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Delicious Places to Eat in Vancouver – a Foodies Guide

There are so many wonderful places to eat in Vancouver – making it one of the best foodie destinations in the world. From fresh seafood to decadent chocolate and pastries, Canadian comfort food, and a fantastic mix of Asian cuisine – Vancouver has it all.

The city is a melting pot of cuisines but is most widely known for its seafood scene, patisseries, ramen, sushi, Canadian beef, and the famous poutine. Moreover, I like to say the foodie scene of Vancouver is best described as a mix of New York City and Paris, but much cleaner (and the people are so friendly). There are several local bakeries and restaurants on every corner, talented and award-winning chefs, and the city is very walkable.

During our 3 days in Vancouver, we ate at least four times a day because there was always something delicious to try. Everything we ate was simply divine. With that said, here is a list of our favorite places to eat in Vancouver that we highly recommend.

A beautiful display case of individual-sized desserts from Thomas Haas - one of the best places to eat in Vancouver.

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Food You Must Eat in Vancouver

My list of the best places to eat in Vancouver is based on enjoying some MUST TRY foods that are well known to this foodie destination. Some of the most popular foods to eat in Vancouver that you cannot miss include:

  • Everything salmon – fresh, smoked, candied, and more
  • Poutine
  • Canadian hamburgers
  • The freshest oysters along British Columbia’s coast
  • Asian influenced cuisine – Japanese style hot dogs, sushi, ramen, and more
  • French pastries and chocolates
  • Traditional Nanaimo bar
A plate with three different desserts - florentine, maple leaf buttercream cookie, and Nanaimo bar. These are some of most popular desserts you must eat in Vancouver.

Places to Eat in Vancouver at Granville Island Public Market

A trip to Vancouver is not complete without a visit to Granville Island Public Market. This is one of the most perfect places to eat in Vancouver because it has everything you need under one roof. Granville Island Public Market is a foodies haven with fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood, cheese, meat, poultry, baked loaves of bread, pastries, chocolate, and more are provided by local vendors. In addition, there is also an array of small restaurants and shops to purchase a full meal and enjoy right by the water.

Visitors can easily spend every day here and still find something new and delicious to try, but if you are limited to one trip to Granville Island Public Market – here is a list of places to eat that we love.

Laurelle’s Fine Foods

Laurelle’s Fine Foods is a great place to eat in Vancouver for lunch. It is a family-owned and operated bakery deli that makes everything in-house every day. Some of the menu options include delicious baked goods, fresh salads, casseroles, savory pies and rolls, and more.

Must order: Salmon puff pastry rolls, milk chocolate florentines, traditional Nanaimo Bar, and the famous Canadian maple shortbread cookies.

Longliner Seafood

A plastic cup full of smoked candied salmon pieces from Longliner Seafood at Granville Island Public Market with two salmon puffs in the background.

Longliner Seafood is one of two seafood shops at Granville Island Public Market. Moreover, what makes Longliner Seafood special is its long-standing relationship as one of the original local tenants in the market. This seafood shop specializes in fresh and smoked local seafood, which can be enjoyed in Vancouver or packed for worldwide travel with airline-approved packaging. So you can enjoy some of the freshest seafood in the world during your trip and when you return home!

Vancouver is known for its fresh seafood but more importantly, the salmon. Visitors can find ALL the salmon you ever dream of at Longliner Seafood. From fresh fillets of salmon to BBQ smoked fillets seasoned with lemon pepper, candied salmon, maple glazed, double smoked, salmon jerky, and more!

Must order: bring home some ready to eat classic smoked salmon, smoked maple glazed salmon, and my ultimate favorite, candied smoked salmon.

Lee’s Donuts

For breakfast or dessert, try Vancouver’s famed donut shop, Lee’s Donuts. Just make sure you are ready to wait in line (and do not forget to take a ticket) because Lee’s Donuts is always busy – and for good reason! This local mom and pop donut shop has been serving locals and tourists from all over the world since 1979. All of the donuts are made daily from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

What makes Lee’s Donuts one of the best places to eat in Vancouver is its famous Honeydip Donuts. The perfectly sweet glaze over the soft donuts is worth the wait but do not just stop there – Lee’s Donuts also has other great flavors such as Double Chocolate Crunch, Dutch Crumb, Honeydew, Lemon Cheesecake, and Maple Iced.

Must order: of course, the Honeydip and Maple Iced donuts.


