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12 Inspiring Travel Couples To Follow on Instagram

It is said that people plan their vacations based off of what they see on Instagram. We can definitely attest to that statement! Our bucket list grows every day when we see inspiring photos on Instagram. As a travel couple, we are inspired by fellow travel couples on Instagram. We love to be able to see how other couples share their love for each other and traveling. In a way, they are our peers – they inspire us.

In light of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share our top 12 inspiring travel couples on Instagram that you should follow too! Why 12? Because of the 12th man of course – WHOOP! Some of the couples have a large following of over 10,000, while others are growing their following rapidly – gaining followers is not an easy task. Regardless, they are the epitome of relationship goals whether they work full-time or are nomads. They travel the world and share every epic experience while growing more in love with one another.

Trust us, after reading this post, you are going to fall in love with all of them and pack your bags for a luxurious getaway.





About: Roxy and Jared are a married couple of two years from Dallas, Texas. Traveling the world has made them stronger individually and as a married couple.

Why We Love Them:¬†They look like models when they travel. We wish we had their wardrobe because their outfits are glamorous. They inspire us so much because they work full-time while continuing to travel the world before babies enter the picture – something we can definitely relate to. Being from Christina’s hometown also made us feel an instant connection when we started following them.

Why You Should Follow Them: They will inspire those who work full-time to take advantage of any and all vacation. On their trips, they enjoy learning about different cultures, but love learning more about each other. They are both turning 30 this year, so they will be taking two big trips to South Africa and Oktoberfest in Munich. Follow them now to catch their amazing experiences they cannot wait to share!

Followers: 1,673






About: Sam & Scott, a luxury and adventure travel couple based an hour outside of New York City. They are both numbers people, so traveling and their Instagram account is a way of inspiring their creative minds.

Why We Love Them: They share our love of exciting adventures and luxury travel. They are also self-taught photographers, which is incredible and inspiring because their photos are amazing. Every photo always has a story making you feel as if you are a part of their journey. Their photos not only inspire us to travel more, but to also share more about the story behind the picture.

Why You Should Follow Them: Drone photography is definitely the trend right now and they love telling their story through their photos. They also love experiencing other cultures and learning about other ways of life that are different from their own, but just as fulfilling. Places they have recently traveled to are Morocco, Fogo Island and Martinique Рtheir photos from those destinations are breathtaking!

Followers: 14.1k
Website: (coming soon)






About: Kallsy and Logan are a married travel blogging power couple living in St. Louis. Logan is almost finished as a medical student and Kallsy is a teacher.

Why We Love Them: If you have been following us for awhile, you will know we feature Kallsy and Logan as often as possible because they are an amazing and inspiring couple to us. In fact, we were so inspired by them, we became close friends and have connected in St. Louis and will meet again in Ireland next month! They are truly the nicest people we have ever met and always willing to help others achieve their goals.

Why You Should Follow Them: As a medical student and teacher, they encourage their followers to travel more and maximize vacation days! Any chance they get, they are exploring destinations across the globe. Whether it be hiking local spots with their dog Bentley, backpacking through other countries, or crashing a movie premiere in Tokyo (it happened) – you will always find Kallsy and Logan in search of a new experience. As mentioned, they will be traveling to Ireland next month and then Japan all summer.

Followers: 15.5k






About: Cameron and Natasha¬†met in college and after graduation, they went off for a backpacking trip around the world. After returning to the ‚Äúreal world‚ÄĚ with jobs in New York City, they quickly realized the rat race wasn‚Äôt for them and went back to traveling the world.

Why We Love Them: Their photos looks like they come out of Travel + Leisure. When we first came across Cameron and Natasha, they were driving through Africa and their adventures made us even more excited for our trip to Africa. So far they have traveled to more than 40 countries – they are truly leaving their mark in the world and we love following their journey.

Why You Should Follow Them: They have been inspiring people for years as a travel couple on Instagram. If you love traveling, animals and adventures in the great outdoors, you will love following Cameron and Natasha because they have it all and more. Every photo they capture will make you want to pack your bags and meet them at their next adventure. They are currently posting about their amazing experiences in Switzerland, so their gallery is full of snow right now!

Followers: 68k




About: Jace and Steph are a travel couple that is on the fast track of love. After only two dates, Steph invited Jace to a wedding in Mexico and now a year later they have traveled their way through Asia and building a home together in Bali. That is true love!

Why We Love Them: Not only does their romantic love story inspire us, but their Instagram gallery does too. They make us want to drop everything, grab our swim suits and set off for the beautiful waters in Asia. They also inspire us to get more beach bod ready – they are seriously one good looking, fit couple!

Why You Should Follow Them: They are a new, trending travel couple on Instagram. Their captions always start with a simple love quote that will make your heart melt. Their photos truly show their fun charisma and love for each other. They are also very active on their Instagram story, so as followers we get an inside look into their new life in Asia and the building developments on their house.

Followers: 12.1k



About: Mark and Chloe are a travel couple from England. They have been together for three years and enjoy the relaxing, luxurious travel lifestyle.

