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Crepes and Watermills in Bayeux

Bayeux, France

The best way to get from Paris to Normandy is by taking the train to Bayeux, France. As I mentioned in my post about the Normandy Sightseeing Tour, most tour operators pick their guests up at the Bayeux train station. Bayeux’s train station is fairly small for the amount of traffic it generates as the base of Normandy tours. Bayeux was the first French town to be liberated and therefore survived WWII practically unharmed so it was only fitting that after our Normandy tour we would spend some time in this city.

When Adam and I pictured Europe we imagined walking in cities with narrow-brick layered streets and rows of houses – that was exactly Bayeux! Bayeux was surprisingly charming with its picturesque watermill, middle-aged houses and a beautiful cathedral. There is also a Museum of the Battle of Normandy, but opted not to go because we had our fill of D-Day already. Another popular attraction is the Museum of Tapestry, we would have liked to have gone inside, but unfortunately it was already closed. We have been told that it is definitely a museum worth seeing if you get the chance.

The Notre Dame de Bayeux Cathedral is magnificent in relation to everything surrounding it. You can see the cathedral from quite a distance as it stands out in the city. As we walked closer to it we were amazed at its glory and Romanesque-Gothic architecture.

We wandered the streets of Bayeux some more and came across the cutest watermill! It was picturesque next to the quaint building and the water flowing peacefully. The area around the watermill was very inviting, so we walked around the building with the watermill and found that the building was actually a creperie. There was a cobblestone pathway adjacent to the building with a beautiful sign written in a French-Renaissance calligraphy, “Le Moulin de la Galette Restaurant – Creperie”, and it was then that we knew where we were having dinner.


Le Moulin de la Galette Restaurant & Creperie


We were ready to indulge in the French culture, cuisine and enjoy some authentic crepes. Adam and I love crepes and had skipped on buying any the previous days, so having dinner at Le Moulin de la Galette was all around the perfect choice. In addition, the restaurant was the building we found so adorable with the watermill. It was one of those instances where it was just meant to be.

Le Moulin de la Galette had both indoor and outdoor waterside seating. The outdoor patio was as cute as the watermill – the patio was covered by a green canopy and around the patio fence were flower bushes and vibrant green trees surrounding the area with the river flowing towards the watermill. Needless to say, we opted for outdoor.


Again, everything about this restaurants cries out like a fairytale. In addition to the ambience the menu we received was in a form of an antique newspaper and had the history of French crepes (the menu is in both French and English). Crepes were originally called galettes and were made with buckwheat flour (gluten free). Le Moulin de la Galette stays true to the traditional crepe and prepares both sweet and savory ones. The menu also has regular dining options such as foie gras, steak, salad, etc. The average cost of a meal with a savory and sweet crepe is around €20, which is very reasonable and budget friendly in our opinion.

The Galettes/Crepes

Typically we find that crepes in the United States do not generally fill us up, they taste great, but we always leave hungry. This was not the case here. These galettes/crepes are LOADED with delicious ingredients. At last, we finally had crepes in France and they were amazing!!!! We never had a buckwheat crepe before and now we do not think we can enjoy a crepe that isn’t buckwheat. The texture and flavor was amazing – it was thin, crisp and crunchy.


Camembert cheese with sautéed mushrooms and onions, fillet of chicken and more cheese (goat cheese to be exact)! To be honest, the chicken was a little dry, but there was so much cheese and soft mushrooms that it all tasted delicious.



Camembert cheese with andouille sausage, apples and cream. The sausage, cheese and apples all paired so well together! It was our favorite of the two.


Banane Chocolat

White flour crepe with bananas, chocolate and whipped cream. So simple, yet so decadent! The crepe itself is what really makes the dish stand out with its great flavor and texture.


