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56 Best Indoor Playgrounds in Dallas (From a Local Mom)

56 Best Indoor Playgrounds in Dallas (From a Local Mom)

Dallas is no stranger to heat. It is HOT here about nine months of the year. Thankfully, there are so many cool (no pun intended) and fun indoor playgrounds in Dallas to take kids to burn off energy and beat the heat.

All of these indoor playgrounds in Dallas have been tried and tested by my kids and, in most cases, by me and my 33-year-old knees. After going to ALL of these places, I’ve become quite the indoor playground connoisseur. 

These indoor playgrounds in Dallas are great for early crawlers, adventurous tots, and thrill-seeking kids. From indoor aquatic playgrounds to play areas with science, immersive play, trampoline parks, epic play structures, and more—my list of the best indoor playgrounds in Dallas has it all!

There are fun indoor playgrounds scattered throughout the Dallas metroplex. They are also great for birthday parties. We have hosted and celebrated friends’ birthdays at several of these places. So, if you are looking for the perfect birthday party location, you may find it in this guide!

Three young boys going down racing slides into a ball pit at an indoor playground in Dallas.

(Pro tips: always sign the waiver beforehand. I have lost count of how many waiver forms I have signed in the last few years. So many places require (grip) socks, so remember to pack them. Lastly, call or check the hours because some may be closed for private birthday parties on the weekends.)

Best Indoor Playgrounds in Dallas

I love taking my kids to indoor playgrounds. I get to be a part of the fun, chasing them through some pretty epic playgrounds. Many indoor playgrounds also have enclosed baby/toddler areas, which makes them perfect for families with children of different ages.

B & B Theatres

Locations: Red Oak and Wylie
Best for ages: 2 – 8 years old

An indoor playground inside a B&B movie theatre in Dallas.

B&B Theatres is the perfect place for kids to watch a movie! Select locations have ScreenPLAY!—a theater room designed for families with small children, featuring an indoor playground. Kids can burn energy 30 minutes before the movie starts, making the entire experience more enjoyable for everyone.

We could not have picked a better movie theatre for our son’s first cinematic experience. B & B Theatres has set the bar so high that we can’t watch a movie elsewhere! 

Bright Side Play

Location: Southlake
Best for ages: 6 months – 6 years old

A beautiful natural wood indoor play fort with a colorful rock wall in the back at Bright Side Play.

You and your children will LOVE it here! Bright Side Play is one of the best indoor playgrounds in Dallas for babies and kids through kindergarten. It’s a place for children of all skill levels and capabilities, including those with cognitive and special needs.

Bright Side Play is a Montessori-driven environment. The indoor playground is thoughtfully designed to strengthen early childhood development through play. 

There is a beautiful wooden playscape with rope bridges, a charming space for imaginative play, engaging busy boards, sensory activities, a fantastic climbing wall, and a dedicated space of soft climbing blocks and Montessori toys for babies. 

Cheeky Monkeys

Locations: Colleyville, Fairview, Highland Village, Plano, and The Colony
Best for ages: 10 months – 8 years old

Cheeky Monkeys is one of our favorite indoor playgrounds in Dallas because it has two enclosed soft play areas and a two-story clubhouse for imaginative play. One area is for toddlers under 4 years old, and the other is for older children.

The toddler area has a playful merry-go-round, soft seesaws, an enclosed ball pit with engaging activities, a musical floor piano, and a small play structure with slides. The big kid area is a multi-level playground filled with obstacles, racing slides, an intricate web of ropes to climb, trampolines, and so much more.

Dino Kidz

Location: Allen
Best for ages: 10 months – 6 years old

Dino Kidz—A dinosaur themed indoor playground in Dallas. It has a wide blue slide, merry-go-round, a spiral slide into a ball pit and more.

Dino Kidz is one of the best indoor playgrounds in Dallas for small children. It is filled with fun opportunities. Babies have a designated enclosed area with their own climbing structures, ball pit, busy boards, and toys.

The main attraction is the cute blue and green dinosaur-themed soft zone play structure with climbing areas and a winding slide that feeds into a ball pit. There are also several ride-on vehicles, a giant Lite Brite, an imaginative play area, a huge dance floor, and more (hard-surfaced) climbing structures. 

Speaking of the dance floor, Dino Kidz puts on a dance and bubble party every 90 minutes! It is my twin boys’ favorite part of the day. 

