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The Best Wineries in North Texas – Ultimate Guide to the North Texas Wine Country

The Best Wineries in North Texas – Ultimate Guide to the North Texas Wine Country

Calling all wine enthusiasts! Did you know that there are over 25 wineries in North Texas? I was surprised too. So I ventured out to find the very best wineries in North Texas and create this ultimate guide.

Typically, when people think of Texas wine, their minds immediately go to the Fredericksburg wineries. As much as I love Fredericksburg, I am here to tell you…Move over Fredericksburg because some of the best wineries in Texas are in the North Texas Wine Country.

My ultimate guide of the best wineries in North Texas in the North Texas Wine Country has everything you need to know. I include road trip itinerary ideas, what each winery is known for, my personal favorite wines, information about each winery, and more. So sit back with a glass of wine, and enjoy!

A couple holding their baby between them while kissing in a vineyard in North Texas.

I have made this guide user-friendly, here is how it works. Each winery is alphabetized and features a snippet of my favorite wines, dining options, tasting prices, and what the winery is known for. To read an informative guide on each winery, click “Read more”. Enjoy!

Full disclaimer –  We were invited and sponsored by The North Texas Wine Country to write this guide. As always, our opinions are non-biased and our own. I want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

About the North Texas Wine Country

Texas is quickly becoming one of the largest wine producers in the United States. In fact, there are over 500 wineries in Texas. Of those 500, some of the very best wineries in Texas are all within the North Texas Wine Country.

Moreover, the North Texas Wine Country is quickly becoming one of the largest winemaking and grape growing regions in Texas. The wineries are spread throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) metroplex to Denison, Gainesville, Saint Jo, Waxahachie, and other surrounding cities. So depending on where you live in the DFW metroplex, you can easily find one of the best wineries in North Texas within a 1-hour drive.

Each winery has something unique that makes them stand out from the rest. From a casual wine experience to a more formal tasing room, wine pairings with food, craft wine cocktails, wine slushies, and more. There are special qualities and features to every winery that will surely leave its mark on you. Who knows, maybe you will become a wine club member at one or all of them!

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Road Trip Itinerary Ideas for the Best Wineries in North Texas

Ideally, you can spend all day at just one winery, but if you are eager to do a little wine hopping, I have a few itineraries for you. The itineraries range from the perfect day trip to a weekend getaway.

Here are a few road trip itineraries from DFW to some of the best wineries in the North Texas Wine Country.

Day Trip to Celina

Take a day trip to Celina and visit up to three wineries in one day! You can enjoy a lovely afternoon outside at Caudalie Crest, a formal wine tasting experience at Eden Hill Winery & Vineyard, or a unique experience enjoying Italian and Californian wine at Carmela Winery.

It is possible to visit every winery in one day, but it would be slightly rushed. So I recommend picking two of the three wineries. Trust me, you will want to relax and enjoy every sip at these wineries in Celina.

Day Trip to Historic Downtown McKinney

Historic Downtown McKinney has two wonderful wineries on the square, Landon Winery, and Lone Star Wine Cellars. Enjoy a little shopping at the boutique shops, dine at some award-winning restaurants, and finish with wine tastings at the respected wineries for a quick romantic getaway in McKinney.

Day Trip to Van Alstyne and Whitewright

Take a relaxing and fun day trip on Sunday to Van Alstyne and Whitewright. I recommend Sunday because Cooley Bay has an amazing bottomless mimosa brunch with their sweet wines and “Cooleys”. After a delicious brunch, head to FarmResort Winery in Whitewright for a fun day on the lake with all-inclusive activities, pizza, and of course, wine.

Day Trip to Ennis During Bluebonnet Season

One of the best places to find bluebonnets in Texas is Ennis. In fact, Ennis is famously known for its Ennis bluebonnet trail. And what better way to end a day trip to Ennis than with some sweet wine tasting (pun intended). Ennis might be known for its bluebonnets, but Sugar Ridge Winery is known for its budget-friendly 15 wine tasting and abundant sweet wines.

A couple with a baby looking out into the valley with a wine tasting at one of the best wineries in North Texas, 4R ranch Vineyards & Winery.

Weekend Getaway to Denison and Saint Jo

For a fun wine weekend getaway, you can easily visit six wineries in several cities within two days. Drive to Denison and begin your wine journey at Hidden Hangar Winery & Vineyard. Enjoy a grand winery tour on-site followed by a lovely wine tasting. Then make your way into downtown Denison to enjoy another wine tasting at Homestead Winery.

