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Kid-Friendly Breweries and Distilleries in Dripping Springs, Texas

Kid-Friendly Breweries and Distilleries in Dripping Springs, Texas

Do you have kids and a thirst for craft beer and spirits? Then you should visit Dripping Springs, Texas, where the booze flows as much as its mineral springs. There are so many kid-friendly breweries and distilleries in Dripping Springs, which makes it a great family-friendly destination in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

Visiting breweries and distilleries is one of the best things to do in Dripping Springs. For the most part, a majority of the drinking establishments in Dripping Springs are family-friendly. Therefore, my guide focuses on breweries and distilleries with playgrounds for kids. 

So parents can enjoy a cold glass of beer or cocktail while kids safely play and tire themselves out for bedtime. It’s a win-win for everyone! Cheers!

Three toddler boys with their heads barely peeking over a wooden jeep.

Kid-Friendly Breweries in Dripping Springs

12 Fox Beer Co.

A European style beer from 12 Fox Beer Co. in Dripping Springs with a shaded outdoor playground in the background.

12 Fox Beer Co. is a small-batch craft brewery producing high-quality European-style beers with a strong focus on family, veterans, and its community. The brewery is the brainchild of Army buddies, who were stationed together in Germany in the ’90s.

During their time overseas, they fell in love with European beers, influencing their simplicity of brewing quality over quantity. 12 Fox Beer Co. brews craft beer with rainwater, top-quality hops, custom-crafted yeast, and single-source malt from a family boutique grain farm.

A wooden fort with a rope bridge from 12 Fox Beer Co. - one of the best kid-friendly breweries in Dripping Springs.

12 Fox Beer Co. is also an awesome kid-friendly brewery in Dripping Springs. In addition to lots of shaded outdoor space, there is an epic wooden fort with a rope bridge and winding slide. Families can happily watch their kids play, enjoy a game of corn hole, listen to live music and drink European-style beers – all while supporting U.S. veterans.

Beerburg Brewery

A tall and short glass of nature beers on a tree stump from Beerburg Brewery in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Savor the nature of beer at Beerburg Brewery! This unique, kid-friendly brewery in Dripping Springs focuses on a family atmosphere and one-of-a-kind beers sourced from sustainable ingredients.

Beerburg Brewery has an array of different styles of beers, but their signature is Wildcraft Beers. Wildcraft Beers feature native ingredients foraged from Texas. These beers constantly rotate because the native ingredients always change in taste and availability.

Small-batch craft beer is only one tasty and sustainable element of Beerburg Brewery. There is also a Mexican restaurant serving authentic dishes you will not find anywhere else, hand-crafted old-fashioned soda, and hop water.

Another way Beerburg Brewery focuses on sustainability is with its on-site beehives. Beerburg Brewery neighbors a nature preserve. The beehives help pollinate all the land’s flora and provide an ethical source of honey to the restaurant and signature honey beer.

A toddler boy stepping on tree stumps on a nature playground at Beerburg Brewery - one of the best kid-friendly breweries in Dripping Springs.

Families will enjoy the coloring book kids menu, homemade ice cream, and nature playscape. There is also a 9-hole disc golf course and cornhole. Fur baby families will also love Beerburg Brewery because they have a large off-leash dog park!

Beerburg Brewery truly cares about our children’s future because they do everything possible to impact our planet better while providing a fun family atmosphere, delicious food, and great-tasting beer. We can contribute to their efforts just by visiting and drinking a glass of beer.

Family Business Beer Co.

Two glasses of beer with a wooden playground in the background located at Family Business Beer Co. - a kid-friendly brewery in Drippings Springs

Calling all fans of the CW show Supernatural, you can enjoy beer from Dean Winchester! Husband-and-wife actors Danneel and Jensen Ackles co-own Family Business Beer Co., but you won’t find a lot of Supernatural lore at the brewery because it focuses on hand-crafted beer in a family-friendly environment. 

Family Business Beer Co. has a dozen beers on tap that rotate with seasonal, one-offs, recurring favorites, and year-round classics. The brews range from American-style pale ales to German pilsners, hoppy IPAs, and fruity sours.

The property has indoor seating and a shaded outdoor area under a beautiful oak grove. You can order artisanal pizzas from their food truck and enjoy it with a cold glass of beer under an oak tree (or inside with air conditioning).