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Jungle Castle

Location: Flower Mound
Best for ages: 10 months – 6 years old

A blue, green, and orange slide going into a colorful ball pit inside an indoor playground in Dallas. Located at Jungle Castle.

Jungle Castle is another great indoor playground for young children. It is a quaint space inspired by the jungle. It is the perfect size for toddlers and young kids to have fun and explore without feeling overwhelmed.

Jungle Castle has a small playground with a big tube slide and a three-lane slide that leads into a ball pit. The ball pit has an interactive screen for games and a ball air blower, which is always a hit with my kids. There is also a trampoline, imaginative play area, ball game wall, ride-on vehicles, and basketball games. 

Jungle Land

Location: Prosper
Best for ages: 10 months – 6 years old

Jungle Land is similar to Jungle Castle and possibly its sister property. Likewise, it’s a wonderful jungle-themed indoor playground for toddlers and small kids. 

Jungle Land has a merry-go-round, imaginative play area, ride-on vehicles, and a small playground with a big tube slide and a three-lane slide that leads into a ball pit. In the back is a small room with arcade games and an interactive ball game wall.

There is also a trampoline where kids can put on a velcro vest, jump, and stick to the wall. It is one of the most unique and fun experiences I’ve seen for kids. 


Locations: Fort Worth and Plano
Best for ages: 18 months – 12 years old

KidMania-an indoor playground in Dallas that hugs three walls, it's so big! With some booths, chairs, tables, and arcade games on the floor.

KidMania has one of the most massive indoor playgrounds in Dallas, wrapping around three sides of a building! It’s one of the most popular places for birthday parties and great for families of all ages to hang out.

The playground maze has five levels and climbs to over 25 feet high. It has multiple slides, bungee walls, tunnels, swings, hammocks, and more. There is also a toddler area for children 3 and under. The toddler maze has the same features but on a much smaller scale. 

KidMania also has fun arcade games for all ages. There are games and rides for small children and popular big-kid games such as Jurassic Park, Cruis’n Blast, and air hockey. Kids can play games to earn tickets and redeem them for fabulous prizes!

Kids Empire

Locations: Dallas (Hillcrest and Wynnewood), Euless, Garland, and Mesquite
Best for ages: 18 months – 12 years old

Kids Empire is an epic, colorful indoor playground in Dallas for kids of all ages. It features a huge playground for big kids, an enclosed toddler zone, a variety of slides, a disco dance room, bicycles, building blocks, and more.

The big kid playground is a multi-level obstacle course of crossing bridges, balancing on beams, and rope courses. There is also a turf soccer field on the second level of the playground!

You could also say that Kids Empire has a “roller coaster.” Kids sit on a seat with wheels and zoom down a roller slide. It is easily our son’s favorite thing in the entire place. 

The toddler zone is perfect for crawlers and young tots. It has a miniature obstacle course, a ball pit, and soft climbing blocks.

Mini Playtime

Location: Farmers Branch
Best for ages: 6 months – 5 years old

A purple and yellow indoor playground with stairs, a wide keyboard slide, and a ball pit at Mini Playtime in Dallas.

Mini Playtime is an adorable pastel-colored indoor playground, perfect for families with babies and toddlers. It has soft climbing blocks, a merry-go-round, a floor piano, bikes, a Lego wall and table, an interactive ball game wall, a magnet sensory wall, and a small corner for imaginative play.

The main attraction is the play structure inside a giant ball pit. It has two slides: an everyday double slide and a wide keyboard that lights up as you slide down the keys. 

My children spent most of their time enjoying the ball pit and going down the piano slide. It is so much fun! 

Peppa Pig World of Play

Location: Grapevine
Best for ages: 2 – 5 years old

A little boy hanging on a bar above a small slide at Peppa Pig world of Play in Grapevine, Texas.

Jump into the world of Peppa Pig and explore 14 themed play areas, all based on the globally popular TV show. And get the opportunity to meet Peppa Pig herself!

Peppa Pig World of Play is one of the best indoor playgrounds in Dallas for toddlers. Kids can enjoy imaginative play at Peppa Pig’s House, ride bicycles at Grandad Dog’s Garage, climb through an obstacle course at George’s Fort, play on Peppa Pig’s treehouse, and splash in “mud.” 

Local’s tip: Peppa Pig World of Play Local’soland Discovery Center is in the same location. You can save money by purchasing a combo ticket for both places and have one fantastic indoor play day!

Prosper Playhouse

Location: Prosper
Best for ages: 12 months – 7 years old

Prosper Playhouse is an indoor playground and cute children’s boutique. The multi-level play structure is like playing a game of chutes and ladders. You can climb up one level and slide down two levels.