A plate with four pieces of chocolate and a milk chocolate hockey stick with "Vancouver" on it from ChocolaTas - one of the  best places to eat in Vancouver for chocolate.

As a previous chocolatier, I can never miss an opportunity to enjoy chocolate truffles and bonbons. So I was delighted to find ChocolaTas inside the Granville Island Public Market. The chocolates did not disappoint one bit, which should come as no surprise because the owner, Wim Tas, is a master chocolatier and award-winning chef.

What I love about ChocolaTas is its vast variety of chocolate to enjoy. From rich caramels to Canadian inspired chocolates, chocolates filled with premium spirits and liqueurs, infused herbs and spices, and a collection of award-winning chocolates. ChocolaTas also has great chocolate gifts to take home such as the chocolate hockey sticks and shot glasses.

Must order: any of the award-winning chocolates, O Canada Hazelnut Dark, Maple Pecan, Raspberry and Basil, and Coffee Caramel.

Places to Eat in Vancouver for Lunch

If you are looking for the best places to eat in Vancouver for lunch, look no further than these fabulous dining establishments. From fresh pastries and baked goods to the famous Japanese-style hot dogs, a fantastical afternoon tea experience, and the freshest oysters in British Columbia – there is something for everyone.

Breka Bakery & Cafe

A table with a cup of coffee, plates of Italian sandwiches, and a lemon blueberry cheesecake from Breka Bakery and Cafe in Vancouver - one of the best places to in Vancouver for lunch.

It is no surprise why Breka Bakery & Cafe has been one of Vancouver’s most beloved places to eat since 2006. This European influenced bakery is filled with a beautiful display of ready-to-eat sandwiches, pockets, savory pies, cakes by the whole and slice, cookies, muffins, donuts, and more. In addition, there is also a grand display of an assortment of freshly baked loaves of bread. Visitors can enjoy a full lunch at Breka Bakery & Cafe and order more delicious baked goods to enjoy at home.

Must order: a warm Italian pocket, Mediterranean panini, and a slice of lemon cheesecake mousse.


A hand holding a hot dog with seaweed on top. This is a Japanese-style hotdog from Japadog which is one of the best places to eat in Vancouver.

One of the most unique places to eat in Vancouver is Japadog! Japadog is an ingenious concept of combining Japanese cuisine and a classic hot dog. You might think it is a crazy idea, but the only crazy thing about this place is not eating here when you visit Vancouver.

After a slow start in 2005, Japadog has grown vastly with over six hot dog carts, food trucks, and a standalone restaurant in Vancouver. Furthermore, Japadog also served millions of people during the Winter Olympics in 2010 and has branched out to California!

Visitors will find a selection of different sausages topped with a variety of Japanese ingredients. Some of the ingredients include common flavors such as seaweed, miso, and teriyaki – in addition to other ingredients you might have never heard of.

Must order: the signature hot dog, Terimayo (or Kurobuta Terimayo) and Okonomi.

Neverland Tea Salon

For a fun, whimsical and luxurious afternoon dining experience, enjoy a lovely and never-ending afternoon tea at Neverland Tea Salon. Vancouver is known for its fabulous afternoon tea experiences and one of the places to enjoy it is at Neverland Tea Salon.

As the name depicts, when guests walk through the doors, they are immediately transported to an inspired Neverland. There are cute quotes from Peter Pan on the wall, antique chairs, tables, and chandeliers, and the most darling teacup sets you have ever seen.

Neverland Tea Salon has several different menus for guests, which change seasonally or to a fun theme. The menu options include Grande Adventure (never-ending), vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free, vegan, and child-friendly. Every menu includes an amuse-bouche, delectable finger sandwiches, delicious bite-sized pastries, and freshly baked scones. Or if a cup of tea is not your preference, Neverland Tea Salon also has a full-service lunch.

Must order: the Grande Adventure for a fabulous never-ending tea experience.

Rodney’s Oyster House

Calling all oyster lovers! You must visit Vancouver’s beloved restaurant, Rodney’s Oyster House to enjoy the freshest local oysters in the British Columbia area. Rodney’s Oyster House is one of the best places to eat in Vancouver because of the vast oyster menu. The menu has a selection of over 20 different types of oysters – both local and worldwide.

The local British Columbia oyster menu has a selection of a dozen different oysters found along the BC coast, including a few from Vancouver Island! The worldwide oyster menu has different oysters from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Ireland, New Zealand, and more. The best part, you can enjoy the freshest oysters for only $1.50 CAD each during Rodney’s Oyster House “Low Tide” happy hour!

