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Driving a Ferrari in Italy – The Ultimate Ferrari Experience

Driving a Ferrari in Italy – The Ultimate Ferrari Experience

When you think of luxury Italian cars, three legendary names come to mind, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. Which one is the best? In a heartbeat, I say, Ferrari! What is there not to love about Ferrari cars? In my opinion, Ferraris are the sexiest car on the planet.

For some, owning a Ferrari is only a dream, a SWEET dream, but that is all – definitely just a dream for me. However, a dream we could make come true was driving a Ferrari in Italy! This was a huge bucket list item on my very long list and I am happy to say, we were able to make my dream of driving a Ferrari in Italy come true! Let’s be honest, what could be more thrilling during a trip to Italy than driving a Ferrari?

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A couple standing next to a red Ferrari 458 at a race track in Italy.

2 Ways of Driving a Ferrari in Italy

Do you feel the need, the need for speed?!? Visitors yearning to drive a Ferrari in Italy can achieve this in two different ways – test drive on the open road or burn rubber on a race track. You really cannot go wrong with either choice. At the end of your driving experience, we bet your heart will be pounding and your hands shaking – mine sure did.

Driving a Ferrari on the Open Road

The two most popular cities to drive a Ferrari on the open road in Italy are Maranello and Florence. The options are almost endless, you can drive a Ferrari for a duration of 2 miles (4km) to almost 14 miles (22km) or 10 minutes up to 2 hours! During your test drive, there will be an expert instructor guiding you through the rolling hills and winding roads of Italy. Hopefully watching out for police officers too, though we were told that the police typically let Ferraris go – that’s Italy for you! The longer your test drive, the longer your guided route will be. In some Ferrari models, you are also able to have an additional guest in the car (prices may occur).

Driving a Ferrari in Italy on the open road is for drivers wanting that luxury feel. Though you are driving in a sports car that can reach up to 208 mph, chances are you may not be reaching top speed because of the winding roads. However, you will be driving in Italy surrounded by beautiful landscapes. So I guarantee it will be the most blissful drive of your entire life.

Driving a Ferrari on a Race Track

For those wanting the most thrilling Ferrari experience, you need to drive on a race track. So pack your racing gloves because this motorsport experience is an adrenaline rush on steroids!

After a perfect day in Milan, we chose to fulfill my dream of driving a Ferrari in Italy at a race track just south of the city. So with that said, after enjoying a full day of sightseeing in Milan, driving a Ferrari at a nearby race track is the perfect way to finish a trip to Milan.

Driving a red Ferrari 458 in Italy on a race track near Milan.

Driving a Ferrari in Italy on one of their many beautiful race tracks are for thrill seekers and car racing lovers. Though you have the track to yourself, driving on a race track is a completely different feeling than the open road. The open road is calm, whereas the race track is exhilarating. When you driving on the race track, you are not only driving a Ferrari in Italy, but you are also learning how to drive like a professional. Furthermore, you get to accelerate on the straightaways and truly feel the speed.

My Ferrari Driving Experience in Italy

We booked my Ferrari driving experience with Racing in Italy at the Castelletto Circuit – Motodromo Autodromo. The experience includes a 30-minute briefing of the race course, 1 lap in the passenger seat with the instructor driving, 3 laps driving the Ferrari 458 yourself and a video of your experience. The expert instructors do an excellent job of teaching the drivers how to drive on a race track. I learned very quickly that it is not just about turning the wheel in the right direction, but strategically braking and turning properly at every corner.

A woman sitting inside a Ferrari 458 smiling.

My instructor, Oren, drove the first few turns slowly so that I could learn and see the proper driving techniques. Then he drove fast and it was a lot of fun being in the passenger seat. After our first lap, I got into the driver seat and my real fun began. The first lap was all about getting acquainted and the jitters out. During every turn, Oren would guide me with the driving lingo so that I was properly making my sharp turns. The second time around I had a real groove going and by the third lap I let loose and tore up the track – well at least I tried to.

The straightaway is the best part of the track because you floor it until you have to brake. I was able to easily break 100mph within seconds! Surprinsgly, making the turns while driving fast was just as fun as accelerating on the straightaway. Overall the Castelletto Circuit was a great course, it’s a 1.2mile (2km) race track with 16 turns and a single 450meter straightaway. My only wish is that the straightaway was longer because I wanted more SPEED!

This was without a doubt, the most exhilarating experience of my life. When I was driving on the race track and flooring it after my turns, the sound of the Ferrari’s engine sounded like music to my ears. The adrenaline rush from the speed of the Ferrari alone was also very addicting. I cannot recommend this experience of driving a Ferrari in Italy at a race track enough. I walked away feeling like a pro.

