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MELT Ice Cream, Fort Worth, TX

MELT Ice Creams has quickly become one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s go to ice cream shops. Once a photographer, Kari Crower-Seher, switched gears and started her ice cream career in Ohio where she completed an apprenticeship at Mason’s Creamery. In 2014 Kari opened her small ice cream shop in the popular and eclectic neighborhood, Near Southside of Fort Worth.

MELT Ice Creams makes their craft ice cream using fresh, quality ingredients made in-house or with ingredients made from their local business partners. A few of their business partners include: Dude Sweet Chocolate, Swiss Pastry Shop, Avoca Coffee, Martin House Brewery, and more. There are always six different ice cream flavors that are rotated monthly. So if a guest loves a specific ice cream flavor, (like we loved the Black Forest), they better go every week until its gone!

Besides bringing businesses together to create craft ice cream, MELT Ice Creams also supports great causes by partnering with non-profit organizations. Kari and her team have been able to support and help pay for a college students tuition in northern Africa. In addition to that achievement guests can also purchase artisan bags in store to support women in South Africa. With every bite customers of MELT Ice Creams can enjoy their creamy dessert with the satisfactory that it is going towards a great cause – changing the world.


Creme Brûlée: 8/10

This is definitely creme brûlée ice cream because there are literally beautiful, amber colored shards of caramelized sugar that are made in-house and folded into the ice cream. The creaminess from the ice cream tastes just like a vanilla creme brûlée and with the shards of caramelized sugar in almost every bite it sweetens the ice cream and reinforces you that yes, you are eating creme brûlée ice cream. There are both dime sized shards of caramelized sugar and very small bits that are nice because you can eat more of them and get the crunchy texture and real feeling of the caramelized sugar everyone is familiar with when they enjoy a creme brûlée at dinner. All in all it is perfectly sweet and balanced well with its creaminess and texture.

Black Forest: 9/10
The chocolate cake is locally made from Swiss Pastry Shop and is so rich and delicious! The chocolate cake gives a different texture to the ice cream in a good way – it is not soggy at all, and still has nice soft bite. MELT Ice creams incorporated another local business, MOORE JAMS, for an organic black cherry jam that gives a great burst of flavor. The last component in this ice cream are almond meringues which delivers a light and crunchy contrast of texture to the rich flavors. The vibrant color alone with all the bites of heaven make this ice cream look as decadent as it tastes.

Waffle Cone was done well. Great color, slightly sweet and had a great crispy texture – never got soggy.



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