The wooden playground is lots of fun for kids of all ages. It has a rock wall, three slides, and a little pit for digging rocks. It is also fenced-in with a few picnic tables, which makes life easier for parents with wandering children.

Fitzhugh Brewery

Two beer flights on wooden boards from Fitzhugh Brewery.

Travel the world through beer at Fitzhugh Brewery. Fitzhugh Brewery is family-friendly, with high-quality beers and delicious cuisine made from their scratch kitchen. 

It is also one of the prettiest breweries you will ever encounter – the brewery channels Chip and Joanna Gaines’ modern farmhouse style to give guests a gorgeous ambiance.

Fitzhugh Brewery is known for its historic and world-regional beers. The brewmaster, Nathan, likes to bring “forgotten beers” from around the world to the heart of the Texas Hill Country. 

He gets as many ingredients as possible from the inspired destinations to achieve greatness and authenticity to match the exact beer profile. For example, he will remove all the minerals from the water and meticulously add them back to reach the water profile from his inspired destination.

So, when you drink an Italian-style beer at Fitzhugh Brewery, it will taste the same as if you were drinking it in Italy. That is dedication! And it’s what makes Fitzhugh Brewery unique. 

A gorgeous white wooden playground with yellow slides located at Fitzhugh Brewery - one of the best kid-friendly breweries in Dripping Springs.

As a young family of 3 under 3, Fitzhugh Brewery is one of our favorite kid-friendly breweries in Dripping Springs because it caters to kids of all ages. The playground is also as gorgeous as the farmhouse brewery.

It has a rock wall, a rope ladder, two slides, and a cute hangout spot with chairs. Our 3-year-old and twin toddlers had the best time climbing and sliding on this playground. There is also a tiny climbing structure for small tots and cornhole for everyone.

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Ghost Note Brewery

Three beer flights on wooden boards from Ghost Note Brewery in Dripping Springs.

Ghost Note Brewery is a wonderful place for families, four-legged friends, and anyone who enjoys easy-drinking beers on the porch. The culture of Ghost Note Brewery is to relax and enjoy the live music or sounds of nature with a harmonious beer in hand.

You will find a variety of beer styles rotating throughout the year, but there will always be four core beers – pilsner, saison, modern IPA, and amber. Whether it has a high or low IBU, every beer on tap is porch-style, aka easy to drink. That is my kind of beer!

A wooden fort with a slide built around a tree. Located at Ghost Note Brewery in Dripping Springs.

The brewery sits on five acres with plenty of shaded outdoor seating and a covered, open-air taproom. Families will love the cool wooden fort with a slide built around a beautiful tree.

So kids can play under the shade on those hot Texas summer days. There is also a rope ladder to climb, a natural wooden balance beam, and plenty of outdoor space for kids and fur babies to run around.

Jester King Brewery

A plastic cup of beer, bottle of Spon beer, and can of beer on a wooden picnic table at Jester King Brewery.

Jester King Brewery is not only one of the best kid-friendly breweries in Dripping Springs but also widely known as one of the best breweries in Texas. The brewery specializes in farmhouse ales, barrel-aged farmhouse ales, spontaneous fermentations, lagers, culture IPAs, pale ales, and stouts.

As a farmhouse brewery, the brewmasters use water from their well, native wild yeast, and locally grown malt. They also bottle or can every beer that goes through another fermentation process and has the purpose of being poured into a specific drinking vessel.

Jester King Brewery is also more than a brewery. It is a destination. The brewery sits on 165 acres of property, including craft beer production, walking nature trails, a wooden play fort, a goat farm, a wood-fired pizzeria, a rustic inn, and an event hall.

It is an excellent brewery for families because kids can play in the vast open spaces, on the wooden fort, and hang out with over 75 goats. The Jester King goats are just as famous as their beer. Go on a guided goat walk, enjoy a hands-on goat experience, or leisurely play with the goats inside the pen.

Suds Monkey Brewing Co.

Two beer flights with a box of pizza rolls and a pizza box standing that says Suds Monkey.

Suds Monkey Brewing Co. is a lively local spot in Dripping Springs. When it’s a local hangout, you know it’s the place to be!

Suds Monkey Brewing Co. is a nano brewery with six core beers and a handful of rotating beers on tap. Each hand-crafted beer has its own designated monkey with a unique story. Ask the bartender, and I am sure they will tell you.

