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How to Have a Girls Weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas

Ladies, we all have that core group of girl friends who we forget to text or call to catch up every month, but once you are together it is like you just saw everyone yesterday. Am I right? My best girl friends and I have been close since our freshman year at Texas A&M University. We were roommates, classmates and soccer teammates throughout college. Those four years locked in a lifetime of friendship. Since college, four of us have gotten married, which means for the last three and a half years we have been able to get together for engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and of course weddings. However, from January 2016 to April 2017 was a major gap of not seeing each other and we had to fix that fast. So, we decided what better way to get together for a girls reunion than in Fredericksburg, the wine country of Texas!

Road Trip

I flew into Houston, Texas, where three of the girls lived. Therefore, we were able to all drive together to Fredericksburg – about a four hour drive. The first thing to know about road trips in Texas is the famous gas stop, Buc-ee’s! If you have not heard of it, well now you have. Buc-ee’s is not only a gas station, but it is also a large convenient store known for its iconic mascot, Buc-ee the beaver!

Inside you will find a large selection of candy, beef jerky, homemade fudge, pastries, fresh sandwiches, bbq, Dippin’ Dots and my favorite, Beaver Nuggets. Not only are they my favorite, but these caramel, butter-glazed corn puff nuggets are also Buc-ee’s number one selling product.

In addition to their nuggets, beef jerky and gas, Buc-ee’s is also known for their clean bathrooms. In fact, it has been awarded “Best Restroom in America” by Cintas. Needless to say, we stopped here on the way to and from Fredericksburg – we recommend you stop the next time you are driving in Texas.

Rent a House for the Weekend

Between the six of us, we rented a three bedroom, two bath, house from Main Street Bed and Breakfast and this is definitely the way to go. The houses in Fredericksburg are cute and traditional. We thought the rooms and style reminded us of something we would find at our grandparents house. The house came fully furnished and felt like a hotel with plenty of towels and toiletry items available. We did not have to worry about forgetting anything because this house had it! It had a nice sized kitchen with cooking utensils, pots, pans, baking sheets, silverware, plates, bowls and of course a lot of wine glasses. Everything about this house was perfect. It was even walking distance to a nice grocery store, HEB, as well as Main Street. The cherry on top – it was also very budget friendly, we only had to pay $90 each for two nights, a total of $540.

Main Street Bed and Breakfast
337 E Main Street

Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
(830) 997-0153 or (888)-559-8555

Pizza and Breakfast Tacos

The first night we arrived into Fredericksburg we were all tired from traveling, so we went to a nice, casual pizza joint. Woerner Warehouse is a cute Italian restaurant located within the iconic Woerner Feed Storeplace. The dining room was in the corner surrounded by unique furniture pieces. They had a menu of Italian favorites for starters, soup and salad, but it was the pizza and calzones that caught our eye. We decided to do a table share and ordered a pizza, salad and calzone amongst the four of us that arrived before our other two friends. Everything was delicious! The calzone being the biggest hit of the table. I highly recommend this place.

Woerner Warehouse
305 S. Lincoln St.
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
(830) 997-2246

After dinner we went to HEB, a known South Texas grocery store, and grabbed at least half a dozen wine bottles, snacks, and breakfast taco fixings. Going to the grocery store to buy breakfast is the way to go for a girls weekend as it is easy, convenient and budget friendly. Plus we all know that it takes us awhile to get up and ready, so having breakfast at our house allowed us to take our time. It also took us back to the good times when I would make everyone breakfast tacos before our first morning class back in college. Only this time we were drinking mimosas!

Wine Hopping in Fredericksburg, Texas

The most popular attraction in Fredericksburg are the many wineries, which is what our girls trip was all about! Most of the wineries, vineyards and wine tasting rooms are all in close proximity, so you can wine op easily. We certainly did!

Barons Creek Vineyard

The first winery we visited was Barons Creek Vineyard. It caught our eye the most because of its beautiful building. They have white buildings with tiled rooftops that made us feel like we were in Napa Valley. It had an elegant and European style that we enjoyed and it did not disappoint us.

The seven glass tasting in their main tasting room was $18, but if you are nice, honest and hit it off with your bartender then sometimes you get an extra tasting. They had a great list of wines and our bartender was helpful in guiding us with our tasting. The ranking system was also easy with a simple smiley face for it tasted good and a frown if we did not like it. The wine tasting is a great starter to get an idea of which wine you enjoyed the most and if you enjoyed it a lot then you are able to buy a bottle to take home or enjoy on their patio.