After a wonderful afternoon in Denison, make your way to Fitzel Winery in Gordonville and spend the entire evening here. Rent one of their cozy cottages and watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine paired with a delicious dinner.

In the morning, drive to Muenster and Saint Jo to wine hop at the three local wineries – 4R Ranch Vineyards & Winery, Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard, and Arché Winery & Vineyard. Each winery offers something different than its neighbors. 4R Ranch Vineyards & Winery has breathtaking views of three valleys, Blue Ostrich Winery has several wine flights with an ostrich pen, and Arché Winery & Vineyard has some of the best Chardonnay in North Texas.

Weekend Getaway to Aubrey, Valley View, and Gainesville

For a short weekend getaway, visit Fortunata Winery for a fun evening on the patio with live music, wine jello shots, and wood-fired pizzas. Spend the night in one of their beautiful villas and wake up fresh to make your way to Valley View.

Firelight Vineyards is a hidden gem in Valley View and the perfect place to spend the afternoon. Enjoy a wine tasting with a fabulous lunch from their extensive menu. Or kick it up a notch and sip wine cocktails made with 48 proof Chardonnay.

In the evening, drive or take a train to Gainesville and finish your getaway watching the sunset behind the woods at Deschain Cellars. Enjoy a unique winery tour and special wine experience with single grape varietal wines from the award-winning winemaker.

Best Wineries in North Texas

Every winery offers something special to offer its guests. Whether it’s award-winning wines or a unique winery experience, you will not be disappointed when you visit these wineries in the North Texas Wine Country.

4R Ranch Vineyards & Winery

Location: Muenster

A wine tasting inside mini glass bottles in front of a beautiful valley at 4R Ranch Vineyards & Winery.

Known For: The best scenic views in North Texas, unique barrel tasting tour, mountain biking trails, and their award-winning dessert rosé wine.

My Favorite Wines: Viognier, Ranch Red, Nectar Nero (award-winning), and Blackberry & Red Wine.

Tasting Price: Four wines of your choice for $8. Additionally, there is also a winery tour and barrel tasting that you should not miss for $18.

Dining Options: The on-site Camo Cafe serves a variety of delicious food such as cowboy caviar and chips, Caprese salad, fish tacos, flatbread, and more.

Lodging: Several campsites, and a spacious guest house that accommodates up to 8 people.

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Arché Winery & Vineyard

Location: Saint Jo

A glass of red wine from Arche between vineyards.

Known For: One of few Texas wineries that grow Chardonnay, 100% Texas grapes, and a focus on French varieties.

My Favorite Wines: Chardonnay, True Friends, and Roussanne Dessert.

Tasting Price: Four wines of your choice from the tasting menu for $15. In addition, there is a vineyard and winery tour (60 minutes) which includes an educational wine tasting with the winemaker for $20 per person.

Dining Options: Light fare options of hummus and chips, Margherita flatbread, cheese & charcuterie board, chocolates, and a lemon bar.

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Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard

Location: Saint Jo

A glass of red wine from Blue Ostrich with an ostrich in the background.

Known For: Ostriches still on-site, family-owned and operated winery, an extensive winery tour, and a variety of wine tastings.

My Favorite Wines: Six Harts Cab (most popular and favorite wine), Poco Seco, 2 Muscateers, Rosato Moscato, and Orange Muscat.

Tasting Price: There are three different wine tastings to choose from – Blue Ostrich (all white), Red Ostrich (all red), and Black Ostrich (all sweet). Each wine tasting comes with four wines for $12. In addition, there is an extensive winery tour which includes a tasting in the barrel barn and cellar for $22 per person.

Dining Options: Light fare options such as a smoked salmon plate, hummus, mixed nuts, ostrich beef stick, chocolates, and more.

Lodging Options: A guesthouse with beautiful views of the Red River Valley – accommodates up to 8 people.

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Carmela Winery

Location: Celina

A bottle of Carmela Winery's popular Sangiovese in front of their winery.

Known For: Port wines, and a majority of imported wines from Italy, France, and California.

My Favorite Wines: Sangiovese and Nero D’Avola.

Tasting Price: Four wines of your choice or winemakers’ choice for $10 and four red wines for $12.

Dining Options: There are no dining options, but there are dinner events throughout the year that pairs wine with lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, and more.

