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Bribery Bakery, Austin, TX


If the smell of fresh pastries does not grab your attention the ambience sure does. Cute little bakery, very girlie decor with bright pink, lime green, and sky blue colors. Whimsical decorations like a lamp filled with rainbow colored sprinkles, antique clocks, and mix matched chairs. As a whole the bakery along with the pastry display case is very welcoming and feels like you are entering your fun and quirky friend’s house. The pastry display case has several different pastel colored cake stands and grandma type platters with a different pastry selections on each one. ¬†Past the walk in entrance and display case is a narrow hallway towards another seating area. While guests walk through this hallway they will find an open view of the bakery’s kitchen ¬†giving the guest more engaging experience. So between the front and back of the bakery guests have options where to sit and enjoy their pastries, whether it be in the brightly colored room with different chairs or in the back where guests can watch the bakers make their delectable desserts.


Jodi Elliott is the owner and chef of this popular and successful bakery. She started her career at the Culinary Institute of America in New York City and continued her career working in various restaurants and pastry shops throughout New York City, Portland and London. Some of the restaurants Chef Jodi worked at are the best in the country if not the world – such as Per Se and Gramercy Tavern. Her Austin fame began at the Foreign and Domestic, which she co-owned and then created a storefront pop-up, Saturday Bake Sales, where she won over the locals with her popovers – now sold at her bakery. With her fine dining restaurant background her pastries are more down to earth, but still delicious. Her pastry case includes, but is not limited to – cookies, blondies, brownies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, croissants, popovers, quiche, biscuits and more. Any guest can tell that Chef Jodi has a bright and fun personality from the ambience of her bakery to her pastries and it all works! With the success of Bribery Bakery, Chef Jodi Elliott has begun expanding her business and recently opened her second location in Mueller, that is a mix between a bakery and bar including her familiar pastries and desserts in addition of a wine and cocktail list.

Bacon and Gruyere Popover: 10/10
Chef Jodi’s popular popover was ridciulously delicious! It is no wonder why Chef Jodi is well known for her famous popovers. The popover had a heavenly, dark brown, crispy, crust with an almost hollow center that is soft and filled with salty bacon and creamy gruyere cheese. Guests have the option to add honey butter to their popover, though it is not needed it does add an extra sweetness giving a great balance of salty and sweet. Butter does always make everything taste better. Overall the bacon and gruyere popover is savory, creamy, salty and slightly sweet. A great savory pastry that is perfect to get anyone’s morning started.

Coffee Cake: 8/10
A simple, freshly baked coffee cake that goes perfect with a cup of joe. Perfectly baked, soft and crumbly with a sweet glaze drizzled on top of the coffee cake and turbinado sugar. Nicely balanced between sweet and the boldness of coffee. Every bite was scrumptious!



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