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JORD Hyde – a Timeless Watch for Travel + Giveaway

JORD Hyde – a Timeless Watch for Travel + Giveaway

We love to travel no doubt about that, but we also like to travel in style. So we were ecstatic when we discovered timeless wood watches from JORD. JORD watches are perfect for both women and men. Each minimalist wood watch is unique and can be the final touch to your everyday style. Whether you are going to work, a date, or a new destination, JORD watch is your new timeless piece.

Full disclaimer –  We received a complimentary JORD watch to review and to participate in this giveaway. As always, our opinions are our own. We want to thank JORD for their generosity and for everyone following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.”  

About JORD Watches

JORD (pronounced YODE) translates to “Earth” in Norwegian. Call us biased, but one reason we love JORD watches is that they are founded and made in St. Louis, Missouri – Adam’s hometown. Moreover, every JORD wooden watch is inspired by nature and made with all-natural wood and the finest materials for the movements and glass. The natural wood comes from all around the world, including Europe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Congo, Argentina, Brazil, Hawaii, Northeastern North America, South Asia, Solomon Islands, and more. JORD even has stunning Apple Watch bands made out of natural wood! So whether you enjoy a classic watch or an Apple watch band, JORD has the perfect timepiece for you.

Another great feature of JORD watches is their personal and customizable touch. You can engrave your JORD watch on most of their series collection with your own handwriting or imagery. The creativity to customize your watch is almost endless. Furthermore, when you receive your timeless wood watch, the date of when it was crafted is engraved – so you truly know your JORD is unique. The JORD watch bands are also custom sized to fit.

A man's arm in the center of the photo representing a wooden watch from JORD with a stream of water in the background.

JORD Hyde Watch

The JORD Hyde watch is one of the men’s minimalist wooden watches with a starburst multi-dial and date. It is made up of not just one but two different woods – dark sandalwood from Mozambique and olive wood from Europe. The combination of the simple face and light and dark woods is sleek and sexy.

How to Style a JORD Hyde Watch

Since the outside of the wooden watch is dark sandalwood and the inside is a light olive wood, Adam can style his JORD Hyde watch with almost anything! His favorite outfit to wear with his JORD Hyde watch is a navy blue suit for work or romantic dates. When Adam is not feeling like dressing up, he can also style his JORD Hyde watch with casual outfits to run errands or even hiking outdoors. The JORD Hyde watch compliments both his professional and casual everyday look – especially when he is eating the best donuts in Dallas. So no matter when or where Adam wears his JORD Hyde watch, it keeps his time and fashion up to speed!

Traveling with JORD Watch

Of course, we travel and we travel often. So when we travel, we need to keep track of time to catch our flight or train. Of course, the JORD watches do just that but in style! Whether we are hiking Machu Picchu, relaxing on Seven Mile Beach, or taking day trips from Washington D.C. – traveling with JORD watches fits all of our travel needs.

The JORD Watch Giveaway!

Now that you know JORD watches are amazing, how about getting one for yourself?! I am participating in a JORD watch giveaway! Whether you want a JORD watch for yourself, family member, friend or loved one – this is a great opportunity!

All you have to do is go to this GIVEAWAY LINK, enter the giveaway, and cross your fingers you are chosen as the WINNER! The winner receives $100 off any men’s or women’s JORD watch in the collection. Once you win, you will be emailed in a month after the giveaway is concluded. The best part of this giveaway, everyone walks away with a 10% off gift code for participating.

A JORD Hyde wooden watch laying at an angle on the corner of a gray square cloth resting on a wooden log.

Trust me, you are going to want one of these beautiful wooden watches from JORD.

Wooden Wrist Watch
A wooden watch laying on a blue cloth with text overlay "Best Watch for Travel JORD Watch"