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Cassaro Winery and Vineyard

Location: Ovilla

A glass of red wine on a wooden table from one of the best wineries in North Texas, Cassaro Winery and Vineyard.

Known For: Italian owned and operated winery, a very family-friendly atmosphere, 100% Texas grapes with traditional Italian winemaking, and Avante Rosé – a multiple, international award-winning wine.

My Favorite Wines: Ponte, Luce, Avante Rosé, Montepulciano, and Texano Superiore.

Tasting Price: Four 1 oz. wine samples of your choice for $7.

Dining Options: Light Italian fare including create-your-own wood-fired pizzas, cheese & charcuteries boards, garlic cheese bread, bruschetta dip, and more.

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Caudalie Crest Winery & Vineyard

Location: Celina

Decorative pumpkins, a plate of Sue's savory shortbread cookies, a glass of red wine, and a bottle of wine from Caudalie Crest Winery & Vineyard in Celina, Texas.

Known For: Small and loyal community, 100% family-run winery, no oak barrel wines, High Tea on the farm, and a private wine tasting + cheese pairings with the winemaker.

My Favorite Wines: Prairie Mist, Diablo Rojo, and Red Caress.

Tasting Price: A choice of 4 wines for $9.

Dining Options: Cheese and charcuterie boards, goat cheese (made in-house) with wine jelly, and must order: Sue’s homemade savory shortbreads.

Lodging Options: Overnight parking for RVs through Harvest Hosts.

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Cooley Bay Winery

Location: Van Alstyne

Two glasses of frozen "Cooley" from Cooley Bay in front of an ocean abstract painting.

Known For: “The Cooley”, sweet wines, fruit wines, and weekly events such as the Cooley brunch with bottomless mimosas, Ladies Night, Food Truck Friday, and craft days.

My Favorite Wines: Blackberry, Cherry (make sure you ask for a piece of chocolate with it), Mixed Berry Cooley, Peach Iced Wine Cooley, and Strawberry Iced Wine Cooley.

Tasting Price: Wine tasting of any 6 wines and “Cooleys” for $6 and a tasting of ALL wines and “Cooleys” for $12.

Dining Options: Cheese and sausage tray, hummus & pretzel chips, and flatbread pizza.

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Cork House Winery

Location: Waxahachie

A wine flight from Cork House in front of a Wine sign on a wooden fence.

Known For: High-quality wines with grapes from Texas and around the world, an adult-only winery (no children under 18 years of age), vast menu selection with a strong focus on sweet and red wine, and the family secret homemade pimento cheese.

My Favorite Wines: Twisted Sister, Desert Skies, Rowdy Texan, Sip of Sunshine, and Rio Grande.

Tasting Price: A choice of four wines for $10.

Dining Options: A variety of cheeses such as a traditional cheese & charcuterie board, homemade pimento cheese, hot & sweet jalapeños over cream cheese, goat cheese with honey, and more.

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Deschain Cellars

Location: Gainesville

Two glasses from Deschain Cellars with a velvet couch in the background.

Known For: The unique decommissioned shipping containers, recycled furniture and materials, and old-world style wines.

My Favorite Wines: Trebbiano “Barrier Block”, Grenache Rosé “Purtell”, Sangiovese “La Pradera VYD”, and Deschain “Unchained”.

Tasting Price: A mix n match flight of four wines of your choice for $10.

Dining Options: Light fare of gourmet pizzas, cheese board, trail mix, and the popular “chunk of cheese”.

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Eden Hill Winery & Vineyard

Location: Celina and Dallas Farmers Market

A glass of red wine in a vineyard from one of the best wineries in North Texas, Eden Hill Vineyard & Winery.

Known For: The formal tasting room, exclusive wine club membership, and award-winning wines.

My Favorite Wines: The signature wines – Divine Red, Divine White, and Garden Red (sweet).

Tasting Price: A formal wine tasting experience includes a selection of five wines for $15.

Dining Options: Delicious Napa plates with house-made dips, grilled to order hot dogs and hamburgers, and an array of cakes are available for purchase.

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FarmResort Winery

Location: Whitewright

Fresh radishes and turnips alongside two glasses of wine and a wine bottle from FarmResort Winery in front of a peaceful lake.

Known For: Being a one-stop destination with fun activities on the lake, medspa, organic farm, and more – all while enjoying delicious wine.

My Favorite Wines: Roses are Redlish, Malbec, Fruits of our Labor, and a “Farmosa”, (moscato with cranberry juice) their signature beverage.

