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Honey Salt, Las Vegas, NV

When people think of Las Vegas and its culinary scene everyone instantly assumes that it is on “The Strip”. Honey Salt, a successful neighborhood restaurant with seasonal American favorites, is actually found “Off The Strip”. The fact that this established restaurant is located Off the Strip makes it even more exciting. Honey Salt is one of three restaurant collaborations in Las Vegas (all off the strip) of the husband and wife duo, Elizabeth Blau and Chef Kim CanteenWalla, who are both well known in the culinary industry. Elizabeth has been a force to be reckoned with for several years and is credited for making Las Vegas’ culinary spot where it is today.

Adam and I have been wanting to dine here for months so at last when we did we took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy their lunch favorites. The ambience of Honey Salt is chic, rustic, and overall very inviting. There is a porch outside in the front with lights strung above. When we walked inside the first thing we saw was a beautiful display of cakes and pastries, which tempted us before we even placed our order – I loved that! They have a beautiful bar with open and spacious seating with an open kitchen in the back.

For lunch we had one of their well known American seasonal classics, Biloxi Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich and a Roasted Artichoke & Mushroom Pizza. All I can saw is WOW – the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich was amazing! Great flavor in the crispy fried chicken and a refreshing coleslaw with every bite. The entree as a whole had a perfectly satisfying portion accompanied with a fantastic kale caesar salad. The roasted artichoke and mushroom pizza was enjoyable with a well executed use of simple ingredients.

Now for dessert! This is a classic dessert known as a “brookster” or “brookie” established from Brooklyn, New York. It is essentially a chocolate chip cookie baked inside a dark fudge brownie. Honey Salt does this classic dessert well by serving it with salted caramel chunk ice cream from McConnell’s, Santa Barbara’s famous ice cream shop. The brookie was so divine and appealing that we could see with our naked eye every bite was going to be amazing (before we even had it!). The top of both the cookie and brownie had a slight crunch, but after that it was soft and spongy. The brownie itself was rich in chocolate, which was nicely balanced by the the saltiness from the caramel chunk ice cream. The salted caramel chunk ice cream was incredible! It is some of the best I have ever had. There were literally chunks of salted caramel in the ice cream that melted in my mouth beautifully. All in all this dessert is a great American classic.



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