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The Hotel Flamingo – Gatteo a Mare, Italy

The Hotel Flamingo in Gatteo a Mare, is a quirky and charming, three star beach front hotel. Gatteo a Mare is the perfect beach getaway in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. Hotel Flamingo is a fantastic family-friendly hotel (we would know, my family of fourteen all stayed here), as well as, pet friendly, a couple’s romantic getaway, and a popular stay for cyclists.



As soon as we entered the door with our luggage we were greeted with smiles and open arms. Yes, we are in Italy where everyone is family, but in our case, the owners really were like family. My stepdad’s parents grew up in Gatteo a Mare and his remaining aunts and uncles still live there – hence our visit to this Italian beach destination. After we checked in, we learned that my stepdad’s mother delivered the hotel owner’s son. It was her last baby that she delivered before she moved to the United States. Talk about coincidence!

Regardless of the family connection, the service and care from the entire staff at Hotel Flamingo was outstanding. They helped us with our luggage all the way to our room and made sure we were well acquainted with our room before they let us settle in. They welcomed us with our choice of beverage from their extensive drink menu at the lobby bar. They gifted us with a Hotel Flamingo beach bags that we still have and use to this day and much more! The hotel staff were delighted to have us stay just as much as we were delighted to be there.


Room and Amenities

The exterior of the hotel had vibrant pink and green colors with a tall tower and rounded balconies on the left, right and back sides. At night the Hotel Flamingo would shine bright and no matter how dark it was during the evening, we could always see our hotel, like it was on the Las Vegas Strip.

Hotel Flamingo has several wonderful amenities:

  • Heated pool
  • Whirlpool
  • A tennis court (also turned into a soccer “football” or basketball court)
  • Gym
  • Babysitting service on request
  • Parking garage
  • “A Casa Mia” Restaurant
  • Lobby bar
  • And of course, direct beach access

One of the great features of Hotel Flamingo’s rooms are that they all have a view of the beach! Yes, every single one of them! We had a room on the side and still had a wonderful view of the beach. There are four different room categories: Classic Room, Prestige Room, Classic Single Room and Comfort Single Room.

With each room category, guests have the option for a bead and breakfast, half-board (breakfast and dinner) or full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). We really encourage guests to do at least the half board, as you will save money and the food at their restaurant is amazing! In addition to the different room categories and board options, guests have three different “stay” options: Easy, Silver and Gold Stay. If guests do not want a stay upgrade they are automatically given the Easy Stay.

  • Easy Stay: Welcome drink.
  • Silver Stay: Welcome drink, Garage, Minibar, Beach-bag Flamingo (gift), use of Beach-towels, Slippers (gift) and use of bathrobe.
  • Gold Stay:  Everything in the Silver Stay package, in addition to, a bottle of sparkling wine and a fruit basket upon arrival, Flamingo Pochette (gift), Beach-towels (gift), Kit-Women with rich courtesy line, a personal daily newspaper, beach service 1 umbrella and 2 sunbeds at Bagno Paradiso and a Tribute Gourmet on departure.

We stayed in a Comfort Room and it was more than comfortable. The room was very spacious with a large double bed, a tiled bathroom with a nice shower and plenty of closet and drawer space for our clothes. Did we mention our balcony with a view of the beach? We know we did, but we wanted to mention it again because even on our cloudy day we could never get enough of the view.


A Casa Mia

Hotel Flamingo’s house restaurant, “A Casa Mia” offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Depending on what board you booked, some meals could be included in your stay, which again we highly recommend. A Casa Mia offers great dining selections for everyone – children, adults, vegetarians, vegans and celiacs. They pride themselves on serving celiacs delicious meals as they have become a part of the AIC circuit. Food is prepared fresh everyday with local ingredients and a lot of care and Italian love. And what is an Italian meal without wine? A Casa Mia has an incredible wine sommelier to help guests pair their meal to the wine of their choice.

Breakfast was served buffet style every morning with everything from bombolonis, croissants, cereal, fruit, omelets, cold meats, cheese, yogurt and more. Every pastry item is baked fresh in house and were delicious! My family alone took care of the bomboloni at the buffet that Hotel Flamingo started to just send plates of bomboloni to our table! What can we say? We are Italian and love our Italian donuts!

We enjoyed lunch on our third day and it was divine! Out of the fourteen of us, we all had different plates from their set menu – couscous with roasted tomatoes, rotelle (wagon wheel pasta) with a meat bolognese and the table favorite, spaghetti alla carbonara.

My little cousin, who was 7 years old at the time, was one of many who ordered the spaghetti all carbonara. If you have visited Italy before, you will be familiar with the knowledge that the Italians do not break their pasta when they cook it, therefore the pasta has never-ending strands. Needless to say, the pasta was so long my cousin started to cut it when the owner spotted him and gave him the Italian look for, “what are you doing to the precious pasta?!?!?” The owner very kindly and happily showed my cousin the proper way to enjoy pasta. He would be proud to know that my cousin never cut or missed a strand from there on out.  In fact, I think he even got seconds he loved the spaghetti alla carbonara so much!


The Flamingo Bike

As we mentioned, Hotel Flamingo is quirky and cute, why? Because they have a complimentary pink flamingo bike that guests can use at their disposal! We were more than in love with this bike. We used it every chance we could get – thank goodness we were there during a low season because we never wanted to share it. The Flamingo bike can fit four adults and two children, two adults in the front, two adults in the back and two children in the very front. The children have their own steering wheels as do the adults in the front, though only one wheel does the real steering. The bike has four pedals, two on both sides that work simultaneously. Some people, I won’t mention names (Adam and Shelby), would pedal faster than Uncle Fred and I could handle, so it is important to work as a team. The best part of the bike…the horn! Yes, it had a horn and my little cousin would honk the horn every chance he got. It goes without saying, the bike is a big hit for both children and adults.



