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Cafe No Se, Austin, TX

I visited Austin this weekend to celebrate one of my best friend’s bachelorette party. We went to Cafe No Se for lunch and found it delightfully cute. Shades of sea blue fill the restaurant with elegant wooden tables and walls that make the restaurant have a friendly feel – almost like going to a friends house. Cafe No Se is fairly new, (opened last September) in Austin and is located within the South Congress Hotel. The executive pastry chef of Cafe No Se is Amanda Rockman and she helms all pastry for South Congress Hotel including: in room dining, events and two of the restaurants – Cafe No Se and Central Standard. Amanda Rockman is no stranger to Texas or foodies. She is a native Texan, a James Beard Semi-Finalist for Outstanding Pastry Chef at Nico Osteria, and was a contestant on Top Chef Just Desserts Season Two. Chef Amanda’s twelve year tenure in Chicago gained her a fan base and from my knowledge I believe Austin, Texas is welcoming her with open arms. Guests can find simple, classic desserts with a little fun and sophistication.


Vanilla Blood Orange Paleta: 9/10
A paleta originated from Mexico and is simply an ice popsicle made with natural fruit and juice. As stated above, Chef Amanda takes simple desserts and turns them into something delectable for guests to enjoy, such as this dessert. This is not just a frozen ice popsicle it so much more. The paleta is served in a glass with fresh segments of blood oranges and minced thyme while the server pours bubbly prosecco table side. Watching the prosecco being poured into the glass and hearing it make the sound of a “celebration” gets everyone excited. The color of the vanilla blood orange paleta is beautiful and transcends into the prosecco. The paleta is citrusy and pleasantly sweet from the vanilla and blood oranges. The fresh minced thyme gives the dessert some earthiness by cutting the sweetness and bringing a more crisp, clean finish. The fun part is dipping the paleta into the prosecco giving every bite some fizziness and fruitiness. Overall this is the perfect way to end any brunch – it is a cool, refreshing dessert that leaves guests feeling good rather than too full.



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