Tasting Price: There is no wine tasting available – only bottle purchases are available, but you can still enjoy the wine on-site.

Dining Options: Cheese & charcuterie boards, pizzas, and seasonal items such as BBQ.

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Firelight Vineyards

Location: Valley View

A birds-eye view of a wine flight, plate of bruschetta, and a plate of Sicilian flatbread from Firelight Vineyards - one of the best wineries in North Texas.

Known For: Firelight 48, wine cocktails, gourmet cuisine, and year-round events.

My Favorite Wines: Pyro’s Peach, Dynamite White, Nightfall, Dynamite Red, and Lemon Blast wine cocktail.

Tasting Price: There are three different tastings – four wine tastings of your choice for $10, eight wine tastings of your choice for $20, and a 1/2 oz tasting of any dessert “port-style” for $5.

Dining Options: Gourmet cuisine featuring gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. (Keto-friendly options coming soon). The menu includes salads, appetizers, cheese boards, soup, signature flatbreads, desserts, and more. Must order: bruschetta and Sicilian flatbread.

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Fitzel Winery

Location: Gordonville

A glass of red wine in a stemless glass from Fitzel Winery with two chairs in the background with the Texas star.

Known For: Chef-driven cuisine, 100% Texas grapes, relaxing atmosphere, and paying it forward with donations to a variety of causes.

My Favorite Wines: The Star, Gramps, and Preston Blend

Tasting Price: A mix n match flight of four wines of your choice for $12.

Dining Options: Chef-driven cuisine of gourmet burgers, truffle fries, shrimp tacos, and more.

Lodging Options: Cute cottages on-site and overnight parking for RVs through Harvest Hosts.

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Fortunata Winery

Location: Aubrey

A glass of red wine and a wood-fired pizza from Fortunata Winery.

Known For:  Tuscany ambience, wood fired pizzas, and a fun outdoor patio.

My Favorite Wines: White Peach, Muscat Canalli, Red Blend (signature), Grenache, and Cabernet Franc.

Tasting Price: There are two wine tastings offered – 4 wines for $7 or 6 wines for $10. Guests can pick and choose which wines they would like to taste from the menu.

Dining Options: Delicious appetizers (must order the pull-apart bread), wood fired pizzas, and cheese & charcuterie boards.

Lodging: There are luxurious villas that accommodate 1 – 5 people and houses that accommodate up to 10 people. These villas and houses are perfect for a romantic getaway or hosting family and friends for a special event.

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Hidden Hangar Winery & Vineyard

Location: Denison

A model plane with bottles of wine on top of it from Hidden Hangar Winery & Vineyard in Denison, Texas.

Known For: Rieslings, being a unique property of a historical airport in the 1920s – 1950s, the largest winery in the Texoma American Viticultural Area (AVA), 100% Texas grapes produced on the estate’s vineyards, and a variety of different winery tours.

My Favorite Wines: Dry Riesling, Rosé, Barnstormer, Cabernet Franc, Sweet Riesling, and Riveter Rosie.

Tasting Price: Three wines of your choice for $6 and five wines of your choice for $10.

Dining Options: A rotating menu of daily specials made in house – options can include chili, soup, BBQ, tamales, and more.

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Homestead Winery

Locations: Denison and Ivanhoe

A bottle of Homestead Winery's award-winning wine, Rose of Ivanhoe, alongside a stemless glass of red wine.

Known For: Being the first brew-winery in Texas, oldest and largest winery in North East Texas, and 100% Texas grapes.

My Favorite Wines: Rose of Ivanhoe and Chocolate Rose

Tasting Price: Five tastings of your choice for $7, but if you buy a bottle the tasting is complimentary.

Dining Options: Connected to Devolli’s Italian restaurant.

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Landon Winery

Locations: Greenville (main production facility), Grapevine, McKinney, Dallas, and Wylie.

A bottle of Landon Winery's trademarked "The Texan" alongside a glass of red wine.

Known For: Being one of the largest wineries in Texas, the trademarked Texan wine, and single barrel-aged wines in spirit barrels.

My Favorite Wines: Chardonnay Reserve, Chardonnay Tequila Barreled Unfiltered, Texan, Red Rose, and Raspberry Chocolate Finale.

Tasting Price: Five wines of your choice or a guided tasting for $10.

Dining Options: Light fare of charcuterie boards, artisanal flatbreads, chocolates, and more.

