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10 Fun and FREE Things to Do in Oklahoma City with Toddlers

10 Fun and FREE Things to Do in Oklahoma City with Toddlers

Let’s face it. The toddler stage is hard! And finding things to do in a city with a toddler can be ever harder. Luckily, there are many fun things to do in Oklahoma City with toddlers.

Oklahoma City is, hands down, one of the best family destinations in the United States. The Modern Frontier city has focused on creating an innovative and fun environment for toddlers.

Our toddler had the best time during our three days in Oklahoma City. He fed giraffes, soaked at three splash areas, learned about science, climbed a restored firetruck, and more!

So if you are a large family looking for things to do with kids of all ages or a family with only a toddler, Oklahoma City has several attractions for the entire family. Yes, that includes adults too because we also had the best time!

A mother and father shining their son at a splash pad at Scissortail Park in Oklahoma City.

Full disclaimer –  I was invited by Visit OKC to feature the city. As always, my opinions are non-biased and my own. I want to thank everyone for following and supporting us on all of “Our Sweet Adventures.” 

FREE Things to Do in Oklahoma City with Toddlers

I love how Oklahoma City has provided its community and visitors free attractions. The city has paved the way for being the standard of a family-friendly destination.

From state-of-the-art playgrounds and splash areas to an art mural and contemporary art galleries. Here are four FREE things to do in Oklahoma City with toddlers.

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Play at Myriad Botanical Gardens

A little boy running through a splash pad called Thunder Fountain at Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City.

The Myriad Botanical Gardens is a 17-acre interactive urban botanical garden and park with multiple tiers of vibrant areas surrounding a sunken lake.

There is a vast green space for events, a vintage carousel, two water features, the Children’s Garden, an off-leash dog park, and the famed Crystal Bridge Conservatory (re-opening in late 2022). All of these attractions at Myriad Botanical Gardens are fun things to do in Oklahoma City with toddlers.

The outdoor grounds are lovely to enjoy a family walk among the diverse collection of shrubs, trees, and colorful flowers. You can also walk down to the sunken lake to show your toddler all the ducks!

There are two water features at Myriad Botanical Gardens. The Seasonal Plaza Water Feature and the Thunder Fountain. The Thunder Fountain is an epic splash pad with a high structure spraying water below. There are also small water features around the structure for interactive play.

Take your toddler for a spin on Mo’s Carousel. This gorgeous vintage carousel has colorful hand-carved wooden horses.

The Children’s Garden next to Thunder Fountain is a park designed for ALL children. Almost everything at the Children’s Garden is accessible to children of all abilities. There is a four-person seesaw, an arch swing, a merry-go-round, multiple climbing structures, a hedge maze, and more.

Lastly, you can check the Myriad Botanical Gardens website calendar for any family-friendly events. The Children’s Garden usually hosts weekly events for children to get fun exercise and botanical education. 

Splash and Climb at Scissortail Park

A splash area with tall water jets spraying water. This is located at Scissortail Park and one of the best things to do in Oklahoma City with toddlers.

Spending a day at Scissortail Park is one of the best free things to do in Oklahoma City with toddlers. Scissortail Park is a 70-acre world-class urban park with green spaces, a seasonal outdoor skating rink, state-of-the-art Children’s Park, and Sprayground.

There is so much to do at Scissortail Park. You can take your family for an afternoon picnic, throw a ball on the spacious field, get wet at the Sprayground, and run wild at the Children’s Park.

The Sprayground is an enormous splash pad with two sections for all ages. One has large jets that stand tall and spray water out. The other has small water features that sprout from the floor.

The Children’s Park is an EPIC playground with multiple areas for endless play and challenging climbing structures to build a child’s development. I have never seen a children’s playground with this many opportunities for a child to build strength and independence.

The playground has sandpits, a large wooden fort with a tower and slides, an interactive splash area, obstacle courses, and several different climbing structures. Some climbing structures include a large arch, geometric dome, an obstacle course made of rope and wooden logs, a giant spider, and a rock climbing wall.

By the end of our time playing, our toddler had accomplished and gained so much self-confidence that he was capable of climbing structures all by himself.

Explore Colorful Street Art at Plaza Walls

A family of five in front of a beautiful floral mural at Plaza Walls.

Plaza Walls is a rotating outdoor gallery of street art in the Plaza District. The outdoor gallery has over 30 murals from artists both locally and around the nation.

There is also an indoor gallery filled with prints of current and previous murals. So you can purchase a mural that speaks to you. Or, in our case, take a family photo with your favorite mural as a memorable souvenir.

Admire Free Art & Play With Penguins at 21c Museum Hotel

21c Museum Hotel is a contemporary museum and award-winning boutique hotel company. There are several locations in the U.S., each with its colorful penguin. Oklahoma City has the purple penguin.

The purple penguins greet guests in the lobby and can be found anywhere on the property. If you stay at the hotel, you can also bring the penguin to your room – a real treat for kids of all ages.

The contemporary museum is a free art gallery with interactive site-specific art installations. It is open 24/7 to the public and hotel guests. Visitors can explore the gallery on their own or take a guided tour (on Tuesdays at 6 pm).

A King sized bed and open concept living area in a spacious hotel room at 21c Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City.

21c Museum Hotel is the best place to stay in Oklahoma City. Especially for families. As a family of five, we understand how important it is to find a family-friendly hotel.

Between having enough space for everyone to feel comfortable and having fun activities for kids, a family-friendly hotel can be hard to find. 21c Museum Hotel is the complete package. The hotel has everything a family could need!

To book your stay at 21c Museum Hotel, click here.