If you did not pick up on it, monkeys are the theme throughout the brewery. So you will find cool-looking monkeys everywhere!

The atmosphere inside the garage tap room makes you feel like you are outside when you are actually in the cool air conditioning. That said, there is also a beautiful outdoor seating area under the trees and string lights.

Make sure you come as hungry as you are thirsty because Suds Monkey Brewing Co. has delicious scratch-made pizza. They also have a specialty Detroit-style pizza, which pays homage to the owner’s hometown.

A playground with a wooden jeep, slide, and climbing structure located at Suds Monkey Brewing Co. in Dripping Springs.

Most importantly, Suds Monkey Brewing Co. is one of the best kid-friendly breweries in Dripping Springs. There is an awesome play area with a wooden jeep, rock wall, sand pit, slides, and tires to climb. Our 3 kids under 3 had so much fun playing at Suds Monkey Brewing Co.

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Twisted X Brewing Co.

A glass of beer with two cans of beer from Twisted X Brewing Co. on both sides and ladder golf in the background.

Twisted X Brewery Co. is the largest and oldest beer manufacturer in Dripping Springs. They focus on high-quality, small-batch Texan-American craft beers.

Twisted X Brewery is well known for its four core beers – Austin Lager, Pitmaster Pilsner, Gulf Kölsch, and the IPA, McConauhaze. One cold glass of the McConauhaze, and you will be alright, alright, alright (if you know, you know).

In addition to the core beers, which you can find at almost any grocery store or liquor store in Texas, you will also find some creative beers on tap that are only available at the taproom in Dripping Springs. So, if you enjoy Twisted X Brewing Co. core beers, it’s worth trying out their one-off beers.

Going to the Twisted X Taproom is also a great place to hang out and drink beer with friends and family. There are several lawn chairs and picnic tables, Yardzee, giant tic-tac-toe and Jenga, cornhole, ladder golf, and more fun games.

Stay tuned for 2024. A circulating splash pad, playground, and dog park are in the works!

Kid-Friendly Distilleries in Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs Distilling

Three red cocktails on a wooden picnic table at Dripping Springs Distillery.

Dripping Springs Distilling is the second distillery in Texas and one of the most unique vodka distilleries in the country! The distillery offers award-winning spirits, delicious cuisine, and a family-friendly environment.

Dripping Springs Distilling has one-of-a-kind, 50-gallon, handcrafted copper stills. The copper stills were created and patented by the founder of Dripping Springs Distilling.

So you won’t find the unique copper stills anywhere else! To learn more about the distillery and copper stills, I recommend booking the distillery tour.

The attention to detail on the copper stills, use of mineral water from Dripping Springs, and craftsmanship set their spirits apart. The distillery began with vodka but has evolved to producing traditional and American-style gin, infused vodkas, bourbon whiskey, liquors, and other spirits through partnerships.

You can order a flight of spirits, and enjoy a drink inside the beautiful bar or on the vast property. The drink menu has exquisite options utilizing all their spirits in draft cocktails, handcrafted cocktails, frozen drinks, martinis, and dessert martinis.

A wooden playground with a green slide located at Dripping Springs Distillery - one of the best kid-friendly distilleries in Dripping Springs.

Dripping Springs Distilling is also one of the best kid-friendly distilleries in Dripping Springs because the outdoor area is lovely for families. There is so much open space for kids to run around, several picnic tables under towering trees, cornhole, a small playground, and a one-net soccer field (so bring your ball).

Hungry? You can order delicious food from the in-house kitchen or partnered food trucks. The kitchen offers sharable appetizers, scrumptious sliders, tacos, sandwiches, desserts, and kid entrees. They also have a boozy brunch menu every Saturday and Sunday!

One Shot Distillery & Brewery

A cocktail and boozy ice cream shake in front of repurposed military wood at One Shot Distillery & Brewery.

One Shot Distillery & Brewery is one of our favorite places in Dripping Springs because of its wide variety of boozy drinks and strong focus on supporting the U.S. military, veterans, first responders, and the local community. One Shot Distillery & Brewery gives a portion of its profits to several different foundations.

The founder of One Shot Distillery & Brewery is an Army veteran who has built the brand and taproom with subtle touches of military influence. Several cocktails have military language with informative stories behind them. Even the taproom walls are made from reclaimed wood from a World War II Temporary Barracks. Of course, the name itself.

