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The Republic, College Station, TX

The city of College Station, Texas has two great things – Texas A&M University and The Republic Steakhouse. The Republic Steakhouse is the only AAA Four Diamond Restaurant in College Station and truly is this city’s best restaurant. The restaurant is owned and operated by Chef Wade Barkman, an aggie alum. A very talented chef that has made a name for himself in College Station. Before opening his own restaurant, Chef Wade had a strong resume – graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, excelling in his wine knowledge in Napa Valley, gaining leadership and becoming a “rising star” in the culinary industry in the fabulous city of Las Vegas.

The Republic is a true definition of a classic steakhouse, it has enough whiskey and spirits to sink a boat and has some of the best steaks in the state of Texas. Great food, wine, whiskey, ambience and service that makes guests feel like they are eating in New York City. A few dishes The Republic are most popular for are their selection of oysters, Deconstructed Tuna Roll, Chicken Fried Filet Mignon (and you know I can’t forget about dessert), Grilled Apple French Toast. In a city known for its school spirit with too many college students, cowboy boots and hats, The Republic finds a way to bring elegance into the city of College Station. This restaurant is capable of standing on its own in a major city like Austin, Dallas, Houston, etc. – not a lot of restaurants or chefs in College Station can say that. For any special occasion, business meeting, holidays and home football games this is the restaurant to go to – just call at least a month in advance, you can thank me for this tip later.

Grilled Apple French Toast
Breakfast is served for dessert – brioche french toast grilled to perfection with caramelized apples, candied pecans, vanilla ice cream and a heavenly bourbon anglaise. The french toast comes hot off the grill making the big scoop of vanilla ice cream melt on top creating a sweet sensation. The brioche french toast itself is golden brown delicious. Great color on the grilled brioche with a crisp texture on the outside but soft in the inside. Caramelized apples are sweet and irresistible, they are not mushy by any means and have a beautiful bite to them. Candied pecans offer a nice crunch and nuttiness to balance the sweetness. The house-made vanilla ice cream is classic and done well while the bourbon anglaise is exquisite – the bourbon hits the palate quite nicely and compliments the dessert as a whole. The Grilled Apple French Toast is so comforting that guests will find themselves not wanting to order anything but this!



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