There are obstacles, tunnels, a three-lane racing slide, ball blasters, and a dedicated room on the top level filled with giant exercise balls. Children 2 years old and under can play in the enclosed toddler area, which features little play structures and soft climbing blocks.

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Locations: Arlington (no indoor playground) and Grapevine
Best for ages: 3 – 12 years old

A yellow and blue indoor playground in Dallas at Round1.

Round1 is a multi-entertainment amusement center with so many fun activities for kids and adults under one roof. Depending on the location, some activities include bowling, arcade games, billiards, karaoke, ping pong, darts, and a Kids Play Zone with an indoor playground. 

Sign up your family for a bowling lane, and while you wait, let the kids play on the indoor playground. The playground has multiple levels, slides, and tunnels. The Kids Play Zone also has inflatable carnival-style games, a basketball court, and a foam pit. 

Round1 can be overstimulating with the bright arcade games and loud noises. If you are coming with younger kids, I recommend visiting as early as possible, especially on the weekends.

Safari Run

Location: Plano
Best for ages: 12 months – 8 years old

Safari Run is one of the best indoor playgrounds in Dallas and the perfect place to host birthday parties because you get the entire facility to yourselves! The theme is so cute, with the giant giraffe as a key focal point and other safari elements incorporated throughout the playground.

The indoor playground has zip lines, slides, obstacles, balancing beams, and a three-lane racing slide. It also has a timer so kids can test their speed to see how fast they can complete their “safari run” through the playground. 

The main area has a few hopscotch layouts, racing lanes, a basketball hoop, and several balls to throw about. Outside the play area is a room full of arcade games and a sitting area to refuel. There is also a smaller playground for toddlers.


Location: Rockwall
Best for ages: 3 years old – adults

A colorful multi-level indoor playground in Dallas with a neon bridge at Shenaniganz.

Shenaniganz is more than a bowling center—it is an indoor amusement park filled with fun attractions for young kids and adults. 

You can play a game of bowling, go axe throwing, play laser tag, solve an escape room, and play arcade games. Young kids will enjoy the Kids Zone, where they can ride flip and spinning bumper cars, jump on bounce houses, and play on the multi-level indoor playground. 


Location: Dallas
Best for ages: 7 – 13 years old

An industrial looking indoor playground with a drop slide at SPARK! Dallas.

SPARK! is a unique underground playground in Dallas for older kids. It’s inspired by the City Museum in St. Louis and uses recycled industrial objects to highlight creativity in its architectural indoor playground.

The SPARK! playground incorporates interactive art to ignite a child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity through play. It has so many spaces to crawl and hidden tunnels to explore. You can enter one entrance and come out somewhere you would never have imagined. 

We Rock the Spectrum

Locations: Dallas and Plano
Best for ALL ages

The ultimate kid's indoor play gym at We Rock The Spectrum in Dallas. A climbing dome, sentry swings, zip lines, crawling tunnels, and more.

We Rock the Spectrum offers kids of all ages and abilities a sensory-safe environment to learn, explore, and strengthen fine motor skills. The indoor playground has play structures, suspended swings, rock climbing walls, crash mats, zip lines, a trampoline, and more. 

In addition to open play sessions, We Rock the Spectrum offers social skills groups and activities for children across the spectrum, making it one of the best indoor playgrounds in Dallas for everyone!

FREE Indoor Playgrounds in Dallas

Who doesn’t love something FREE? As a mom of three kids, going to places can quickly add up. So, I am thankful there are recreational centers, city libraries, shopping malls, and community churches that offer FREE indoor playgrounds to the public!

CityBridge CityScape

Location: Plano
Best for ages: 2 – 10 years old

CityScape is a cozy indoor playground at CityBridge Community Church. It resembles a city, with busy boards along the wall shaped like skyscrapers and a carpet designed with roads and rivers. The play structure mainly involves climbing, maneuvering through obstacles, and crawling through multiple rope tunnel bridges.

Frisco Public Library

Location: Frisco
Best for ages: 6 months – 12 years old

The Frisco Public Library has a beautiful space for children who have just learned to crawl to inspiring 5th graders. There are two dedicated spaces for different age groups: Tot’s Town for children 5 and under and Kid’s Club for children 6 – 12 years old. 