Their patio was beautiful with a large field of grass, a water fountain, and a covered seating area. There were even villas for guests to stay at and a live band performing. For those wanting an elegant escape I would highly recommend Barons Creek Vineyards.

Barons Creek Vineyard
5963 Hwy 290 East
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
(830) 304-3000

Fiesta Winery

The second winery we visited was Fiesta. Fiesta, as the name suggests, was very fun and had a more casual atmosphere. The buildings were made of wood with an almost barn like feel with a great outdoor seating area. The winery was surrounded by trees that provided a sufficient amount of shade to the seating areas. There were Christmas lights strung across the seating area that I can only imagine is very beautiful at night. To top it off there was a live band performing that played a really great set.

Fiesta is known for the large variety of sweet wines, which was exactly what we were looking for. Since we shared the same taste for a sweet wine, we opted to buy a bottle to share, instead of doing another wine tasting. Fiesta had a main tasting room and a back room with a bar, where we could buy wine by the glass or bottle. We were able to try as many wines as we wanted (though it didn’t take many) to pick our favorite. We chose the wine, Skinny Dippin’, as it was not just the cutest label,  but also the best wine we tried. We also ordered a nice cheese and meat board and our generous bartender gave us a complimentary hummus board as well.

We sat at their beautiful patio as we wined and dined on that beautiful afternoon. Honestly it was the perfect afternoon. All of us were together catching up as we drank some delicious Skinny Dippin’ wine and ate snacks.

Fiesta Winery
6260 US Hwy East 290
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
(830) 997-4466

Dan Pfeiffer Art Gallery and Wine

After Fiesta we decided to head back into town, but we did not stop drinking – no way! We walked up and down Main Street till we found a wine tasting room we really liked. Dan Pfeiffer was an interesting art gallery and tasting room. They had several different wines from around the world to taste and buy if you find one you really liked. We all bought a glass of wine and sat outside their small patio and did the same thing as the other two wineries. We drank, we laughed and we talked.

Dan Pfeiffer Art Gallery and Wine

251 E Main St
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

(210) 882-6446

Texas Wine Cellars

We started to change things up a bit at our fourth stop, Texas Wine Cellars. We exchanged our wine glasses for beer glasses and amazing frozen peach-raspberry bellinis. They were seriously the best thing we had that entire day! Not only did they look good, but they also tasted sooooo good. It was the perfect drink for that warm, sunny day. Texas Wine Cellars was also a cute shop of Texas and alcohol knick knacks.

Texas Wine Cellars
217 1/2 E Main St
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Wine tips

We learned there were more wine tips to know than we realized. Here are a few to go by:

  • Start from light wines to dry red and then finish with sweet.
  • Tipping – If you are doing a wine tasting and buy a bottle it is said that you do not need to tip. If you do not buy a bottle it is not necessary to tip,  it if they did a good job it is respectful to tip.
  • Drink water between wine tasting. Bring a cooler and pack water bottles.
  • Make sure you eat or snack a little or you will not last long.
  • Stock up. Buy a lot of Texas wine at the grocery store to drink around the table late at night.

Dinner on Main Street

We decided to walk down Main Street with all of our drinks this time as Main Street is a very cute area. Main Street really makes you feel like you have been transported somewhere else completely with its brick roads and sidewalks. Along the street are several clothing boutiques, where you can find a lot of sparkle, cowboy hats and boots. Main Street has such a great vibe as almost every restaurant we walked by had live music performing. So you are bound to have a great dining experience at almost any restaurant on Main Street.

Fredericksburg was founded in 1846 by the Commissioner General of the “Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas”. Therefore, the city has a lot of German history and heritage, hence the name. With that being said, we opted for some good German beer and food to finish off our day of drinking and exploring. We had dinner at The Auslander, a German restaurant with several dining areas, including outdoor seating. Like most of the restaurants on Main Street, the outdoor patio and dining area had live entertainment from an amazing folk-blues female singer. With the live music, the large glasses of beer and the traditional schnitzel platters this was as close to being in Germany as it gets for Texas.

The Auslander
323 E. Main
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
(830) 997-7714

Hanging out

Every night we grabbed our bottles of wine as we played Catchphrase and Mexican Train dominoes.

Sitting around the table laughing and reminiscing about our college days and weddings was the perfect ending to our perfect weekend getaway. We just picked up right where we left off! We went around the table catching up on everyone’s careers, relationships and future plans – gosh we felt so grown up. I am sure that ladies reading this post can relate.

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Fredericksburg is definitely the perfect getaway for a girls weekend, bachelorette party, family reunion or even a couples retreat.  Just ask my friends and I!