Pricing varies based on the time of year, room category and “stay” option. It is a very reasonable priced hotel for the excellent service, amenities and food it provides the guests.
For example, one night at a Comfort Room for 1-2 people during peak season:

  • Easy Stay can range from € 121 to € 135 ($151 to $251)
  • Silver Stay can range from € 140 to € 165 ($185 to $295)
  • Gold Stay can range from € 150 to € 210 ($235 to $392)



I think we can speak for my entire family when we say that we would stay at Hotel Flamingo again in a heart beat! We loved the amenities, rooms, service, food and most of all, the bike! It is the perfect hotel for a beach getaway in Gatteo a Mare. Thank you for your amazing hospitality Hotel Flamingo!

Hotel Flamingo
Viale Giulio Cesare, 31, 47043 Gatteo A Mare FC, Italy
+39 054787171
[email protected]






  • Kallsy

    This hotel is AMAZING! I can even bring my dog? I was also floored when you said that every room has a view of the beach. That’s unheard of nowadays unless you pay an astronomical price and visit the Maldives (or similar). The flamingo bike is so cute and a nice added touch. I also think the food looked scrumptious. Overall you’ve definitely sold me on The Hotel Flamingo and I’ll definitely be looking into it on a trip to Italy.

    • oursweetadventures

      Aww thank you for your lovely comment. We had an amazing time here because of its amazing features and great hospitality. Gatteo a Mare is a great little hidden gem in Italy and a perfect beach getaway. Definitely stay at the Hotel Flamingo 🙂

  • Erika @LatinAtlas

    That bike is so precious! How wonderful to have activities that both the kids and adults get a thrill out of. Great post. 🙂

    • oursweetadventures

      The adults may have had more fun on the bike than my little cousin haha.

  • CJ Haughey

    I can imagine the horrified look of the waiter on seeing the precious pasta being butchered, and yet, I think I would simply stare back and cut it to bits. That food is damn good to waste time learning how to transport it to my mouth!

    • oursweetadventures

      Haha its not too hard and it actually makes it easier to eat once you get the hang of it, but sometimes I understand when you are hungry, you are hungry and do not care how it gets in your mouth! 🙂

  • Baia

    The place looks very cute and lovely. And I LOVE the name

  • When I saw the title, I immediately thought of the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas. I would say this one is definitely more flamingo themed. Even the shower is pink and tennis courts are pink!

    • oursweetadventures

      Since we lived in Las Vegas for two years, we were excited to stay here because it reminded us of Vegas. You are right though, this Flamingo Hotel is a lot more flamingo themed than the Vegas one. It is just missing those slot machines and table games. 😉

  • Leigh

    Haha love this hotel! It’s so quirky!

  • Wendy

    Nice to read the hotel owner learned your nephew to eat spaghetti in the proper way! It looks like a great place to stay.

    • oursweetadventures

      Yes, and my cousins still remembers that moment! 🙂

  • Lydia Smith

    I have found a perfect excuse of visiting Italy again: Hotel Flamingo

  • Laura Barton

    I want to relax on that Flamingo Float so bad 😉 haha I love the name of the hotel too and the fact that there is direct access to the beach. You couldn’t ask for anything more. Great post

    • oursweetadventures

      Thank you. It really was the perfect location and came with so many wonderful amenities and great hospitality.

  • Carmen Baguio

    What fun looking accommodations! The meals looks relish! I think I would stay if for the flamingo bike alone!

    • oursweetadventures

      We almost took that Flamingo bike to Bologna, Italy!

  • Claire Summers

    This looks like a lovely place to stay. What luck you had a family connection that took you there. It’s amazing that all of the rooms have a beach view. That hardly ever happens! This place looks like a real fine. Added to my Italy list!

    • oursweetadventures

      That is great to hear! Yes, some things happen for a reason and out of all the hotels in the city we were glad to have picked Hotel Flamingo.

  • It is nice that even if you don’t go out on a tour, you would still enjoy the amenities and views from the hotel you’re staying in. What a great family experience for you in Hotel Flamingo plus it didn’t cost you too much.

    • oursweetadventures

      It was really budget friendly for everything Hotel Flamingo offered! We have absolutely no complaints, only great memories!

  • The hotel looks chic and neat! Are there any actual flamingoes in the hotel? I like those installations and artworks! That huge floating flamingo in the pool is cool! Food looks really yummm.. Good to know there’s a decent variety for vegetarians too!

    • oursweetadventures

      There were no real flamingos, but it felt like there were with the float and bike 🙂 They really do cater to everyone, which is a very nice touch for a small, local hotel.

  • Jen

    Amazing hotel! Would love to stay here on my next visit. Thanks for this detailed post

    • oursweetadventures

      Glad you enjoyed it. We hope you get the opportunity to stay here one day!

  • Rhiannon

    This looks like such a friendly and welcoming place to stay! Such a coincidence about your stepdad’s mother delivering the owner’s son too – the world is a lot smaller than we think!
    I had to be taught the correct way to eat pasta while living in Italy – it took me a while to learn, and I was 21! So points to your little cousin for getting to grips with it so quickly!

    • oursweetadventures

      Aww, thank you for your lovely comment. It was definitely a great experience staying here with the features, hospitality and family connection. Eating Italian cuisine properly is no laughing matter, it can be hard! 🙂

  • Anita

    It looks like a great place to stay! I especially like that all rooms have a view of the beach. I love Italy and it’s something to remember for my future travels. Thanks for sharing!

    • oursweetadventures

      We are glad you enjoyed it! You always have great hotel reviews, we think you would really like it here!

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