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Lone Star Wine Cellars

Location: McKinney

A table full of a wine tastings, glasses of wine, bowl of chicken wings, and a plate of flatbread from one of the best wineries in North Texas, Lone Star Wine Cellars.

Known For: Being the “Cheers bar” in Downtown McKinney, finger-licking chicken wings, award-winning wines from “The Ranch Wines”, vast wine selection, and wine tasting options.

My Favorite Wines: Grey Ghost, Whitetail, Reserve Axis, and White Goose.

Tasting Price: There are five different tasting menus with four wines each varying between $10 – $12. There is an all-red tasting, all-white tasting, all-sweet tasting, and mixed tastings with both “The Ranch Wines” and outside wines.

Dining Options: There are delicious house-made appetizers, flatbread pizza, sliders, wings, and cheese & charcuterie boards for purchase. Must order: the family recipe Bordelaise Wings and Pesto-sciutto Flatbread.

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Lost Oak Winery

Location: Burleson

A glass of white wine from Lost Oak Winery in front of a wooden barrel.

Known For: 100% Texas grapes, Holiday red wine (family secret blend), one of few female-owned wineries in Texas, 2.25-mile hiking trail, and wine tours around the world!

My Favorite Wines: Texas Duet, Petit Syrah, Blanc Du Bois, Orange Muscat, Sweet Duet, and I hear the Holiday wine is the most popular (only releases once a year around Thanksgiving).

Tasting Price: Option of two different wine tastings – mixed dry or sweet. Both tastings include four wines for $10. In addition, there is also a winery tour that includes a guided tasting, and a premium tour with a wine and cheese pairing.

Dining Options: Cheeses, charcuterie, hummus, crackers, and local products of popcorn, chocolates, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

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Marker Cellars

Location: Alvord

A glass of red wine in front of several bottles of wine from Marker Cellars.

Known For: 100% Texas grapes, craft cider using a wine making approach, and local cigars.

My Favorite Wines: Viognier, Marker Mustcanelli, Syrah, and the most popular wine, Lightning Cabernet.

Tasting Price: A choice of five wines for $8.

Dining Options: Cheese & charcuterie, local pecans, hummus and chips, artichoke jalapeño dip, and sometimes food trucks on-site.

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OG Cellars

Location: Sunset

A glass of white wine from OG Cellars with a vast field of trees.

Known For: 100% Texas grapes, (sometimes) deer on premises, and concerts with cover bands.

My Favorite Wines: Albarino, Tempranillo Winemaker Select, Zinfandel, Negroamaro, and Heartbreaker.

Tasting Price: A choice of four wines for $10.

Dining Options: A variety of cheese, charcuterie, and Mediterranean plates.

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Sugar Ridge Winery

Location: Ennis

A hand holding a glass with Sugar Ridge Winery etched in with a vineyard in the backdrop.

Known For: Sweet wines, live music, along the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail, and a large and budget-friendly wine tasting experience.

My Favorite Wines: Papa’s Peach and Little Green Apple.

Tasting Price: Your choice of six wines for $6 or 15 wines for $15!!!

Dining Options: An Italian-inspired bistro with menu options such as bruschetta, Italian pot pie, create your own flatbread, and tiramisu.

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TF Vineyard & Winery

Location: Boyd

A glass of blush wine in vineyards at TF Vineyard & Winery.

Known For: Blended wines, Blanc du Bois and Lenoir vineyards and wines, and their signature wine, Blush.

My Favorite Wines: Blanc du Bois Off-Dry, Blush, and Lenoir Off-Dry.

Tasting Price: Choice of four wines for $8 and $13 with a souvenir glass.

Dining Options: Snack trays, cheese and charcuterie trays, homemade seasoned crackers.

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VineCrafters Winery

Location: Rockwall

Bottles of wine with beautiful graphics on the labels from VineCrafters Winery in Rockwall, Texas.

Known For: 100% Texas grapes, selling local produce (almost like a mini farmers market), fresh goat cheese from goats on-site, and pairing produce grown in gardens with the goat cheese boards.

My Favorite Wines: Blanc du Bois, Black Spanish, and Cabernet Blend (Texas Jack).

Tasting Price: 

Dining Options: Goat cheese boards with fresh produce.

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Saturday 7th of November 2020

Really well done you have me on the edge of my chair wanting to get out and follow your lead from winery to winery!


Sunday 15th of November 2020

Aww thank you so much! I greatly appreciate your kind words. I hope you are able to visit these wineries soon.