Tot’s Town is an educational space where children can engage in purposeful play, such as grocery shopping, putting coal in a train engine, building a house, and more. Kid’s Club is an active learning space with hands-on activities such as building cars to race, a magnetic ball wall, a robotic arena, and microscopes.

Galleria Play Place

Location: Dallas
Best for ages: 6 months – 4 years old

A few soft climbable structures inside a rainforest-theme indoor playground in Dallas at the Galleria Mall.

The Galleria Play Place is a hidden gem in Dallas. The rainforest-themed play area has soft zone climbing structures, including a temple and giant rock with slides, a tree, a frog, a jeep, a boat, and tree logs to crawl through.

On Saturdays, the Galleria Play Place hosts a 30-minute show of music, magic, acrobatics, and more (check the schedule to see who is performing). The Play Place is on the third floor, nestled under the domed skylight next to Nordstrom. 

Irving Bible Church

Location: Irving
Best for ages: 3 – 10 years old

A sky blue hexagon-shape indoor playground in Dallas with a winding blue slide and a miniature train.

Irving Bible Church has one of the most unique indoor playgrounds in Dallas. The playground is known as the honeycomb play area thanks to its hexagonal-shaped boxes. 

Kids can climb several ropes to ascend the boxes all the way to the top and then slide down the sky-blue winding tube. Within the honeycomb is a small slide, too, that is easier to access for three-year-olds. 

Living Spaces

Locations: Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, and Frisco
Best for ages: 2 – 10 years old

A huge multi-level (FREE) indoor playground in Dallas at Living Spaces.

Did you know that Living Spaces is more than a furniture store? It is also one of the best free indoor playgrounds in Dallas. 

Living Spaces has a kids’ area with a huge indoor playground, tables for coloring, computer games, and a little “movie theater” with sofas. As a parent, I had so much fun on this indoor playground! The material is easy on the knees, and there are so many slides that make you zip down fast.  

Prestonwood Kidz

Location: Plano
Best for ages: 2 – 10 years old

A bright (FREE) indoor playground in Dallas with a soft hill and orange tunnels located at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

Prestonwood Kidz is an amazing indoor playground with a 3-story winding slide, many climbing areas, obstacles, tube tunnels, racing slides, a rock climbing wall, and a hill area with tunnels. Since it’s free and one of the best indoor playgrounds in Dallas, it can get crowded very quickly, especially in the summer.

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Preston Trail Playground

Location: Plano
Best for ages: 2 – 10 years old

Preston Trail Community Church Indoor Playground, a cute kid's clubhouse with multiple slides and lots of climbing. One of the best free, indoor playgrounds in Dallas.

The Preston Trail Community Church has one of the cutest indoor playgrounds in Dallas. It’s a kids’ clubhouse that offers children multiple ways to play and explore. There are three slides, wavy climbing platforms, rope bridges, obstacles, and a lookout. 


Location: The Colony
Best for ages: 2 – 8 years old

SCHEELS is more than a sporting goods store. It is a fun and inexpensive indoor haven for families. You can easily spend an entire morning or afternoon here and only spend five dollars.

SCHEELS has several fun attractions, including a free indoor playground with wavy climbing platforms and slides, a 65-foot Ferris wheel, a 16,000-gallon saltwater aquarium, rollerball, arcade games, a 22-foot tall wildlife mountain, a candy factory, and more. 

The Ark Playground

Location: Coppell
Best for ages: 6 months – 8 years old

The Ark Playground at GracePoint Church has two fun indoor playgrounds inside a wood-paneled building that resembles Noah’s Ark.

The big playground has several levels with different climbing features and obstacles, a long bridge to cross over, and a two-lane racing slide. The toddler area has a simple, two-level, soft zone playground with climbing and slides. 

The REC of Grapevine

Location: Grapevine
Best for ages: 12 months – 6 years old

A whimsical indoor playground in Dallas with twisting slides, a red truck, and tunnels at The Rec of Grapevine.

Every city has a recreation center, but The REC of Grapevine is easily one of the best in the Dallas metroplex. It has the cutest, Dr. Seuss-esque indoor playground in Dallas. 

The whimsical playground has slides, climbing structures, and many tunnels. It also has an interactive light wall and a small play structure for toddlers.

Watermark Tree Fort

Location: Dallas
Best for ages: 18 months – 10 years old

The Watermark Community Church has one of the best indoor playgrounds in Dallas. This gorgeous wooden playground is an indoor tree fort of every kid’s dream.

The toddler area resembles a boat with its platform mast. It has two yellow slides and a climbing net. The big-kid tree fort is massive, with several stairs and fun bridges to cross.    

