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Hypnotic Emporium, Dallas, TX

Hypnotic Emporium is an ice cream, candy, soda shop with a 1920s feel. When you enter through the front doors guests feel as if they stepped back into time. The atmosphere is joyful and the perfect place to bring your family and friends.  As guests walk in the door they are exposed to the biggest selection of candy and chocolates in the DFW area and then the restaurant opens up into a long marble bar top that serves ice cream. It almost has that feeling of the original movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Charlie and all the kids in town enjoy candy from the Candy Man, but instead of candy served behind the bar Hypnotic Emporium serves hand crafted ice cream sodas.

For those Ice Cream Kings out there try your best shot at the Mt. Hypnotic challenge – 20 scoops of ice cream topped with several goodies including whipped cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, Sixlets Candy, peanuts, two Charleston Chew chocolate bars and of course a Hypnotic Donut. Think you an handle it?  If you eat it all in 30 minutes its free otherwise its will cost you $38 and a bad tummy ache.

Besides food challenges, ice cream and drinks Hypnotic Emporium sells toys and games from Melissa and Doug Toys giving guests a one stop shop for their children. What makes Hypnotic Emporium unique and one of a kind in Dallas are the candy and chocolates sold in store which are hard to find these days. For me the nostalgic candy I found that brought me back to my childhood were the candy cigarettes because as a kid I of course thought it was “so cool” to eat/smoke candy cigarettes. Another favorite was the Button Candy that came in bright blue, pink, and yellow on paper. When I found those candies it brought back so many memories. The candy that Hypnotic Emporium provides are countless flavors of taffy, Pez and nostalgic candy that dates back from the 50s. Chocolate is the same way – guests can find Hershey chocolate bars with some of the original labels or artisan chocolate bars that have bacon in it! 

The ice cream is homemade by Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream from Denton, Texas. When Hypnotic Donuts opened their second location in Denton they became familiar with the area and fell in love with Beth Marie’s ice cream. What a great way to be local and build good partnerships. Hypnotic Emporium can do many things with the ice cream – malts, shakes, sundaes, banana splits and donut sandwiches! The best part of this shop is the experience! The employees are dressed cute in their 1920s ice cream soda shop uniforms with their white button down shirt, bowtie and paper boat hat. Everything is made in front of the guests. For example, the ice cream sodas….they take the glass and fill it with the choice of ice cream, syrup and then use their soda carbonator while also mixing the ice cream soda by hand to turn it into something delicious.

Chocolate – Black Cherry Ice Cream Soda

My friend and I created this ice cream soda using Black Cherry Ice Cream with Hypnotic Emporium’s house made chocolate syrup. It was our take on a Black Forrest Cake and it was delicious! The best part about the ice cream soda was the experience and guest interaction. Guests can watch their creation unfold in front of them at the bar top – watching the servers scoop the ice cream and hand blend the carbonated soda into the ice cream making it creamy and frothy. The Black Cherry Ice Cream itself had great flavor – it had a soft sweetness that let the black cherry flavor come through. The chocolate syrup brought a lot of the sweetness and richness to the ice cream soda. The server did a great job with our ice cream soda, it was creamy and smooth with some chunks of ice cream that we could enjoy with a spoon. This is definitely something to share….with the atmosphere it can definitely be a place to be cliche and share an ice cream soda with that special someone.

Salty Dog Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

It is a MUST to get at least one donut ice cream sandwich here. Out of all the different kinds of ice cream sandwich creations out there with macaroons, cookies, croissants, etc this one takes them all! It is Hypnotic Donut’s hole-less yeast donut with the guests choice of ice cream. We did Salty Dog – butter nut ice cream with salted caramel. The Salty Dog Ice Cream had a great balance of salty and sweet and was the best choice for this donut ice cream sandwich! The hole-less yeast donut is fried to golden brown delicious and is served without any glaze or crazy creations found next door. The donut soaks up the ice cream to create a soft, perfect texture for an ice cream sandwich. Every bite was like cutting through butter, it was nice and easy and the ice cream never oozed out of the sandwich which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am sure that any ice cream a guest chooses is fantastic but the combination of of the sweetness and saltines of the Salty Dog really does hit the spot!

Hypnotic Emporium
9005 Garland Rd
Dallas, TX 75218
(214) 354-3414
Mon – Thur: 12pm – 9pm
Fri – Sat: 11am – 11pm
Sun: 11am – 9pm



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