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Pecan Lodge, Dallas, TX

Pecan Lodge – best barbecue in Dallas, known for their tender, juicy brisket and loaded sweet potato, but thats not all they offer – their desserts are pretty darn delicious too! Located in Deep Ellum, the fast rising area of Dallas, owners Diane and Justin Fourton stick to what they know – family recipes, simple barbecue and making everything from scratch. Pecan Lodge has a huge fan base in Dallas since its beginning when running their business out of Shed #2 in Dallas’ Farmer’s Market. They quickly outgrew their small space thanks to their finger licking barbecue, good reviews and some tv fame on Diners, Drive – Ins, and Dives and moved into their own stand alone restaurant where they continue to impress guests within and out of Texas. Guests can always expect a long line during lunch and the weekends, but anyone can tell you that it is worth the wait!


Dinner is Ready!!!

As stated before, the Fourton’s use family recipes that have been passed down, which includes their classic banana pudding. Guests should leave room for Aunt Polly’s Banana Pudding because it is rich and delicious. For a lighter finish the Texas Tumbleweed Cookie is the perfect choice. The third dessert they offer is another southern classic dessert, a warm Homemade Peach Cobbler. We were able to have enough room for two of the three.

Hot Mess

Aunt Polly’s Bread Pudding: 8/10
Holy banana! This is definitely banana pudding – thick, dense pudding with a strong, powerful banana presence. Really enjoyed the flavor of banana being upfront and lasting throughout every bite. The vanilla wafer cookies added a good vanilla-butter sweetness and slightly balanced the richness of the pudding and banana. The texture of the pudding was perfect, luscious and creamy and the vanilla wafer cookies offered an additional texture, they were soft, but not mushy. A simple and great take on the classic dessert, every taste and texture was spot on. It is the perfect finish to a southern comfort barbecue meal.

Texas Tumbleweed Cookie: 9/10
This was a surprising hit for us. Not your everyday cookie that is for sure. So many flavors packed into one bite, some are easily recognizable while others are probably part of the Fourton’s secret family recipe. The Texas Tumbleweed Cookie is salty, sweet, crunchy and just a smidge soft and chewy right where it matters – in the middle. The richness comes from the peanut butter within the cookie dough and is balanced with some saltiness from the pretzel bits and sweetness from the chocolate chips and chunks of coconut. Needless to say, every bite is packed with a burst of flavor. The texture of the cookie is amazing – crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy in the inside. Make sure you do not let this “tumbleweed” blow away. Buy one or buy a dozen, they are totally worth it!



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