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Bardot Brasserie (Aria), Las Vegas, NV

Adam and I anxiously waited for this restaurant opening! We came here for brunch a week and a half after its doors opened and my goodness it is a beautiful restaurant. It was like we completely left Las Vegas and walked into Paris, France. It is very elegant with high ceilings, a beautiful bar, and a window that separates the dining room from the kitchen. Everything is absolutely gorgeous.

Besides my coffee and Adam’s glass of orange juice, we started with the bread basket, La Boulangerie. For our entrees we had French Toast (Adam) and Smoked Salmon Croissant Benedict (me). Yay, more carbs! Now it might be brunch, but this is a Dessert Tour after all so we finished with  Creme Caramel and Chocolate Macaron. Bon Appetit!

La Boulangerie: 9/10
The bread basket consists of Pain Au Raisin, a classic Butter Croissant, Canele, and Kouign Amann. The Pain Au Raisin had a nice crunch on the outside and was filled with sugar, butter and raisins similar to a cinnamon roll. The inside was flaky and beautiful, with an all around sweetness. The Butter Croissant is a classic French pastry and was executed well here. It was a nice golden brown croissant that was crispy with great flaky and buttery layers. A lot of adjectives, I know, but the croissant was truly all of the above. The Canele had a nice dark brown caramelized crust with a soft and creamy custard center; it was different from the other light and flaky pastries due to its denseness from the custard.  Lastly, and our favorite, Kouign Amann – it was wonderful! The outside was nice and crunchy; and just like the croissant and Pain Au Raisin, it was flaky, sweet, and buttery. All around I definitely recommend the La Boulangerie to start your morning right with a cup of coffee or glass of orange juice.


French Toast
Just look at that! A nice, thick piece of brioche toasted on all sides with a dollop of vanilla mascarpone, candied almond, and orgeat syrup. The French Toast may be big, but the brioche was light and divine. The vanilla mascarpone was sweet and creamy and the candied almonds gave it a flavorful crunch.

Smoked Salmon Croissant Benedict
Again, the croissant here was crunchy on the outside and flaky in the inside. It was shaped like a boat which allowed the components to sit nicely in the middle: smoked salmon with a beautiful poached egg and a rich bernaise sauce smothered on top. The oak and smokey flavors from the salmon, the crunch from the croissant, and the rich and creamy flavors from both the poached egg and bernaise sauce all created a delectable combination.

Creme Caramel: 8/10
This is a vanilla custard with caramel glaze and detailed pulled sugar on top. Let me start by saying that my lovely fiancé called the beautiful pulled sugar, ‘Easter basket grass’…. haha. The vanilla custard is silky smooth and creamy, paired with a sweet taste from the caramel glaze. It was a little difficult to get a lot of the sweet caramel glaze in my spoon, but when I finally did it tasted so good! The pulled sugar gave a little contrast of texture, but not quite enough. The colors of gold throughout the plate created a wonderful elegance. Overall, this is a simply executed desert with a rich and fantastic flavor profile of vanilla and caramel.


Chocolate Macaron: 10/10 

This is the biggest macaroon you will ever see and you can definitely share this dessert; however, I advise you to enjoy it by yourself. It is magnificent in both flavor and presentation. Usually macaroons are not my favorite dessert even though they are typically a crowd pleaser, but this one makes me a believer! The server drizzles a warm chocolate sauce table side on top of the macaroon shell that is decorated with salt and chocolate shavings. The chocolate cookie is crispy with a piped chocolate mousse in the middle that is rich and velvety along with salted caramel that is somewhere in the midst of all the chocolate. When I bit into this marvelous macaroon I tasted the heavenly chocolate, which was initially rich and overwhelming until I tasted the salted caramel – then my taste buds started to sing! The combination of sweetness and saltiness was perfection. Outstanding job by the pastry chef, Monica Delgadillo.



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