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Juliet Ristorante, Austin, TX


After all the wedding festivities Adam and I enjoyed a nice brunch date at this mesmerizing restaurant, Juliet Ristorante. This restaurant was like a fairytale. After we parked our car and started to enter their garden patio I was immediately enchanted. Beautiful patio with an outside marble bar, garden with lemon trees that the restaurant uses for their cocktails and entrees, covered seating in a canopy and uncovered seating for those wanting some sun rays. Regardless, any seat in Juliet’s patio is a good one – so much beauty. Now the inside of Juliet Ristorante is fitting to its name because it is romantic and feels like you stepped into Italy in the 1960s. The decor and ambience is gorgeous – a little mix of classic and modern with vaulted ceilings, textured mirrors, black marble bathrooms, clean white walls and dark blue accents. Each room is unique and has its own personality which includes the bathrooms, a private room and lounge area, but still feels continuous throughout the restaurant. Restaurants that make me feel like I have been swept away into another reality are what inspire me and Juliet Ristorante does just that.

Ironically enough, the restaurant before Juliet was Romeo’s. A restaurant that attracted a lot of Austin locals which makes Juliet a great nod to Romeos. The vision of Juliet Ristorante came from the culinary mind of the executive chef, Jason Weaver. Chef Weaver believes that Italian cuisine is based upon using local ingredients and produce which is exactly what Chef Weaver does at Juliet Ristorante. He uses local ingredients from Austin, including produce from their restaurant’s garden, and turns the ingredients into a delicious Italian meal. The executive pastry chef is Carly Rossmeissl, and she features traditional Italian desserts with a modern take. Her experience comes from some of the best chefs and restaurants in New York City including, Dany Meyer’s pastry team at Maialino Trattoria and studying under James Beard award winning chef, Richard Leach. Chef Rossmeissl was most recently at, Easy Tiger, a restaurant located in Austin. She quickly moved up the ladder at Easy Tiger from overnight baker to bakery production manager. It is highly recognizable that Chef Rossmeissl is a smart and fast learner with great pastry techniques and a creative mind. If her resume does not impress then her amazing desserts at Juliet Ristorante can speak for themselves!

With the addition of dessert we enjoyed brunch here. Highly recommend both of these entrees. One is sweet and one is savory – both amazing!

Bread Pudding French Toast with Orange Marmaletta
Brunch Risotto – green peas, pancetta, poached egg, parmigiana


Crostata di Pignoli: 10/10
Italy’s version of the traditional american classic – pecan pie. “Italians Do It Better” is definitely the case here. This pine nut honey tart makes me want to never indulge in a pecan pie ever again. All I want in my life now is this dessert. Beautiful crust soft enough to cut through with your fork, but hard enough to have a nice crunch. The tart is made with a soft layer of caramel with caramelized pine nuts on top. This dessert is nutty, salty and sweet. Some may shy away from the balsamic caramel, but I embraced it! The balsamic caramel had a lovely viscosity and was acidic, but sweet and complimented the tart very well. The fior di latte (flower of milk) gelato was this desserts calming force. The pine nut honey tart and balsamic caramel are strong, bold flavors and the gelato is so light and refreshing – it was literally an upscaled whipped cream made into a luscious gelato. It was a great balance to the plated dessert, it was almost a palate cleanser. The gelato sat on a bed of shortbread crumbs and added more sweetness with a good contrast of texture. This was a great recommendation from our server and now I recommend it to anyone. Very happy we decided to indulge in this.

Cinnamon Toast Gelato: 8/10
This gelato is not like cinnamon toast crunch cereal, it is more like a tribute to a lot of people’s childhood when their mom would make them cinnamon sugar toast. This scoop of gelato took me back to when my mom would put some butter on toast and then sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Now I only wish my mom would have turned our toast into gelato just as good as this. With the first bite you quickly enjoy the mouthful and creaminess of the gelato and then get hit with the flavor of cinnamon. The cinnamon really lingers in the palate, but very subtly. Garnished with the gelato is a thin slice of cinnamon toast which brings an additional touch of flavor and crunch.




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