Wesley’s Indoor Playground

Location: Southlake
Best for ages: 12 months – 11 years old

White’s Chapel Methodist Church has a lovely indoor playground for kids up to 11 years old. It has a big playground and a small area for babies and toddlers. The playground has lots of climbing, tunnels, obstacles to maneuver, and slides. 

Eateries with Indoor Playgrounds in Dallas

Indoor playgrounds inside restaurants? Yes, please! I hope more restaurants follow suit because it is excellent for families that want to eat and play outside of fast-food chain restaurants.

Bubbles Eat & Play

Location: Fairview
Best for ages: 6 weeks – 6 years old

Bubbles Eat & Play is more than a family-friendly restaurant with delicious healthy food. It is a gathering place for parents to have play dates, somewhere to work, attend mommy-and-me classes, and host birthday parties.  

Bubble Eat & Play has two levels. The first floor has the dining room, mommy-and-me classrooms, a small area of soft zone climbing structures, and a ball pit. The second floor has a car garage full of Hot Wheels, building blocks, a work table with nuts and bolts, a play kitchen, dress-up costumes, bean bags, and more.

Monster Yogurt

Locations: Dallas and Richardson
Best for ages: 12 months – 6 years old

Monster Yogurt is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop with an indoor playground. The frozen yogurt is tasty, with several flavors and unique toppings like chocolate-covered sunflowers, chocolate rocks, candy corn, and ginger snap granola. 

Come for the frozen yogurt. Stay for the playground. It is “scary” how delicious the frozen yogurt tastes and how much fun your kids will have here.

Best Indoor Play Areas and Museums in Dallas

I love the day and age we live in right now. Businesses recognize that families need more indoor places to take their kids, which are engaging and immersive for everyone.

Children’s museums are incorporating imaginative play and have giant slides that go into ball pits. There are interactive play areas for kids to engage in cognitive thinking. And, of course, there are indoor play areas that are simply a blast!

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

Location: The Colony
Best for ages: 4 years old – adults

Drivers, start your engines! Andretti Indoor Karting and Games is one of the most exciting indoor places in Dallas!

There are four different types of races, including the Mini Mario Kart Race for kids 4 – 6 years old who already have the need for speed. When my son finished his heat, he asked to go again—he loved it so much! 

The fun doesn’t stop at the track! After heart-pounding races, head to the arcade and immerse yourself in a world of high-tech video games.


Location: Dallas
Best for ages: 2 – 8 years old

CAMP is one of my favorite things to do in Dallas with kids. It is a family-focused, curated play experience and interactive toy store for kids and kids at heart. 

CAMP counselors take you through a “secret” magic door that transports you into another “world.” During the journey, the CAMP counselor will help engage and guide kids to discover fun around every corner.

There are several different interactive rooms for kids to use their problem-solving skills. They will do super-sized puzzles and games, play in interactive areas with slides and spinning apparatuses, and boogie on a dance floor. 

Crayola Experience

Location: Plano
Best for ages: 2 – 8 years old

Crayola Experience is the perfect place for young, creative minds. There are over 20 colorful attractions, including two indoor playgrounds.

There is a two-story playground, a crayon factory show, drip art stations, melt-and-mold crayons, sculpting with model magic dough, painting with watercolors, making selfie coloring pages, and so much more! By the end of your Crayola Experience, you will leave with a handful of colorful souvenirs. 

The Toddler Town has a smaller indoor playground, a giant Lite Brite, a chalkboard neighborhood, and dedicated story times with arts and crafts.

Explorium Denton Children’s Museum

Location: Denton
Best for ages: 12 months – 7 years old

Explorium Denton Children’s Museum is a place for children to learn through play. Kids can experience science, technology, engineering, arts, and math through hands-on exhibits.

The main attraction is the Chicken Coop—a wooden fort with a fire pole, a rolling slide, and sensory activities. My boys could not get enough of the rolling slide. Other fun exhibits include an imagination playground, a scarf blower, a magnetic ball wall, a train table, floor puzzles, and an arts and crafts corner. 

There is also a tiny baby area for early crawlers and walkers. It has soft climbing structures, busy boards, and STEM toys.

Frontiers of Flight Museum

Location: Dallas
Best for ages: 12 months – 4 years old

An air control tower play structure for kids to climb at Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas.

Kids, you are cleared for take-off! The Frontiers of Flight Museum is a fascinating place for kids and adults to learn about aerospace and aviation history. 

