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Round Rock Donuts, Round Rock, TX


Everything is bigger in Texas…. and in Round Rock, Texas, their donuts are BIG – I’m talking TEXAS BIG! Adam and I traveled through Round Rock  to Fredericksburg, (both cities surrounding the bigger city of Austin) to attend one of my college friends’ wedding. Rachel and I played soccer together in college and were roommates for a year and a half. During that time her sweet mom would bring these donuts from their hometown that Rachel claimed were the best donuts ever. She was right! From the moment I ate one of these Round Rock donuts I always looked forward to when her mom would bring us more 🙂 So I told Adam that we had to stop at Round Rock Donuts on our way home and that is exactly what we did.

Texas – Sized Donut – seriously HUGE!

I did a little reading and learned that Round Rock Donuts has had several different owners since 1926. And throughout that time their famous “orange” donuts have stayed traditional because why change something that has been great for almost a century? Trends come and go and in the past year or so their was definitely a donut trend. Everyone was craving the new fancy, outside the box, crazy donut flavors. Now even I like a new and inventive donut, but honest to God these yeasty, traditional, Round Rock Donuts are a bite of heaven. Krispy Kreme donuts even opened a bakery in Round Rock because they thought they could compete, but they were severely wrong because they went out of business fairly quickly.

Since 1926 their donuts have been their staple, but as the years went on the bakery started selling more baked goods. Today their menu sells a variety of their famous donuts (all made with the traditional dough), small and “Texas Big” cinnamon rolls, fruit pies, cute bags full of decorated sugar cookies, loaf cakes, kolaches, cookies and anything in between. They also bake and decorate specialty cakes for events – needless to say this donut bakery does it all!

Round Rock Donut: 10/10
This donut is not heavy on the glaze and has a little flaky sugar crust. The glaze is more for additional sweetness because the dough itself is very good – it is spongy and excellent in flavor. Lastly, the donut along with the rest of its baker dozen family is fresh and warm – sometimes life doesn’t get better than that.

Round Rock Donut Holes: 10/10
Everything that I stated above, but in one beautiful bite!

Chocolate Eclair: 10/10
Again, since the dough is the same for ever donut the same review applies for the chocolate eclair. The bavarian cream is silky smooth and luscious – great mouth feel and very filling. The chocolate glaze is rich, but the bavarian cream helps cut the richness out making this donut well balanced.



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