Must order: a dozen of fresh BC oysters on the half shell – one of each!

Places to Eat in Vancouver for Dinner

The restaurants below include a variety of fine dining, comfort Canadian fare, and Asian cuisine. So you get a little taste of everything for dinner.

The Eatery

A plate full of an array of sushi rolls from Eatery Sushi in Vancouver. The sushi on the left has smoked salmon on top. The middle and right sushi has asparagus, avocado, and crab meat.

Sushi is a VERY popular food to eat in Vancouver, and one of the best places to eat sushi is at The Eatery. The Eatery has a fantastic menu, but what makes this restaurant special, is the atmosphere. Since 1983, The Eatery has been “the funkiest place for Japanese food” in Vancouver. Moreover, this is not your typical sushi restaurant because hanging from the ceiling is an array of unique paper-mâché characters. In addition, when you dine at The Eatery for dinner, the restaurant is dimly lit and almost everything turns into neon – even the soup spoon!

In addition to the funky atmosphere, the menu is also fun and humorous. For example, the front menu begins with #Misohorny. As funny and wacky as the ambiance and menu may be at The Eatery, do not let that fool you – the food is delicious! The sushi menu (includes many vegetable rolls) has some of the most creative and delicious creations we have ever tried. Furthermore, the menu also includes several entrees such as noodles, donburi, and curry dishes.

Must order: these amazing sushi rolls – Fantasy Roll, Salmon L Jackson, and Captain Crunch.


The best place to eat in Vancouver for a fine dining experience is Forage, located at The Listel Hotel. More importantly, Forage is a sustainable fine dining restaurant that focuses on providing guests with only the freshest produce and proteins from local farmers and fishers. 

In addition, the dining experience is designed for guests to enjoy several different entrees family-style. So guest’s palates can enjoy trying multiple menu items without overindulging. I remember sitting next to a table and we were all so intrigued at everyone’s order that we almost shared with strangers!

Must order: the menu changes seasonally and you cannot go wrong with any entree, but the Foraged and Cultivated Mushrooms is a signature entree and the best thing we ate in Vancouver. In addition, start with the award-winning BBQ duck chowder and do not forget to finish with dessert – the coffee chocolate bar.

Ramen Danbo

As previously mentioned, Vancouver has a large mix of Asian cuisine and one of the best foods to enjoy is ramen. In fact, you can find ramen shops on almost every block in Vancouver. The very best ramen in Vancouver is at Ramen Danbo! At Ramen Danbo, they provide guests with Fukuoka-style ramen, which is a Tonkotsu pork bone-based broth.

The famous Tonkotsu ramen broth from Ramen Danbo is absolutely divine! It is very light, yet packed with a rich pork flavor. With that said, the broth might be the star of the show, but its the additional components that really make Ramen Danbo the best. The noodles are perfectly cooked and the pork slices are so tender you do not need a knife.

The best part of Ramen Danbo is that guests can completely customize the ramen to their exact preference. At Ramen Danbo, guests can choose the thickness, richness, spiciness, and amount of sauce in the broth. Then you can choose the thickness and firmness of the noodles and add any toppings to complete your customized ramen.

Must order: a bowl of Classic Chashu-men.


If you are looking for a great place to eat in Vancouver for classic Canadian comfort food, look no further than Timber. Timber is also located at The Listel Hotel and is a casual pub-style restaurant. The menu focuses on Canadian favorite comfort foods such as poutine and bison burgers. In addition, Timber also offers guests a wide variety of local craft beers.

Timber has a very simple menu with delicious starters and entrees that will definitely make you feel warm and comfortable. From cheese curds to fish n chips, mac n cheese, chicken wings, burgers, and of course, poutine. You will feel right at home when you walk through the doors of Timber

Must order: the Classic Canadian Supper. It includes a pint of local craft beer, cheese curds, poutine, and a Bison burger with a secret sauce. It is a true Canadian comfort dinner!

Places to Eat in Vancouver for Sweet Treats

Of course, we cannot have a foodie guide of the best places to eat in Vancouver without including dessert. The site is called “Our Sweet Adventures” after all.

When it comes to sweets, Vancouver has a large European influence with award-winning patisseries, bakeries, boutique chocolate shops, and pastry chefs. In fact, several of the pastry chefs were born in Europe or honed their skills abroad.