There is a lot of information to absorb here, and since kids can only be engaged for so long, take a break at the Frontiers of Flight Museum indoor playground. The aviation-themed playground has an air traffic control tower to climb, an airplane to explore, and several cute airplane cutouts that kids can put on and pretend to fly in the sky. 


Location: Frisco
Best for ages: 4 – 14 years old

KidZania is hands down one of the best indoor play areas in Dallas for kids. It is a realistic, interactive city that allows children to learn about different careers, the fundamentals of a city, and the concept of managing money. 

Every kid starts with $50 Kidzos (dollars). They can spend their money on real food like frozen yogurt. Once they realize they are spending too much, they can accept a job and learn about the career. 

KidZania boasts over 40 different careers for children to explore. They can step into the shoes of a TV studio worker to create a news broadcast, become a chocolatier to make chocolate, visit American Airlines to fly plane simulators, become a police officer, dentist, veterinarian, doctor, and so much more.

By the end of the day, your child will better understand the value of money and the real world. Perhaps they will be eager to do chores around the house to earn more allowance!

Immersive Gamebox

Locations: Dallas and The Colony
Best for ages: 5 years old – adults

A young boy inside an Immersive Gamebox room playing Paw Patrol, popping balloons.

Immersive Gamebox is a fun indoor play experience that gets blood flowing! I seriously got a full cardio workout playing Paw Patrol with my son. 

Immersive Gameboxes uses world-class motion capture and touchscreen technology to create a room that transports you into a game. You choose one of the many games from the selection, step into your gamebox (a room), and play! It’s a cool way to play video games while getting some exercise at the same time.

A few family-friendly games include Paw Patrol, Tetris, and Angry Birds. We played Paw Patrol and helped the pups do different activities like a matching game, popping balloons, and cleaning windows. 

Legoland® Discovery Center

Location: Grapevine
Best for ages: 2 10 years old

Legoland® Discovery Center is an awesome place for families with children of all ages and has over 12 family-friendly attractions, including a ninja indoor playground.

The Ninjago indoor playground is an epic ninja obstacle course filled with spinning barrels, rope webs to navigate, monkey bars, and slides. Other attractions include building and testing a car on the racetrack, flying on a magical carnival ride, driving vehicles at Forest Pursuit, watching a 4D movie, and more. 

There is also an animal-themed DUPLO® Village that’s perfect for toddlers. It has DUPLO® building blocks, giant soft building blocks, and a small climbing area with a slide.

Local’s tip: Legoland Discovery Center and Peppa Pig World of Play are in the same location. You can save money by purchasing the combo ticket for both places!


Locations: Frisco, Grapevine, and McKinney
Best for ages: 12 months 6 years old

an indoor playground in Dallas with a white treehouse and a yellow slide going into a giant ball pit. Located at PeeknPlay.

PeeknPlay is an adorable indoor playground that mimics a neighborhood. Kids can play dress up and use their imaginations to become vets and help animals, serve friends ice cream, become firefighters, and more. 

One of my kids’ favorite things to do at PeeknPlay is explore the cute treehouse, which has a toddler slide and a winding slide that goes into a giant ball pit. There is also a building corner with a big LEGO® table, small bee bikes, and a comfortable seating area for adults.

Perot Museum

Location: Dallas
Best for ages: 18 months 5 years old

The Perot Museum is one of the best things to do in Dallas with kids because it is more than a museum. It is one of the most incredible indoor play areas. The Moody Family Children’s Museum is located on the lower level for children under five to play and discover hands-on fun.

There is an epic Dallas skyline playground, a farmer’s market, an outdoor dino dig, an art lab, a sensory water table, and a little reptile exhibit. There is also an area with a small climbing structure, sensory busy boards, and giant building blocks for babies.

Play Street Museum

Locations: Allen, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, McKinney, Murphy, and Plano
Best for ages: 12 months 6 years old

Play Street Museum is one of the best indoor playgrounds in Dallas. It is an interactive children’s museum and indoor play area that allows children to have independence and explore their creativity in a safe environment. 

Each Dallas location has a unique theme, including the great outdoors, a farm, and a town square. Regardless of the theme, every location also has plenty of imaginative and interactive play opportunities. Kids can sit in a canoe and fish, pretend to be a firefighter, milk a cow, and more.

Project Play Discovery Museum

Location: Hurst
Best for ages: 6 months 6 years old

A little boy going down a slide and into a red ball pit at an indoor playground in Dallas — Project Play Discovery Museum.