Suzette Maison

White flour crepe with orange zest and flambeed Grand Marnier. This would had been a better show if it was darker outside, but nonetheless it was still a cool experience to watch the server light the alcohol table side. I think I ordered this because of the “show”. I could barely enjoy my crepe – the alcohol was too strong. The crepe soaks in the Grand Marnier and because I am not a big drinker it was very overwhelming. It felt like I had just taken five shots! The whipped cream helped settle the alcohol, but in the end I was content from my main course and enjoyed eating off Adam’s banana chocolate crepe. If you enjoy alcohol, I would say this crepe if for you, but for me!


Enjoying crepes will never get as good as the ones here in France! If you find yourself in Bayeux I highly recommend Le Moulin du la Galette!

Le Moulin du la Galette 
38 Rue de Nesmond
Bayeux, Basse-Normandie, France
+33 2 31 22 47 75
M & Th: 11:30am – 2:30pm
T & W: Closed:
F – Sun: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6:30pm – 9:30pm




  • That food really looks delicious. France really have some great food and there are so much to try. My problem have always been to be able to understand the menu. 🙂

    • OurSweetAdventures

      Haha we were surprised to find an English menu 95% of the time we dined out. One restaurant we dined at had menus for six different languages!!!

  • Dane

    I was about to go to bed but now all I can think about is eating again! They look soooo amazing! Super jealous haha

  • Yum! Crepes in France are the best! I love both the savoury and sweets ones, so it’s always a struggle to decide which one to go for!

  • thetraveloguer

    Crepes and galettes in France are the best! I love both the sweet ones and the savoury, so it’s always a struggle to decide!

  • Mr Mike

    I think the Viroise would have been my favorite too! It looks positively delicious. The combo of cheeses, sausages and cream has my mouth watering.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    The food looks super yum! Mouth watering. The Cathedral building and the architecture look so fascinating.

  • asoulwindow

    I have never tried crepes. It looks much similar to Dosa in South India. Dosa is savoury though but can be manipulated.

    • OurSweetAdventures

      We will keep that mind when we visit India one day 🙂 Love trying new cuisines.

  • sridharsalian

    What a delicious post! I love the idea of making food tours a regular part of travel. What a fantastic way to experience a city/culture!

  • Indrani

    Bayeux indeed looks charming! But then I am distracted by the variety of crepes that you have shown. I do make the banana chocolate variety often but the mushroom filling is what I am craving for now.

  • kidsandcompass

    Such a typically French town! I’m glad the crepes didn’t disappoint as these things sometimes can when you’ve looked forward to them for a long time. I like the sound of the savoury crepes but I’d take them without the chicken or the andouille. I’ve heard erm, mixed reviews for andouille – was it actually OK?

  • Adam, Bite of Iceland

    Looks delicious and totally mouthwatering! I’m a huge crepes fan 🙂 I’ve been in France many times, oh this food is amazing 🙂

  • Wanderlust Vegans

    Looks like you had a good time. Our friends in Brittany France made us some buckwheat gallettes and they were really good. He said that in Brittany they used to fill them with leftovers from the night before to use up their day old food.

  • Travelpeppy

    Bayeux is definitely very charming. Such a cute watermill though. Your post is great, wonderfully explained. By the way Crepes looks so tempting.

  • Ami Bhat

    I am sure the crepes were amazing but what caught my attention was the cathedral. It looks sooooo gorgeous. Would have loved to know more about that :). And yes, the watermills do look cute. Very fairy tale like.

  • Jure Snoj

    Oh wow, those crepes are on another level! Would definitely go for the mushroom one 🙂

  • travellingslacker

    Beautiful location! I am not sure why but the watermills remind me of some classic story years ago. They look nostalgic and transports you to a different era. Surely a great place to have dinner.

  • Brown Gal Trekker

    I love crepes! This post just made me crave for it ! What an awesome place for sightseeing and food.

  • utravelshare

    I love french food, even if italian is better (I’m italian ahah)…but this crepes looks really delicious, and the place is looks like in a french fairytale…extremily beautiful and refined.


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