Ganache Patisserie

One of the best patisseries in Vancouver to enjoy individual-sized entremets (glazed layered cakes) and pastries is Ganache Patisserie. Ganache Patisserie opened its doors in 2003 and has been a local favorite ever since. Peter Fong is the chef and owner of Ganache Patisserie and uses his years of training at various Fairmont Hotel & Resorts to create exquisite desserts.

The marvelous display case of over 20 different desserts has a touch of both European and Asian influence. The desserts range from luxurious entremets, layered cakes, pâte à bombe, creme brulee, tiramisu, pavlova, croissants, and more. So whether you enjoy a classic dessert like a rich chocolate cake, or a light and fruity dessert – there is something for everyone at Ganache Patisserie. Moreover, guests can enjoy individual-sized desserts or take a large entremet cake home.

Must order: One of everything! But if you have to choose one it should be either Chocolat Banane, Blanc Fraisier, or Goyave Citron Mandarine. 


A wonderful display case of freshly baked pastries from Pure Bread - one of the best places to eat in Vancouver for sweet treats and baked goodies.

If there is one bakery you must visit in Vancouver, Purebread is it! When you walk through the doors of Purebread, you are in bakery heaven. The best part, you can eat at Purebread from morning to evening. Purebread is perfect for breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, or a decadent dessert. Of course, with a name like Purebread, there is a beautiful wall stacked with freshly baked loves of bread. From a classic sourdough or ciabatta to loaves of bread that are packed with flavors such as hazelnut and fig.

In addition to bread, there is a display of every sweet treat you could ever imagine. From cookies to brownies, full-sized cakes, coffee cake, scones, croissants, macaroons, meringues, whoopie pies, and so much more! There are so many amazing choices, it is difficult to pick which one to order. So do not be afraid to just order a box full of delicious baked goodies to-go!

Must order: you cannot go wrong, but some popular options (and personal favorites) include the crack bar, lemon buttercream loaf, carrot cake whoopie pie, and ooey-gooey chocolate chip bar.


A layered pistachio chocolate mousse cake from Thierry in Vancouver.

One of the most elegant places to eat in Vancouver for chocolates and pastries is Theirry. After honing his craft in Europe, Chef Thierry Busset moved to Vancouver and became one of the leading pastry chefs in the city. Thierry has a little something for everyone’s palates. From savory items such as a warm quiche and soup to a sweet display of an array of desserts.

Thierry has all the sweet treats you can imagine with a large European influence. From macarons to madeleines, sable cookies, financiers, canneles, palmiers, croissants, cake loaves, tiramisu, apple tarts, layered cakes, chocolate truffles, and more. Thierry is a little slice of Paris in the heart of Vancouver.

Must order: the pistachio chocolate mousse cake and a hazelnut buchette chocolate.

Thomas Haas

Thomas Haas is widely known as one of the best pastry chefs in Vancouver – and that is just one of many accolades to his name. So if you are looking for a divine pastry experience, you must visit Thomas Haas. This patisserie is a perfect visit in the morning, afternoon, or night. Guests can enjoy handmade croissants, danish, puff pastry, brioche, scones, sandwiches, and more.

For a sweeter note, guests can also find themselves in heaven with one of the most beautiful displays of pastries and chocolates. The entire dessert display is the color of the rainbow starting with macarons to desserts and chocolates. The chocolate display case has over 20 different truffles and bonbons that melt in your mouth and sing with powerful flavors! Furthermore, the dessert case features different individual and full-sized cakes and tarts. Some desserts include pear almond tart, milk chocolate passionfruit, caramel chocolate pecan brownie, and more.

Must order: Blak – the ever-changing signature dark chocolate cake and a box full of chocolates. My favorite chocolates include salted pecan caramel, maple caramel bonbon, and exotic fruit caramel bonbon.

I hope you have enjoyed my ultimate list of delicious places to eat in Vancouver. As I said before, Vancouver is one of the best foodie destinations in the world. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy and try something new! What will you try?




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    Oh, I go to Vancouver a lot. I’ll have to save this for next time I am there!

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      Lucky you! We love Vancouver and hope to revisit soon.

  • Michelle

    Wow! This looks so amazing. I could just feel myself gaining weight as I read the post ;). I would love to visit any of these, especially Lee’s Donuts. I don’t know if I have ever heard of a honeydew donut!

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      We definitely gained weight on this trip haha.

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    • oursweetadventures

      I am delighted to hear that – Vancouver quickly became one of our favorite destinations because of its foodie scene. I am sad to hear Japadog closed in New York – the concept is unique and the food is delicious.

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