Project Play Discovery Museum is an interactive children’s museum for children to explore, problem-solve, and learn through hands-on exhibits and play. 

A few exhibits include a farmers market, garden center, honeybee hive, and chicken coop where children can learn the importance of a farm-to-table experience. It also has a large sensory table, STEM activities, a red barn tower with a slide and giant ball pit, an outdoor garden, and dedicated soft play area for babies. 

Sci-Tech Discovery Center

Location: Frisco
Best for ages: 3 8 years old

A young boy making a huge bubble at Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco, Texas.

Sci-Tech Discovery Center allows children to learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an exciting way. The immersive children’s science museum has over nine hands-on exhibits. 

Kids can learn about air pressure by creating a bottle car or rocket and watching it soar after pumping air into it. They can play at the bubble exhibit, grocery shop at H-E-B, and engage in other STEM activities. There are also daily science shows and workshops to learn how to build with various materials.

Best Indoor Adventure and Trampoline Parks in Dallas

Ninja courses, trampoline parks, rock climbing, and rope courses are some of the best things to do with kids right now! We love these types of indoor play areas in Dallas because they get the kids active, strengthen their bodies, and help develop their cognitive skills. Of course, these places are also just FUN!

Altitude Trampoline Park

Locations: Cedar Hill, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Keller, and Richardson
Best for ages: 3 years old adults

A court of trampolines that have glowing colors.

Who is ready to fly high? Altitude Trampoline Park is a fun indoor playground in Dallas that lets kids unleash their highest potential.

Some activities at Altitude Trampoline Park include a performance trampoline, dodgeball, battle beams, stunt bags, trampoline basketball, powerplay shootout, trapeze swings, a kid’s jumping court, and a main court with wall-to-wall trampolines.

Bolder Adventure Park

Location: Grand Prairie
Best for ages: 3 years old adults

A roped course above colorful lanes for tube sliding at Bolder Adventure Park - one of the best indoor play parks in Dallas.

Bolder Adventure Park is one of the most epic indoor play areas in Dallas. It’s the perfect place for families looking for adventure with 18 thrill-seeking attractions. 

Younger children can play on the multi-level indoor playground, explore the adventure nets (our favorite), and skate on synthetic ice. Older kids can slide down on tubes, play a game in the blaster arena, and have fun on the spinning bumper cars. For those bold enough, you can enjoy aerial attractions such as the ropes course, zip lines, free falling, and rock climbing.  

Ground Control

Location: Irving
Best for ages: 3 years old adults

A young boy jumping from a platform and into a giant orange and black foam pit at Ground Control - one of the best indoor trampoline parks in Dallas.

Ground Control offers one of the most exhilarating indoor playgrounds in Dallas. It is a premier trampoline park with thrill-seeking attractions!

Ground Control has high jumping platforms into a foam pit, zip line, racing slides, slide launch, ninja courses, dodgeball, jousting, Jacob’s ladder, trampoline slam dunk courts, rock wall, and more.


Location: Garland
Best for ages: 4 years old adults

Several colorful and unique rock walls at HAPIK in Dallas, Texas.

HAPIK is an awesome indoor rock climbing park made just for kids (but it’s fun for adults, too). It has over 20 colorful rock walls, a ropes course, vertical challenges, and a soft indoor playground. 

Each rock wall has a unique design with rock holds you would never imagine, such as Crocs shoes and soccer balls. There are also multi-climber challenge rock walls and a first-timer rock wall. HAPIK is a climbing gym for all levels!

Ninja Kids Action Park

Locations: Lewisville and North Richland Hills
Best for ages: 3 years old adults

A young boy jumping on a trampoline with a giant airbag cloud and astronaut in the background from Ninja Kidz Action Park.

Ninja Kidz Action Park is a trampoline park from Ninja Kidz TV, a popular YouTube family-friendly channel. Almost every attraction at the trampoline park has a ninja element. So you can practice your aerial and acrobatic abilities. 

Ninja Kidz Action Park has unique attractions such as slides dropping into a foam pit, launching slides, zip lines, trapeze swings, a wipeout game, balancing platforms, and an airbag crash pad. There is also dodgeball, tumble tracks, basketball slam dunk courts and, of course, a ninja course.    

Pump It Up

Locations: Arlington, Dallas, and Frisco
Best for ages: 2 10 year olds

Pump It Up is a long-standing, popular inflatable indoor park in Dallas. Since 2000, Pump It Up has been one of the best places to host private birthday parties. 

