushi menu has plenty of “hidden” 80s-90s Easter eggs. Some of the rolls are named Rock the Casbah, Godzilla, The Terminator, Bueller…Bueller, Golden Eye, Chuck Norris, Yoda Roll, and many more!

What sets Sushi Marquee apart from everyone else is their fun and engaging atmosphere. They have several WOW entrees that will turn heads in the dining room. The first entree is the Kissy Suzuki which is lobster sushi topped with lobster tempura and comes with dry ice underneath a lobster tail for an awesome effect! The Wagyu Hot Rock is another fun entree where guests can cook their Wagyu by searing it on a hot rock – it is delicious, fun and engaging for everyone. Of course, the star of the show (no pun intended) is The Star! The Star includes different types of sushi and sashimi that are filled in the custom-made wooden star. It is the perfect way to try different sushi around the table. In addition to epic sushi rolls, Sushi Marquee also has a phenomenal hot entree and appetizer section. So even if you are not a big sushi fan, everyone can find something on the menu to please their palate.

Must order: EVERYTHING!!!! Sushi Star, Back 9 Dallas, Kissy Suzuki, Golden Eye, Lamb Lollipops, and Wagyu Hot Rock.

Didi’s Downtown

Didi’s Downtown is one of Frisco’s newest and hottest restaurants located in the Rail District. Chef and owner Scott Hoffner, has turned this historic building into a great restaurant for family and friends to gather. What makes this restaurant special is their focus on making everything from scratch! The only things they do not make is ketchup and mustard.

Before Didi’s Downtown, Scott served as a private chef to some of the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys players. So it is only fitting that this restaurant is included in your sports packed weekend in Frisco.

Guests will find a little bit of everything on the menu. Chef Scott does not just tailor to one type of cuisine. Instead, he reinvents dishes and embraces Texas culture to create his menu. For example, you can enjoy Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls – a combination I never imagined would ever taste this good, but it is divine! Or you can order tacos, fish & chips, burgers, blue cheese alfredo pasta, ribeye steak, chopped kale salad, and more. Needless to say, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Didi’s Downtown. Just remember to leave room for dessert because their Hot Fudge Pie is to die for!!!!

Must order: Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls, Fish & Chips, and Hot Fudge Pie.

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Cow Tipping Creamery

Cow Tipping Creamery is one of the best ice creams in Dallas and is located in the heart of Frisco at The Star District! This ice cream parlor takes ordinary soft serve ice cream and churns it into the sundae of your dreams. Their sundaes are referred to as Stackers and consists of your soft serve flavor of choice. Then it gets “stacked” with homemade toppings, baked goods, and sauce! Everything is made in-house which is what makes Cow Tipping Creamery truly delicious and amazing.

Three different soft serve ice cream sundaes with a sign in the background that says "UDDERLY RIDIKULOUS ICE CREAM!" from Cow Tipping Creamery in Carrollton.

All of the soft serve ice creams are made with a high-quality dairy base. The three different soft serve flavors are Vanilla, Chocolate, and a weekly flavor. You can either create your own Stacker or pick one of the Cow Tipping Creamery special creations. Some of the most popular Stacker creations include Southern Charm, Lemon Drop, and It’s Your birthday. Regardless of what you choose, you will not be disappointed!

Must order: the Southern Charm Stacker with Vanilla soft serve ice cream. It includes Rummy Caramel Sauce, Honey Dusted Pecans, Southern Cracker Candy and Blue Sugar Crystals. 

The Dough Dough

One of the hottest trends right now is raw cookie dough! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t eat raw cookie dough when making cookies at home?!? It is the best! So Gina Ginsburg has made it easy and fun for everyone to enjoy raw cookie dough in Frisco. When I say everyone I mean guests of all ages, gluten-free, and vegan – everyone can rejoice and eat raw cookie dough to their heart’s content.

A scoop of Birthday Cake raw cookie dough with colorful sprinkles on top from The Dough Dough in Frisco.

At The Dough Dough, you will find both classic childhood favorites and unique flavors to enjoy by the scoop. They always have 12 everyday flavors with seasonal flavors on rotation. A few flavors you can find include Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle-Doo, Birthday Party, Sugar Cookie, Nutella Wipe Out, Rainbow Brite, PB&J, Jimmy Buffet, and more. In addition to scoops of raw cookie dough, you can also find a cookie dough sandwich dipped in chocolate, baked cookie cake slices, a brookie (cookie baked inside a brownie), cupcakes with cookie dough in the middle, and more. Make sure you visit The Dough Dough to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Must order: Scoops of Original “C” Chocolate Chip and Birthday Party (with extra sprinkles).

The Perfect Weekend Itinerary in Frisco

First thing you need to do to plan your perfect itinerary in Frisco is to find a weekend when both FC Dallas and the RoughRiders play at home. With that said, here is an itinerary of what your weekend could look like.

Thursday Night

For those 21 years and older, I recommend beginning your weekend in Frisco on Thursday just in time for the ball game! The game typically starts at 7 pm! Do not forget to upgrade to the VIP Choctaw Lazy River with Party @ the Yard!


On Friday, its all about The Star District! Enjoy a lazy morning eating some of the best donuts at Hurts Donut and then head to The Star District for an afternoon of fun. Have lunch at Canne Rosso for amazing pizza and finish with soft-serve ice cream at the Cow Tipping Creamery.

Then get your fill of the Dallas Cowboys at the Star Tour and continue with the Cowboys galore by shopping at Fans United and stroll the Dr Pepper Ring of Honor Walk. The Dr Pepper Ring of Honor Walk honors 21 members of the Dallas Cowboys who have made outstanding contributions throughout the team’s history. Then break off a sweat playing at the Tostitos Championship Plaza – the Dallas Cowboys 50-yard replica turf field.

For dinner finish your day at the amazing Sushi Marquee for a night of delicious food and great atmosphere!

Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday and Sunday, you just need to coordinate what day FC Dallas plays at home (and RoughRiders if you did not go to the Thursday night game).

Enjoy lunch at Didi’s Downtown before heading to the National Soccer Hall of Fame for the ultimate soccer experience and then head to the FC Dallas Game afterward. For a sweet finish to your day, go to iCream Cafe for a liquid nitrogen ice cream!

On the other day, enjoy a day filled with video games. First head to one of the coolest museums in the nation – the National Videogame Museum. Learn about the history of video games and then play in their classic arcade room all day long.

Finish your weekend on a final note playing more video games in a comfy booth while drinking craft beers and eating delicious food at @Nerdvana.

I hope you have enjoyed my weekend guide of the best things to do in Frisco. It is truly one of the best cities to explore in Texas and a destination you cannot miss!

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