Why We Love Them:¬†We love following Mark and Chloe on their luxurious travels as they enjoy to stay away from the touristy areas and to explore the more undiscovered destinations. As foodies and luxury travelers ourselves, we are inspired by Mark and Chloe’s foodie discoveries and suite hotels (pun intended).

Why You Should Follow Them: Once inspired by Instagram destinations at home, they now inspire others to travel on their own Instagram account. If you are looking for the next luxurious destination, you will enjoy following their travels because their gallery is full of amazing hotels and destinations to stay at. They also frequently show what drink they have in hand, so we advise to view their gallery with your favorite beverage.

Followers: 2,245




About: Franck and Richard are a French duo that have been in love and traveling for more than 20 years – that is amazing! Their love of traveling and blogging became their full-time profession in 2015 after years of success and the opportunity has taken them to many great destinations.

Why We Love Them: Thank goodness for Instagram’s “see translatation” because though we love Franck and Richard’s Instagram gallery, most of their captions are in French! We love these guys because their gallery is so diverse with pictures of delicious food, outdoor adventures and lots of waterfalls. Their success of turning their passion of travel into a career is also extremely inspiring to us and others around the world.

Why You Should Follow Them: They love wild landscapes, but also urban vibes and all kinds of activities. Their adventures are useful for anyone who enjoys to travel, hike, luxury hotels and more. Though they have an incredible following on Instagram, their blog and Youtube account are also great to follow. Their gallery is full of life, whether it be a still nature photo or a picture of them sharing their passion with the world. If they are looking at the camera, they always have a genuine smile on their face.

Followers: 13.5k




About: Amrita and Rich are both teachers in Canada who recently added a new family member into their lives last year.

Why We Love Them: They show us that having a baby does not stop your traveling, but gives you the opportunity to show your children the world too. They are truly an inspiration to us, as they have already traveled to Ireland, Portugal and Turks and Caicos as a family.

Why You Should Follow Them: Whether you have a family or not, Amrita and Rich show you how to enjoy every vacation or day off by exploring a new destination, food and culture. You never know what destination they will feature next. They enjoy sharing photos from the present and previous travels at any moment, keeping their audience on their toes and engaged. They also have a Sunday Shoutout and feature other Instagram accounts – you could be next!

Followers: 9,842




About: Rita and Sebastian are a free spirited, travel couple from Germany and Portugal who met at their respected university in Spain. They bought a one way ticket to Thailand last year and have been traveling around the world ever since.

Why We Love Them: We love how charismatic Rita and Sebastian are. Their photos make us feel like we have known them all of our lives. Their gallery is not just a bunch of photos from their travels, but they truly tell a story. They really inspire us to work on our couple picture game because all of their photos together are fun and full of love.

Why You Should Follow Them: Their gallery looks like it came out of a couples magazine. Looking at their photos, you would think they travel with big pockets, but they actually travel light and on a budget. Their photos are full of love and will inspire anyone to not only travel, but to love your partner with all your heart. They just finished traveling throughout Asia and are now exploring Australia. Their Instagram gallery is already amazing, so we know that their photos of Australia are going to blow everyone away!

Followers: 3,921




About: Victoria and Terrence met at a photoshoot in 2014 and took their first trip together in 2015. Since then they have been traveling the world together.

Why We Love Them: To say their photography style is unique would be an understatement. We love how they combine their strengths, Terrence the photographer and Victoria the model, to create an inspiring travel-photography power couple. When you look at their gallery, you feel as if you stepped into their fantasy world.

Why You Should Follow: They have been featured on large platforms such as, Conde Nast, Lonely Planet, Daily Mail and more. Their Instagram presets and photography style is one to be reckoned with and can inspire any photographer to take their photography to the next level.

Followers: 24.1k



About: Carla and Guil are a travel couple from Miami, Florida. In August 2017, they quit their jobs to travel the world for six months.

Why We Love Them: They did exactly what we did two summers ago, but longer and better! They inspire people to take a sabbatical from their full-time jobs and to enjoy traveling the world. Their photos have a soft filter while showcasing their creative photography and fun experiences.

Why You Should Follow Them: They have a natural eye for photography, whether it is of the natural landscape, architectural buildings or showing their love for one another. They are currently finishing their backpacking in South America and have plans to island hop in Southeast Asia. In the meantime, their gallery is full of inspiration for those wanting to travel to Europe and South America.

Followers: 5,827




About: Matilde and Miguel are a Portuguese travel couple exploring the world together before they settle down.

Why We Love Them: They know how to take epic candid photos together. Seriously, their photography skills of capturing photos of their love for one another is on point! We know that traveling is not always easy, but they sure make it look flawless.

Why You Should Follow Them: For those wanting to explore the world before settling down, Matilde and Miguel are your inspiration! They are currently traveling around Asia and have several amazing photos showcasing beautiful temples, beaches and the people they meet.

Followers: 4,305



We hope you have been inspired to start following one of these amazing travel couples on Instagram. Of course, we would love for you to follow us on our adventures too! If you already follow us, THANK YOU! We are still posting our adventures from Africa and will be sharing our future destinations of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Cusco, Macchu Picchu and more on our Instagram story. We hope you will follow us on our upcoming sweet adventures!



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