Due to its popularity, Pump It Up holds open jump times. Kids can enjoy larger-than-life bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses year-round, rain or shine!  

Strong Fitness

Location: Farmer Branch
Best for ages: 2 years old adults

Strong Fitness is a premier open gym that offers classes and open play to kids and adults. During open gym, kids as young as toddlers can play on top-quality equipment to strengthen their bodies, develop cognitive skills, and improve their ninja skills. 

The gym has a kid’s area for children 5 and under with climbing structures, slides, a foam pit, monkey bars, and a tire swing. Older kids can run through the intense ninja courses based on the show American Ninja Warrior.

Snowy Fun

Location: Little Elm
Best for ages: 3 8 year olds

Check out this fun indoor playground in Dallas that has year-round snow! Yes, snow! 

Snowy Fun is an inflatable indoor park with massive snow-themed bounce houses, an inflatable obstacle course, and an inflatable sports field. There is also a room with real snow that falls from above and an inflatable bounce house with tubes. So Dallas kids can experience snow tubing year-round!  

Super Llama Inflatable Park

Location: Plano
Best for ages: 2 12 year olds

Super Llama is the largest indoor inflatable park in Texas! The neon indoor playground features several inflatables with thrilling slides, a challenging obstacle course, a wrecking ball game, ball pits, a battle beam, a zip line, a bungee run, a climbing wall, and more. There is also a toddler inflatable zone and fun arcade games. 

Urban Air Adventure Park

Locations: Arlington, Coppell, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, McKinney, Southlake, and more
Best for ages: 3 16 year olds

Urban Air Adventure Park is one of the country’s most popular indoor adventure parks for kids, which is why there are over eight locations in the DFW metroplex.

Depending on the location, Urban Air Adventure Park offers several exciting attractions, including an indoor playground, a warrior course with ball pits, their famous sky rider, a ropes course, go-karts, flash pads, trampoline slam dunks, climbing walls, and more.

Best Indoor Aquatic Playgrounds in Dallas

Summers can be so hot in Dallas that an indoor waterpark sounds better than an outdoor one. Luckily, we have three awesome indoor waterparks with aquatic playgrounds spread throughout the metroplex. 

Epic Waters Waterpark

Location: Grand Prairie
Best for ages: 18 months adults

Epic Waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas. A family swimming their son in front of a huge indoor aquatic playground in Dallas with a dump bucket and slides.

Epic Waters Waterpark is the largest indoor waterpark in North Texas and has “epic” aquatic attractions for all ages.

Big kids and adults will enjoy thrilling attractions such as the Yellowjacket Drop, where you feel a sense of zero gravity, a seven-story tall waterslide, a plunge waterslide, boogie boarding, and more.

Rascal’s Round Up is our family’s favorite place in the park. It is an aquatic indoor playground for young kids with slides, geysers, sprinklers, a sensory water table, a “beach” area, and a giant 300-gallon tipping bucket! 

Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

Location: Grapevine
Best for ages: 18 months adults

Great Wolf Camp Pool in Grapevine, Texas. An epic indoor aquatic playground in Dallas with slides, water blasters, and more.

The Great Wolf Lodge is one of the best family-friendly resorts in Dallas. It has several family-friendly attractions, including an amazing 80,000-square-foot indoor water park for hotel guests and the public. 

The indoor water park features two incredible aquatic playgrounds, Fort Mackenzie and Club Paw Pool. Fort Mackenzie an awesome water fort treehouse with several levels to climb and explore, thrilling slides, and interactive splash features.

For families with young children, the Club Paw Pool has a small aquatic fort with kiddie slides, geysers, and water cannons. The Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark also boasts a family wave pool, lazy river, tornado waterslide, floating lily pad course, and more. 

The Cove at the Lakefront

Location: Little Elm
Best for ages: 18 months adults

The Cove at the Lakefront is one of the best aquatic indoor playgrounds in Dallas for families of all ages. It has tower waterslides, a lazy river, a floating pad course, a FlowRider, a toddler splash area, and an aquatic playground. 

The bright aquatic playground has three tube waterslides and smaller slides for younger kids. It also has water cannons, several interactive water features, and a giant dump bucket. 

Oh, and parents, there is a bar on the mezzanine level with great cocktails and views of the waterpark. You are welcome. 

I hope you have enjoyed my ultimate list of the best indoor playgrounds in Dallas. I am confident you have found a handful of places to take your kids. And if I missed any, please comment below!