One Shot Distillery & Brewery produces handcrafted match-grade vodka, infusions, white, gold, and dark rum. On the brewery side, the craft beer focuses on traditional British and American-style ale and German technique lagers using 100% Texas-grown grains.

The menu at the taproom is vast, with several different ways to enjoy One Shot Distillery spirits and beer. You can order shots, spirit tastings, handcrafted cocktails, spritzers, spiked coffee drinks, and boozy Blue Bell ice cream shakes. Beer options include a flight, pint, pitcher, and growler of beer, Radler, and even a beer mimosa!

An epic wooden fort with a rope bridge and tunnel slide located at One Shot Distillery & Brewery - one of the best kid-friendly distilleries in Dripping Springs.

The taproom is a great place to hang out, but the Biergarten is even better for families. As one of the best kid-friendly distilleries in Dripping Springs, One Shot Distillery & Brewery has an EPIC wooden fort for kids. The wooden fort is built around trees with a sand pit, rope ladder, rope bridge, tunnel, and slide.

Treaty Okay Distilling

Three small glasses of a bourbon tasting with a massive barn shed in the background from Treaty Oak Distillery.

Treaty Oak Distilling is more than a distillery. It is a haven for families and friends to enjoy experiences in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

The 28-acre ranch includes award-winning bourbon, craft beer, and gin production, an authentic Texas barbecue restaurant, an open-air bar, a merchandise shop and bar, an 18-wheel truck turned stage for live music and a playground for kids – all surrounded by beautiful ancient live oak trees scattered around the property.

Since the property is massive, the layout is thoughtfully designed to have three different places to gather and drink. You can order a flight of whiskey or gin, handcrafted cocktails, and pitchers (yes, pitchers) of cocktails and beers.

As I said, Treaty Oak Distilling is a place to gather. So grab a pitcher of your favorite cocktail or craft beer and enjoy it among your family and friends.

Come as hungry as you are thirsty at Treaty Oak Distilling because they have mouth-watering authentic Texas barbecue at Alice’s Restaurant. The extensive menu includes loaded BBQ nachos, BBQ tacos, BBQ sandwiches, smoked meats, smoked enchiladas, killer sides, and unique desserts. There is also an excellent kid’s menu.

A treehouse slide and wooden playground under the shade of live oak trees at Treaty Oak Distillery - one of the best kid-friendly distilleries in Dripping Springs.

Speaking of kids, Treaty Oak Distilling is one of the best kid-friendly distilleries in Dripping Springs. Alice’s Restaurant is family-friendly, and there is plenty of space for kids to run around. More specifically, a designated play area for kids has a treehouse slide, a small wooden playground, and a soccer net.

If you love what you drink and eat at Treaty Oak Distilling, you can book experiences and classes to learn more about the distillery and bring their craft to your home. You can book a production tour, single barrel select class, cocktail class, or brisket class.

Bonus: Kid-Friendly Coffee and Cocktails in Dripping Springs

FairLane Cocktails and Coffee

A cold latte drink with a wooden playground in the background located at FairLane Coffee and Cocktails in Dripping Springs.

FairLane Cocktails and Coffee is a cute spot for locals, visitors, and families in Dripping Springs. It has a little bit of everything – handcrafted cocktails, unique coffee drinks, local beer, a selective wine list, tasty cuisine from food trucks, and a fantastic playground.

The cocktail and coffee venue is welcoming and warming, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that bring in natural light, decorative art portraits, and an exquisitely stunning bar. Outside are several aqua-blue picnic tables, a covered patio, and a large grassy area with a playground for kids.

You will love FairLane Cocktails and Coffee if you enjoy more out-of-the-box drinks. The drink menu has exceptional cocktails and creative lattes.

For example, the signature Briarpatch has aged rum, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, cherry preserves, cinnamon, lemon, and rosemary. On the coffee side, they have a rosemary sea salt latte, a sage vanilla latte, and a sweet cherry bomb latte.

Can’t decide between a caffeinated or alcoholic drink? Do not worry. You can order their famous frozen spiked coffee drink or ask for a spiked latte!

So, which kid-friendly brewery and distillery in Dripping Springs are you looking forward to visiting? I know it’s hard to choose. Best you go to all of them!