The Cherry on Top

Another dream of mine had always been to model with a Ferrari supercar. What can I say? I LOVE Ferraris! So in addition to the best driving experience, I was also able to have a photo shoot with my Ferrari 458. My modeling career started and ended that day. Racing in Italy does a phenomenal job creating a personal experience for their guests.

A woman smiling, sitting on top of a red Ferrari 458 with one leg crossed over the other and looking nice in high heels.

Their package rate for this driving experience is very reasonable and worth every penny. I left Racing in Italy with one of the biggest smiles of my life and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Bonus Lap –  Visiting the Ferrari Museums

If you are like me and cannot get enough of Ferraris, then we recommend visiting the Ferrari Museums. There are two – one in Maranello and one in Modena. The museums are very close to each other, only 25 minutes away by car. So it is easy to enjoy both museums to make the most out of your ultimate Ferrari experience in Italy. You can visit on a day trip from Bologna, Florence, Milan, or Venice. Furthermore, you can also combine your Ferrari experience with a special Modena food tour.

Enzo Ferrari Museum

The Enzo Ferrari Museum is located in Modena and focuses on Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari sports car marque. The museum is comprised of two buildings, one is the house and workshop that belonged to Enzo Ferrari’s father and a newly designed building next door. It is only fitting that this museum showcases Enzo’s life and his work of building the best sports car manufacture in the world.

A late 50s Ferrari car on display inside the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy.
Old 50s Ferrari  Flickr photo by Gord Webster shared under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 license

The house features an audio-visual show to tell the story of Enzo’s 90-year life. The workshop is a museum of Ferrari engines and the new building which boasts 65,000 ft has an extensive gallery displaying some of the most noteworthy Ferrari automobiles. Visitors can see some of Ferrari’s most rare cars from the 1950s, Formula One race cars, and today’s more recent sports cars.

Ferrari Museum

The Ferrari Museum is located in Maranello and focuses on the story and evolution of Ferrari automobiles. From the streets to the circuits this museum covers it all. Visitors can see the transition of Ferrari street cars by walking through the exhibit and viewing the beautiful models up close. From the hot red, to lightning yellow and cool blue – the museum showcases Ferrari cars in all of the luxury colors.

A red convertible Ferrari parked inside the Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy.

Another part of the museum showcases the Ferrari Formula One automobiles, the trophies won over the centuries, and photographs of some of the most notable Ferrari drivers.

Do you feel the need for speed yet? I always do and I hope you enjoyed my ultimate Ferrari experience in Italy! I cannot express enough how exhilarating and fun it is to drive a Ferrari in Italy. The bonus lap was being able to see over 30 Ferrari cars at the Ferrari Museum, which I also highly recommend.


Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

Ferrari, Maserati & Lamborghini are all Italian and it is necessary to go see how it all works. Good you didn't go to Germany to drive an Audi! 😃 Ferraris are dear to Italians and these amazing works of performance art fit into the countryside. You made for yourselves a special experience. Your family enjoys an exciting destiny and bringing up children who appreciate different cultures provides them something valuable on their life paths. Venice is worth the trip, but you can't bring your Ferrari because there are no cars as it is all built on near to 120 islands! The Venezia Ferrari is a gondola boat moving fast through the canals! As we grow spiritually, soon we transition from desire fulfillment motivations to following truth. The most beautiful rumbling engine, is the power of life from where the universe arises. This engine never stops, never misleads and never grows old. The wonders of life all come from the source of life. As we enjoy our explorations and adventures in sense experience, it is important to develop as beings who look inward to our own hearts and find even greater awe.

Moore Dye

Friday 1st of May 2020

I own #69907. I also go to Las Vegas every year to drive the latest models on a closed track. We are going to Italy soon. Driving the countryside there would be fun. Can you rent a Ferrari for more than a few hours? like days?


Friday 1st of May 2020

That is awesome! And yes, I have seen places where you can rent a Ferrari in Italy for a few hours. Very jealous you are going to get that amazing opportunity!


Sunday 15th of December 2019

Definitely worth the experience. Thanks for sharing!


Monday 23rd of December 2019

My pleasure! I hope you enjoy this experience too :)


Monday 4th of November 2019

Quick question: Did you have to rent a car to get down there? Do you know if there are similar tracks in other Italian cities? (Some of the tracks I've looked at are SUPER expensive!)


Tuesday 5th of November 2019

We did have a car to get us to the race track outside of Milan. If you drive in Tuscany, they typically pick you up in Florence. And you can train to Modena and drive the Ferrari on their race track (I believe). I hope that helps.

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