My name is Christina, and I am a baker pursing my dream to excel in pastry. Taking advice from my mentor I have started visiting restaurants and eating only their desserts. I call this my Dessert Tour! Accompanied by my lovely fiancé, who always wishes the serving sizes were bigger despite the calorie content, I search for inspiration for my own desert creations. 🙂

For the past few months I have posted my pictures and reviews on my Facebook page and have received such positive feedback that it has encouraged me to start blogging about my pastry adventures. What started as fine dining restaurants on the Strip has quickly turned into bakeries and chocolatier shops from Las Vegas to California to wherever our adventures together take us – anywhere, anything, you name it and we will try it! My goals are to have fun with this blog, to give my readers an appetite for sweets, and to showcase pastry as the All Star of the meal and not just an afterthought. 

To start off, I will post about the restaurants and bakeries that I visited before I began this blog. While I do try to take notes wherever I go and taste, sometimes I’m consumed by the deliciousness of the pastries, and I just kind of forget. Because of this, some of my first posts may be vague in their descriptions, but I promise from now on I will make sure to take detailed notes so that I may share them here with you. 

So please enjoy! Comment! Ask for advice! Please share dining suggestions!