Fun Things to Do in Oklahoma City with Toddlers

Oklahoma City has several attractions to bring kids joy and education through interactive play. From learning about science to up-close animal encounters, and climbing restored firetrucks – here are more fun things to do in Oklahoma City with Toddlers.

Feed Giraffes at Oklahoma City Zoo

A mom and her son feeding a giraffe at the Oklahoma City Zoo - one of the best things to do with toddlers.

The Oklahoma City Zoo is an accredited zoo by AZA that allows guests to have an up-close encounter with animals while supporting several conservation projects. From giraffe and rhino feedings to behind the scene animal encounters with bears, elephants, and sea lions – there is so much to enjoy at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Ten habitats showcase animals from around the world, including 100 different species of animals native to Oklahoma. All the habitats are excellent, with informative signages to educate guests on the animals and the conservation projects. You can also attend one of the daily caretaker chats to learn more about specific animals.

The best habitat for toddlers to enjoy animals is at the Children’s Zoo. The Children’s Zoo has enclosures for small animals, a barnyard to gently touch farm animals and a waterfall splash area.

Other fun places for toddlers to enjoy at the Oklahoma City Zoo is the lakeside playground, the Endangered Species Carousel, and walking through BRICKLIVE (animal statues made with more than one million toy bricks). All these attractions are in the same area, so you can easily walk to each one.

Ride the Wheeler Ferris Wheel

A family in front of the iconic "OKC" letters with a Ferris Wheel in the background.

Before it became the Wheeler Ferris Wheel, it was the historic Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel. Today, the 100 ft. historic Ferris Wheel sits on the South bank of the Oklahoma River in the Wheeler District for locals and visitors to enjoy.

The Wheeler Ferris Wheel features 20 gondolas that can sit up to 6 people and are toddler-friendly. There is plenty of room for the entire family to enjoy incredible views of the Oklahoma City skyline.

In addition to riding the Wheeler Ferris Wheel, you can also relax hammocks, play lawn games, and take family photos at the iconic “O-K-C” letters. The Ferris Wheel and “O-K-C” letters make the perfect backdrop to remember your fun weekend in Oklahoma City.

Become a Young Scientist

Ground floor of the Science Museum Oklahoma with a segway park and giant dinosaur.

Going to the Science Museum Oklahoma is one of the best things to do in Oklahoma City with toddlers. There is so much to discover for children of all ages that your family can easily spend an entire day here.

The Science Museum Oklahoma has over 390,000 square feet of hands-on science experiences through play and exploration. There are over 20 exhibits for children to discover.

A few exhibits include a city with interactive activities, a garage to create new inventions, a track to ride a Segway, and more. There is also a designated area for children 3 ft. and under, perfect for babies on the move or young toddlers.

We enjoyed several exhibits, but our toddler’s favorite was Curio City. Curio City is a 20,000-square-foot magical “city” with eight themed neighborhoods. Each one features different elements of science. At Curio City, kids can play musical instruments made of random objects, find adventure on the quirky playground, ride a human-powered carousel, dig for fossils, and so much more.

The museum also hosts two events for preschoolers and toddlers – Early Explorers and Storytime Science. Both events are geared specifically for young minds and include hands-on science activities. Check the Science Museum Oklahoma website for dates and times of the events.

Hop on a Saddle at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

As part of The Modern Frontier, Oklahoma City embraces its Native American and Western culture heritage with incredible educational attractions. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is one of them. 

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum has an extensive collection of Western and Native American art pieces and artifacts. Moreover, this museum emphasizes teaching children Western history, art, and culture.

In doing so, the museum has an outdoor exhibit called, Liichokoshkomo’, a Chickasaw phrase for “Let’s play.” The outdoor exhibit is a hands-on educational play space with different stations for western and Native American STEAM activities. 

One of the popular activities is loading a chuckwagon. If you remember the classic game, Oregon Trail, children get a hands-on experience packing a chuckwagon of necessities to help make their journey West. If you ask me, that is way more fun than a computer game! 

Step into the Shoes of Heroes at Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum

A toddler pretending to drive a restored firetrucks with a black firefighter hat at the Oklahoma Firefighters Museum.

The Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum is home to several exhibits and artifacts of the Oklahoma Fire Service and communities. It is also a memorial to all the fallen and living firefighters who have served to protect the citizens of Oklahoma.

The museum has an impressive collection of antique fire apparatus and equipment dating back to the 1700s. It includes artifacts from the London Fire Brigade, one-third of the Ben Franklin Collection (the oldest fire department in the United States), and the first fire station in Oklahoma.

Other exhibits to see include the largest display of fire department patches, restored fire trucks, and a working John Gamewell Alarm System. 

Children have a small corner to play with firetrucks and color firefighter-inspired pages. There is also an outdoor playground as a firefighter training course and firetrucks to climb on. As a bonus, our toddler was able to ring two alarm systems to see and learn about fire safety.

The Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum is currently working on an expansion for children. It will include a simulation of crawling through smoke, an educational center, and more hands-on activities.

Take a Ride at the Oklahoma Railway Museum

The Oklahoma Railway Museum is a fun attraction for the entire family. During your visit, you will learn how the railroads and train travel helped shape Oklahoma.

The museum has an extensive collection of locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, and an authentic steam engine on display. There are also restored train depots from the 1900s, a Union Station Platform Canopy, and a 100-foot turntable.

Moreover, one of the best things to do in Oklahoma City with toddlers is riding the historic Missouri Kansas Texas (MKT) mainline track. The Oklahoma Railway Museum allows guests to enjoy a 40-minute train ride on a passenger coach pulled by a vintage diesel locomotive. The train rides only operate from April through August on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

Now that you have read all the fun things to do in Oklahoma City with toddlers – what do you think? Have I inspired you to book your next family trip to Oklahoma City?!?