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Baguette Cafe, Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas calls Baguette Cafe “a hidden gem” and it is probably because not a lot of people know about it. First of all, it is not located on The Strip, but is tucked away in a commercial area right off the highway – conveniently close to our apartment. It is a very small building with limited seating inside, but there is also a patio with palm trees to shade more seating availability. The building is so hidden that when Adam and I arrived we felt like we had escaped the crazy scene of Las Vegas. Although it is by the highway, the cafe is in a secluded area, therefore it is quiet and peaceful here.  Inside the cafe is very simple – chalkboard menu, pictures hanging on the wall, and only three people working, one of which is the owner, Olivier Brouillet.

Olivier grew up in France and then made his way to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he worked his way up the French ladder managing at Eiffel Tower Restaurant, Joel Robuchon and Bouchon Bistro. To say the least, this man knows hospitality and how to run a successful restaurant – it is no wonder that Baguette Cafe is as successful as it is today. And what better way to have a French bistro than to hire your French parents? Yes, Olivier hired his parents to work for him. His father, Lucien, is the chef while his mother, Claudie, is the pastry chef. What an amazing and gifted family! Everything is fresh and made in house every morning. This is no secret because you can taste and smell the freshness!

This was Adam and I’s third visit here, and before we moved to Dallas I knew we had to go back one more time and include this beautiful cafe in the Dessert Tour! We opted to enjoy our treats out on the patio and in the desert heat we found ourselves comfortable from the palm trees giving us shade. On this visit we had the Pesto Sandwich, a Chocolate Twist and a Chocolate Tart. These were by far our favorite goods we had ever had there. Save the best for last right?

Adam had ordered the Pesto Sandwich and he claims this is a 10/10 on his sandwich blog… there is no blog haha, but this sandwich was fantastic! The combination of fresh ingredients and bread that is crunchy on the outside and light and spongy on the inside is what makes this sandwich a perfect ten.

Chocolate Twist: 10/10
Oh myyy gosh!!!! This was amazing! It is essentially a croissant twisted with chocolate. I could not go into a French cafe and not get some fashion of a croissant. The croissant was a nice dark brown, flaky and crunchy, the way any perfect croissant should be. Twisted within the croissant dough is the dark chocolate which was smooth and creamy. The dark chocolate melts completely in the mouth leaving a sweet and rich taste balanced out by the buttery croissant. Just perfect!

Chocolate Tart: 11/10
Oh myyy gosh again!!! It is a cold tart which I enjoyed outside in the Vegas heat. As soon as the chocolate tart hit my lips I melted away into a bliss. I have never tasted something so silky smooth – it was so luscious that every bite I took completely dissolved in my taste buds. The tart dough itself was also well made – it had the right amount of thickness in the crust to give the tart a nice bite and crunchy texture. The whipped cream on the side was a nice touch because it added some creaminess when combined with the decadent chocolate tart. So sweet, so rich, and yet so balanced. All around beautiful dessert and one of my favorites to date.